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How to Mix it Up with Eclectic

Hooker Furniture Living Room Melange Noel End Table

There is always a reason for everything; from the things that you do to the decisions that you make in life. These choices, however, may not always be appealing to people around you. No matter, you have expressed who you are and what you feel.

So, if you’re out to show to the world what your unique taste in design is, perhaps, you might just come across eclectic interior design. This is especially appealing to the artistic ones. Design or style is a sphere, after all, where your taste and thoughts are shown to other people. Whether they approve or not is no longer the concern.

If you want to satiate both your taste and everyone else, then eclecticism just might save the day.

Eclecticism as an Art Movement

The field of art has this so-called distinct movement. Johan Joachim Winckelmann is believed to be the one who brought the term eclectic to the world. This surfaced in description of Carracci, whose creation fused classical tradition and Renaissance elements.

This art movement’s philosophy is the mixture of different styles coming from different periods of time, even varying origins.

Mixing together can be chaotic when done with zero art. Of course, in the right hands, and with the correct level of creativity, one can make even the chaotic, organized.

Eclectic style is still a harmonious kind of interior design. You are bound to see different pieces of furniture placed in unique spaces but the style, somehow, has a unifying look that’s quite difficult to explain.

Only the beholder will be able to explain the beauty that is eclecticism.

Eclectic Style: Past and Present Combined

There is a great risk in eclecticism because ideas and elements are juxtaposed. Yet with this seemingly incoherent fusion, a unique style is born.

Think of eclectic style as a melting pot of different elements coming from different styles. On our example above, the Hooker Furniture Living Room Mélange Noel End Table sits defiantly beside the upholstered wingback chair.

The defining factor that sets apart an eclectic room from the rest is its style mixture. It could both be feminine and masculine or rustic and polished.

Eclecticism is also about layering, the careful use of layers of texture, hues, patina, patterns, styles, and an assortment of many places and eras.

Eclectic Characteristics

It is not eclectic if you cannot see contrast anywhere. Draw away from the matchy-matchy feels of many furniture sets. Instead, gather six different-styled chairs and have them circle a traditional, heavy wood dining table.

Combine your contemporary couch with an antique center table.  The chief rule is to do away with rules and regulations. Surprise the people around you.

Another feature of eclecticism is having an anchor or two. These anchor pieces are obvious and visible. It can be that oversized rug or a bold-patterned bedcover. It can also be that bold work of art that is hanging on your living room wall.

Eclectic homes also have proportion. While there is creativity and freedom everywhere, the one thing that is still in existence is the proportion of the many styles. Pay close attention to the harmony that you create in a room. Distribute the styles but be sure to cluster them as well.

Colors are also another element that makes eclecticism unique. A neutral palette can balance the bright, bold colors everywhere or geometric patterns can balance mainly gray surroundings.

Eclecticism is also about editing. You have the leeway to create and recreate everything in the room. If anything does not feel right, then take a step back, remove a few pieces, then balance the remaining pieces.

Every piece of furniture must not overwhelm the rest of its neighbors.

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Nodding to Unusual ‘Coffee Tables’

Guest Post (McCreery’s Home Furnishings)

Hooker Furniture Bedroom Ozark Bed Bench: Two of this beauty should make the pair that replaces the coffee table.

We all know what a traditional coffee table is like. It sits right in the middle of the living space and it is adorned with the most interesting conversation pieces. But more than the home for the usual  pièce de résistance, the coffee table is an anchor, a huge part of the whole ensemble that comprises your interior design.

But you having a coffee table doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a coffee table (scratching your head just yet?). Being bound to the usual coffee table isn’t the only way to decorate your living room anymore.

Let’s get you to do some rule breaking.

Group Smaller Tables

Hooker Furniture Bedroom Ozark Bed Bench: Two of this beauty should make the pair that replaces the coffee table.

The coffee table is often that low-lying, long table in front of your sofa, right? Well, not anymore. Since you’re engaging into some rule-breaking, try grouping two or more smaller tables at the center of the living room.

hose fascinating end tables can now take center stage as they are grouped. Now don’t they look more interesting than just a single table that used to sit there?

Pair Two Benches

Now who says benches are just long seats that can sit many persons all at the same time? Many interior designers have jumped into untested waters and used this unique piece of furniture for other purposes.

There are benches that are now used as a bookshelf in some offices. In other homes, a bench could serve as a footboard of sorts.

Here’s another one – use a pair of benches as an interesting duo that replaces your coffee table. Not a log of homeowners have said yes to this yet so you’re one of the few who’s going to showcase it in your home.

Bring In Those Drum Tables

Allow the Oriental vibe mix with the western aura of your home when you bring in interesting garden stools. They can be used as seating or you can group three or more Chinese drum tables to create a team that replaces the coffee table.


Since you have experimented with Chinese garden stools and grouping benches, why not go a step further by having two unique sculptures as your coffee tables? A single, huge piece would do or you can, again, group smaller, low-lying sculptures to do the work.

Even a tree stump when properly finished will look great as a coffee table replacement.

A Tufted Ottoman

When trying to use an ottoman as a coffee table replacement, make sure that you properly evaluate your space. See the dimensions of the living room as well as the current furniture that you have. Consider the seating plan as well as the overall theme.

Will your proposed ottoman jive with the rest of the design elements?

If one layout does not tickle your fancy, then go on and keep experimenting with different layouts.

Consider different styles and heights of ottomans. Some homeowners use an ottoman that almost has the same profile as a regular coffee table. Some are willing to try other looks.

If you plan on surrounding it with floor cushions or throw pillows. This arrangement is chosen by apartment owners due to their limited space.

Always consider how you can maximize the storage also. There are now ottomans that can double as a storage unit. The tops are beautifully tufted only to reveal a cavernous storage space when you open them.

Choose from the wide variety of materials and styles for your ottoman. Wicker ottomans are fresh and they add a natural flair to your living room.

Painted Chest

A lovely trunk can be re-purposed as a coffee table. You can have it at its current state or you can whitewash it for a shabby chic appeal. You can then decorate this with your favorite books and knickknacks.

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Time for a Slipcover Frenzy

Guest Post By McCreery’s Home Furnishings

Don’t automatically categorize slipcovers as a shabby chic element. It’s time to veer away from the usual ruffles and floral prints that are often associated with slipcovers. These actually have so much more to offer, it’s just that the interior design industry has given them very little use.

Just imagine this, many pet-friendly homes have remained so thanks to the think slipcovers. With the right designs, slipcovers have the power to change the look of any living room.

More Than Chairs and Couches

If you’re thinking, once again, that the slipcover is just meant to cover a sofa or a single chair, well, think again. Ottomans, benches, and even coffee tables and console tables now tend to look more unique with the right slipcover.

You can begin with a tie-on slipcover. This is just for starters so you’d feel how it is to have slipcovers as a part of your interior design.

A slipcover can even hide a storage unit underneath any furniture.

Slipcover Means Casual

When you put slipcovers on your furniture, do not expect your visitors and friends to look at your home as glamorous or luxurious. Slipcovers are meant to scream comfy or homey. If you intend to set up a cozy living room, then you can rely on slipcovers to give you that look.

Even the tired look of a dining set can be easily freshened up by the right slipcovers. If your current dining set is already worn out or you just think that a new set is bound to be bought soon, then smoothly transition into a new look by, first, dressing up your existing pieces with some decent slipcovers.

If you’re just not ready for a new look yet or are just unsure about what style to invest in, then just alter the look – for now – using some plain slipcovers. There are slipcovers that even come with padded lining for ultimate comfort.

Slipcovers are Easy to Clean

Slipcovers are washable so if they’re getting a tad dusty, all you have to do is to load them in the washer, have a few spins, then put them in the dryer. If your little ones created their crayon masterpiece on your slipcover, just repeat the washing and drying process.

If you want the slipcovered look, then have one set in store while the other is being used. Once the other becomes dirty and soon washed, just bring out the other set, preferably one with a different design, then dress up your couch once more.

Slipcovers Can Protect Heirloom Pieces

Do you own heirloom pieces that need to be constantly dusted and cared for? You are bound to have less worries as the slipcovers can now cover your most precious dated pieces. A slipcover can also have the design that will perfectly blend with your existing interior design theme.

If wear and tear is your main concern for your prized pieces, then the slipcovers can also definitely help. Rather than have the heirloom pieces up in the attic where they could potentially be damaged, why not have them on display yet dressed with durable slipcovers?

And, Yes, Slipcovers Are Chic

Of course, all slipcovers are effortlessly chic but this does not mean that they are only meant for shabby chic dwellings. Other interior design styles can also make use of slipcovers. Contemporary and modern homes have them, as do most traditional and transitional homes.

Their versatility is so laudable that you can actually change the look of your entire living room in just under five minutes.

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How to Set Up the Charming Nursery in 3 Steps

Every mom will surely feel rested in the Jessica Charles Living Room Durban Rocker Chair 141-R.

Every parent, especially moms, dream of setting up the perfect nursery where they could welcome their child. This is a spot where most nurturing would take place and the very space where mother and child could bond. Of course, it is but natural to want the best things for this room in your home.

It is necessary to put safety at the very top of your priorities. This does not mean that you should stress yourself in creating this room. A stylish nursery can be yours if you let your mind reach creative levels. Also, try to apply these tips –

Create the Perfect Backdrop

The right atmosphere or ambiance almost always begins with a proper paint job. Instead of the usual pastel pink, blue or yellow, though, try to veer towards the more interesting patterns, say, wide-gapped stripes.

Striped walls are not common and would be an awesome look for the new nursery. Whether you paint it vertically or horizontally depends on your room requirements. A room that lacks height would do well to have the vertical stripes, while one lacking in width would look great with the horizontal ones.

For a different look, you can also try the ombre, layered look. Do this by creating a gradient effect on the baby’s drawers or even the walls if you’re feeling up to the job. Keep mixing white paint until the color lightens a tint or so more.

Since this is a bedroom and no less than a nursery at that, you need to paint well ahead of your baby’s arrival. Use low-VOC paint only.

It’s the Little Things

The Summer Home Bamboo Dresser has ample drawers to hold yoru baby’s clothing and other essentials. It also has a neutral style that can adapt to any theme that the nursery can take on eventually.

What could be a more appropriate welcoming gesture than to create some buntings? Buy some scrapbook papers, the more colorful the better, and then start making your baby’s welcome home string of flags.

You can also crochet or knit some baby blankets. This isn’t a quick craft but it is one that’s worth having knitting skills for. The creation of a baby blanket can be a rewarding project for any mom. Just make sure that you do your crochets with washable yarn.

Buy the Essentials

Your armoire just won’t look right inside your baby’s new room. A nursery should have its own cute wardrobe. Don’t just think about the now. Your baby will grow and, hopefully, he will be sleeping in the same room as he grows into a toddler and then a robust young boy.

At first you may just need a drawer or two but as he grows, you will realize the beauty of having invested in a proper wardrobe or armoire. For now, the drawers will be able to hold his infant clothing, his baby shoes, his diapers, and undies.

A nursery must also have a rocking chair where the mom can lull her baby to sleep. If not a rocking chair, at least a comfy chair that can make the mom prop her feet up should she want to.

The crib or bassinet is also a must-have. This will be your baby’s sleeping spot so make it the focal point of the entire nursery. Decorate it in such a way that the eyes would directly go there.

Correct bedding for infants such as crib sheets, pillows, bumper pads, crib skirts, and blankets should also be stacked in the drawers.

A changing table is also another furniture that you need to invest in. Most changing tables already come with drawers that can hold the baby pads, powder, and other needs. Of course, don’t forget a diaper pail or bin.

Lastly, for safety, always have the baby monitor turned on. This should allow you to have a constant audio contact with the baby.

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Oh, Daddy: Creating the Ultimate Man-Cave

The man cave. This is the ultimate spot where a man could be himself, put his feet up, and just relax. The demand for man cave essentials is becoming bigger and bigger each year. This just says a lot about how men give this space a lot of attention. And as the love of his life, so should you.

The English Gentleman’s Den

There are many forms of man spaces. He could go for the masculine English country room type. This is where men gather when they retire. This is that spot where they play poker and where they puff their expensive cigars.

This type of man cave asks for a pool table (this is a must), a bar, and comfortable, leather couches.

The Sportsman’s Quarters

This room’s design depends on what type of sports your man loves to play. Is he a huge fan of golf? Or does he love biking, swimming or playing basketball? The theme that you choose from among these sports will dictate the furnishings that will be brought in.

Creating a sports-themed man cave requires a lot of sports memorabilia. If he’s into baseball, then, perhaps, you could buy a signed baseball by Mookie Betts of the Red Sox? You will also need LED lighting to highlight the memorabilia that will be displayed.

You will also need ball holders for those who are enamored with basketball, football or soccer.

And there’s that sports-themed bar. Just like the English gentleman’s bar, this is supposed to house the spirits that your man prefers. This must also be cozy enough so that he can hang out with the boys. And don’t forget that fridge that will hold the cans of beers.

For golf lovers, it would be an extra to place some indoor putting greens.

The Gamer’s Lair

Begin this project with a sign that says – Caution: Gamer’s Lair.

This just proclaims to the world that they are now entering a man cave where stilettos and skirts may not be proper.

The sky’s the limit to you imagination when it comes to this type of man cave. You can have a net hammock propped right in the middle of the room, or you can have just a comfy couch by the corner since most of the space is sectioned off for gaming.

Here, the priority is gaming so there is an entertainment center in the middle of the room. A kegerator is also a must plus some shelves for all your games. The entertainment center must also be equipped with a huge TV screen, the latest equipment on audio technology, and dimmers.

You can even have a light saber as a night light for those late night gaming sessions.

The College Student’s Burrow

What are the dorm room essentials? These are also the same things that you need to set up in your college man cave.

You will need comfy linens, computer, a desk lamp for those late night studies, laundry basket, a DVD player, TV, stereo, and an alarm clock.

Since you need to personalize this special man cave, you can begin by hanging photographs on a wall. A desk must also be set up and – hopefully – always decluttered. If you’re sharing this man cave with a fellow college student, then be sure to invest also in some clip on lights for your late night reads.

The Dad’s Habitat

Lastly, we would want to reserve a space for the man of the house, the dads. Just like all the other man cave types, he is in need of an entertainment center. For the more serious ones, who like to read a lot, a bookshelf or two can be set up so he can have his reading undisturbed when he wants to have his quiet moment.

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Colorful Upholstery for Your Colorful Life

Uttermost Living Room Aviana Blue Velvet Armchair 23257

You must be a pretty artistic and jovial person to want to have the most colorful design elements for your home. Not a lot of people would immediately fall for a maroon sofa or a tangerine recliner. But if your heart is aching to have these, then these may be the reasons why –

Highly creative people love using fresh ideas. While we all know the safety that neutral hues have to offer, the most artistic persons on the planet do not just conform. It is because they are highly imaginative, they quickly transition from one aspect to another. They also love originality and their heads are constantly brimming with ideas and innovations.

An artistic person is also one who is highly flexible yet comes with mood fluctuations. All these positive and not-so-positive aspects of a creative person makes colorful furnishings an appealing choice to them.

Consider the Potential of Colors

Uttermost Accessories Raisa Burnt Orange Containers, Set/2 19504

A colorful chaise lounge or armchair is a versatile piece that not everyone can handle. There are, of course, some colors that are a lot easier to work with compared with others. If you want a great starter hue, you can always go for blue.

A lot of people are already used to seeing a sea of blue so the expanses of blue are everywhere from the clothes that they wear to the skies and, yes, at the waters of the great oceans. So when they see blue in your home, it’s a welcome sight, it’s even something that is refreshing thing to see.

A blue couch or tufted chair could easily jive with pops of green somewhere. It could also blend well with chocolate browns or the richness of yellow.

White Backdrop as Canvas

If you’re still worried about being able to carry out a colorful interior design, then you can still rely on the freshness

Imagine this Uttermost Accessories Teak Horse Sculpture displayed in a sea of white walls. It’s sublime.

of white. White walls can easily become your canvas. As an artist, your mind can now go from color to color. From ceiling to top, you can now choose from the brightest colors that you can think of and you’d never go wrong – try orange sectionals or even that bulky wooden coffee table.

You can also place an amazing sculpture or painting in the middle of a blank, white wall, oh it will be so captivating. And with proper lighting, who can resist looking at that art piece?

White can also provide the needed breathing room for your ultimately colorful space. It will balance the heavy textures and patterns that will soon be placed in your home so that what you achieve is more relaxed space.

Use Natural Elements

Another perfect way to surround your bold-colored furniture is to use natural elements. Say you use the rich hue of tangerine for your couch. Surround it with exciting natural elements such as stacks of firewood (especially since the fireplace will be requiring stacks of logs pretty soon), sheepskin rugs, and stone surfaces.

Speak of rugs, you can also go for other natural materials such as sisal and jute fibers.

Find Supporting Elements

Of course, you are using a pretty bold move by having bright or bold-colored pieces. If you still want more color to be brought in, then be sure to blend the equally bright colors. For example, don’t pair a flaming green couch with orange.

Oh, no, just don’t.

A red upholstered chair can be paired with a chiefly blue ottoman and a bluish gray sectional. The rug could then be simple black and white stripes. While there are many activities going on all at the same time, these design elements are still able to complement one another.


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Sustainable Interior Design: Why Jumping On The Bandwagon Is Crucial

Have you noticed how, on the past decade, people have become more aware of environmental preservation? Suddenly, people seem to want to live a green lifestyle and to have sustainable interior design in their homes and offices. There are so many things that you can do to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint to make earth a much cleaner place to live in.

Living a green lifestyle is a lot more than installing solar panels or reducing your energy bills. You can also step up from mere water recycling and do more things that would make it possible to call your home sustainable.

And Then There Was LED Light

LED lighting is a good way to begin a home with a sustainable interior design. Being one of the most important elements of a home’s interior, your choice of light speaks a lot about how much you support a greener environment.

LED lighting is a great replacement for the standard compact fluorescent or incandescent light. While LED does cost more at first, what makes them advantageous is when you look at it on a long-term perspective. LED tends to last longer than standard bulbs, thus, it eventually pays for itself by means of energy savings. LED light also produces a much cleaner and natural light compared to fluorescent.

Use VOC-Free Paints

Regular paint does not just smell awful, it can also contribute to some health issues in the long run. Opting for low-VOC or even the zero-VOC paints is a crucial step towards turning your home into a greener place. With very little to no odor, low-VOC paints do not contain gas or vapor that are hazardous to your health. This means that you can say goodbye to asthma, watery eyes, headaches, other respiratory problems, even cancer.

Common paint contains ethylene glycol, benzene, formaldehyde and other toxic and flammable chemicals. Don’t think that low-VOC paints are a lot more expensive than common paint. There are now some brands that even have the same price as that of regular paint. There also isn’t any problem with regard to coverage as it is also comparable to regular paints.

Use Sustainable or Reclaimed Wood and Alternative Materials

There is now a lot of non-traditional materials in the market such as fiberglass, pumice cloth and such. These significantly reduce your reliance on Mother Earth’s resources. Such materials are also energy efficient since they are created with just a fraction of the usual manufacturing time.

If you are just about to create your dream home, then why not consider using sustainable wood? Look for lumber that has been harvested from areas that have been maintained specifically for growing timber. Refrain from buying lumber that comes from old growth forests.

For your paneling and floors, consider using the inexpensive, quick-growing, and pretty bamboo. Nothing can be greener than this wood. Bamboo is mainly grass, not wood, meaning, it takes less time to grow compared to most hardwoods or softwoods.

Bamboo isn’t just affordable, it is also easy to maintain, water-resistant and durable. There are some types of bamboo that are very hard and strong. Uncarbonized bamboo which was properly harvested then manufactured may even become as durable as red oak.

Everyone is now raving about how we should participate in saving Mother Earth. You’ve heard of recycling, reusing and reducing waste; so now it’s your time to think of ways to apply these principles in your own home.

Sustainable interior design doesn’t have to be a challenging project. Your home, after all, should be considered a long-term investment so make small yet significant changes over time. Choose materials that are environment-friendly, don’t have it otherwise.

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ACT Test Preparation Can Save Your Money in The Future…

Most students will study for the ACT Test, however, handing a 900-page study guide to your child does not guarantee a higher score on the Test.  Since doing well on the test can help you in everything from getting in to college to paying for college to skipping prerequisite classes, it makes sense to do the best you can on the test.

ACT Test Preparation classes can range from $200-$1000 depending on the scope and length of the class.  What if I told you paying $600 for a preparation class could lead to a $6000 scholarship.  Would you take a 1000% return on your investment?  I think many people would.  Even if a scholarship isn’t earned, what about being able to skip 2 college classes because you have earned a high enough score to skip prerequisites?

Whether or not we agree with standardized testing, it is a reality at this point that our student’s must take the exam.  Until the time changes, we must understand how to make the system work for us.  If you are interested in learning more about ACT Preparation Classes, or would like to sign up, Great Lakes Tutors is your key to success.

Go to to learn more and to sign up for tutoring. We guarantee that tutoring will be worthwhile for your child and we look forward to working with them to improve their scores on the ACT.

About the author:-

Great lake tutors offer best private teachers and home tutoring services in Detroit Metro areas. Providing best tutor for all subjects including Math, Science, ACT, SAT Education, Find best math tutor in Ann Arbor area to help your child do better in school. We offer tutoring service in all subjects and homeschooling services are available as well.

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Preparing for the Fall ACT: 5 things to consider when signing up for the ACT

As summer is at its peak, reality is starting to strike that the first fall ACT test is only 10 weeks away.  How are you preparing your child for success on this high stakes test?  Before you decide how to prepare your child, consider the timing of the test first.

1) Manage your families schedule to revolve around the week of the test.

Look at the test dates and how they are aligned with your families’ schedule.  It is important that your child has the stability in the week leading up to the test to be well rested and mentally prepared for the test.  A large part of high stakes testing revolves around the week leading to the test and having the ACT test be the central aspect of that week is imperative.

2) Consider the application deadlines for the universities and colleges that are being applied for.

Every university has application deadlines and if your ACT results are not ready at the time of application, then the most recent ACT scores will not be counted.  Most universities application deadlines are Jan. 1, however, there are a universities that have application deadlines as early as Nov. 1.  Create a list of universities that you plan to apply to with deadline dates attached to the list.

3) Plan an appropriate amount of time for test preparation before the exam is taken.

Usually a fall ACT is the second or third time a student is taking the ACT.  If this is the case, use prior results to determine the areas that the student needs the most preparation.  When the areas of needs are determined, contact a tutoring service or ACT prep program that can create a unique, tailored plan for your student.  A company like Great Lakes Tutors has the ability to develop a customized plan for each student that they tutor.  We recommend that your student has between 8-12 weeks for preparation for their second or third ACT.

4) Balance multiple college entrance exams.

Is your student taking more than one college entrance exams?  If they are taking the ACT, SAT or other entrance exams for a college or university, make sure they don’t overlap and give them at least a month apart to develop a change in preparation for the test.

5) Consider a summer ACT test date.

During the school year, especially during a student’s senior year, can be a difficult time to take a high stakes test.  Consider taking a summer ACT test, as your student should have more time to study and be well rested and ready for the test.  Although a lack of routine may also be detrimental to the student, it can be helped by working with a preparation program that keeps the student on task and on target for the chosen test date.

Arguably, the ACT test may be the single most important 4 hours in your child’s educational roadmap.  Whether or not we agree with this situation or how impactful it may be on your child’s future, we must accept the reality of the ACT test.  Give your student the opportunity to succeed by considering the above situations and support them in their future.

About the Author:- Great Lakes Tutors is a group of qualified tutors who are certified teachers or educators with a significant amount of tutoring experience. Our tutors have expertise across all subjects including ACT and SAT Tests. Great lakes tutors provides best Science tutors in Ann Arbor for your child to give them the tools needed to succeed in the classroom.


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Modern Recliners: 50% Function, 50% Style

Do you have fond memories of sitting on your dad’s lap as he told you some bedtime stories? You probably have a recollection of his huge, mostly overstuffed recliner chair and the many movies that you watched as you curled up with him there.

These recliners no longer look as they did many years ago. These days, they offer the most beautiful designs and functions which deserve their proper spot inside family rooms, the living room, and entertainment areas.

Apart from their designer looks, these recliners now come with more functions that were only dreamt of by our fathers before. Reclining is, of course, still the primary feature that comes with this comfy chair. Just as important, though, is that footrest which can fold away when you no longer require it.

   Clever Design, Stylish Look

Thanks to the minds that fashioned the new recliners, they are now more comfortable and functional. So, yes, they deserve their own spots in conversation areas. Now, you can relax in style with just a single touch of a button.

This Hancock and Moore Living Room Elliot Ball and Claw Power Recliner combines style and a mechanism that has been specifically engineered to maximize your comfort. Watch the television or read your favorite book in this chair. If you want to up the level of comfort, just free the footrest and adjust it according to your most comfortable position.

This seat comes with low-voltage motors and the most durable steel framework. If you want a recliner that will stay with you for many years, then this is the piece to own.

A Sumptuous Color

When you’re tired of the grandfather sort of look that most recliners provide then opt for something bolder and more colorful.

Now the perfect seat for you is this Hancock and Moore Living Room Castle Recliner 1037. It is for someone who just can’t recline in something ordinary. This dazzling red recliner feels just right at home in any stylish interior especially in traditional and more classic homes.

Pair it with something simpler – a gray sectional or graphic wall designs (e.g. stencils of your choice, gothic or damask patterns).

What could be more glamorous?

Streamlined Yet Practical and Pretty

What about for when you want to have a smaller recliner that can fit into your townhouse, apartment or condo unit?

It can take a recliner to fit comfort into a cramped space. A long and narrow room, for instance, can look especially stylish even minus a tufted ottoman, when you place this streamlined yet pretty Hancock and Moore Living Room Morrison Recliner 1055.

This is your recliner that’s still cozy without the usual bulk. It is scaled-down yet it still provides the power-packed necessities that are required of every recliner.

With a width of 31”, depth of 38”, and a height of just 43.5”, you’re in for many relaxed days without worrying too much about space.

Pair ‘Em Up

What about when you want to share those entertaining moments with your loved one. If the loveseat is no longer relaxing for the both of you, then pair up the Hooker Furniture Living Room Jared Recliner. It is leather-upholstered and it comes in a traditional, dark wood and Natchez brown finish.

You are also sure to enjoy these seats for a long time because their frames have been kiln-dried and laminated. They are constructed with high quality hardwoods so they get to keep their shapes and motion fluidity for years to come.

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Learn the 6 Secrets to a Tidy Living Room

Brentwood Collection’s Murray Buffet looks perfect in this tidy, well-balanced living room.

This is the spot in your home where all family members can convene. It is also the space where you sometimes do your readings, watch movies, entertain guests, and do just about any social activity there is. This is your living room.

With these many activities, it is no wonder that it is difficult to keep it clean a hundred-percent of the time. If you’re not living a minimalist lifestyle and have no plans of doing so, these tips are for you –

Place Some Stop ‘Signs’

When you come from the outside, it is so easy to just rush to the sofa, plop down, turn on the TV, and simply forget about your bags, shoes, and other stuff strewn all over the floor. You can stop this routine from ever taking place again by placing a few significant furniture on the right spots.

A bench placed near the entryway could be the seating unit for the person who just arrived. Here, he is supposed to remove his shoes as he is seated. Some hooks on the main door or a coat rack could hold the coats and hats. There is also supposed to be an umbrella bin by the corner.

Use Multi-purpose Furniture

One effective option to keep the living room tidy is to invest in a storage bench or ottoman. The coffee table could also be a set of nesting tables or there could also be a seat tucked under the console.

There are now many types of furniture that double as storage units. A wooden chest can also serve as a center table while holding some significant items such as photo albums and other stuff.

Those with kids can also double purpose an ottoman as a seating unit and as a toy storage box. Your little one is sure to be motivated to clean up after play time if he has his own box to store his toys in.

Use But Conceal Wastebaskets

Trash does have a tendency to accumulate in the living room because the hustle and bustle always happens there. Adding a wastebasket in corners could help cut down on trash. Counteract possible odors with deodorizing trash bags. Also, make sure that the bin’s design coincides with the rest of your interior design, else, it could become an eyesore.

Control the Cords

The world is still not entirely wireless so, for now, we still have to live with a lot of cords. Tangled cables and numerous cords can be a little difficult to tame but it is not impossible. You just have to sit down and sort out which appliance or gadget goes with what cord. You can then set up a cable caddy behind your TV console. Here, several cords can already be clamped, making your living room a lot less like a jungle and a lot more like an area of socialization.

Use the Behind-the-Sofa Space

You can use that extra space behind the sofa to organize your pillows, extra blankets, and scented candles. This is an amazing spot to put a large trunk. Once this storage unit is filled, you can then use its surface as a spot for your new lamp or you can display your treasured collection.

House Your Multimedia Collection

It’s time to set up a dedicated shelf for your DVDs and CDs. Take half an hour to sort through your whole collection. Create two piles – the first one for donation and the other one, is where your collectibles will go.

If you no longer watch or listen to any of these CDs, then it’s time to let go of them. There are other people that might enjoy them so it’s better to give them away than to have them gather dust in your shelves.

6 Outdated Things That You Should Take Out of the Living Room

Belvedere Collection’s Ped Dining Table: If you have to have flowers in your home, then do it with the real thing. Say no to faux.

Just like many homeowners, you must be wondering what else you can do to make your home unique and fresh. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the decorative elements that you’ve placed there. Or maybe the furniture pieces are no longer making you feel relaxed. No matter what your reasons there are actually common things that homeowners everywhere think should go.

Cheap Laminate Flooring

Okay, it’s time to admit that the cheaper the laminate flooring is, the cheaper it looks. While laminate flooring has gone a long way, the ugly looking ones should cease to exist, there’s just no room for them inside living rooms anymore.

After all, there are now laminate flooring that are specifically manufactured to replicate the beauty of slate, exotic woods or even tiles, so why the need to be a cheapskate?


Oh, this is a tough one. While there are hunters that love the look of stuffed deer or bear heads, the key here is to have it done professionally. You don’t just stuff an animal’s head and pass it off as a decorative element.

There are many homeowners whose spouses love such décor and their other half just say yes to keep the peace. Faux or real, there’s just something unsettling about the head of an animal or a full animal stuffed and placed in the living room. Maybe the hunter spouse should just place such items in his office where no one else has to look day in and day out.

Fake Flowers and Greeneries

Just think about anything that’s supposed to be alive and now have its replica replace it in the living room. A vase full of fake flowers can stay alive longer than real flowers but the beauty that the real deal can offer cannot be challenged.

Fake flowers just don’t have the capacity to draw as much attention as real flowers. Just imagine a vase of red roses and replace it with the stiff ones – get the picture?

If you have to bring in flowers, then bring in the real thing. They are the ones that can bring that fuzzy feeling that’s missing when you look at the fake ones. Also, they offer a different energetic vibe and air quality.

Humans have also been found to be more productive when there are potted plants or flowers on their desk. Why fake this feeling?

Cheap Wallpaper

There are those floral print wallpapers and there are today’s geometric and textural wallpapers that can instantly beautify homes. Perhaps, when most homeowners think of wallpapering, they still think of those grandma wallpapers that used to don their granny’s home.

The great news is, there are now many options to choose from. Wallpapering is a quicker project compared to painting. Don’t think of wallpapers as a thing of the past. They still have so much beauty to offer, just know what design goes well with your home.

Dust-Collecting Knickknacks

Do you have collectibles that have been on display for a long time? Take a quick run to the shelf where they are at this very moment and swipe your finger on the surface. Has your finger gathered dust?

This is not surprising. Many homeowners have a lot of knickknacks that are on display but are now just slowly gathering dust. If these little things make you happy, then there are two solutions – first, you can dust the shelves daily or you can just store them in a box and pay them a visit now and then up in the attic or down the basement.

Fluorescent Lights

No home would feel homey so long as there is fluorescent lighting there. While this kind of lighting is most welcome in a kitchen or the home office, it simply isn’t the right kind of light for the living room. The living room light is supposed to be warm and welcoming, not bright and overwhelming.

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Ways to Make Your Home Office More Fun and Productive

So, you have finally decided to work from home. There are many adjustments to be made but before you go through those, the first thing that you need to set up is your work space. You must make a list of the must-haves so that you can work more productively and efficiently from your personal work space.

Of course, know that no home office is ever exactly the same. There are those who prefer to just have a small space dedicated to their work. It can be just a nook in their bedroom or a fold-out type of desk. There are those who can work in windowless basements but others cannot and who, instead, prefer to work with sceneries right outside their windows.

No matter what room you put your home office into, you will be in need of certain equipment, architecture, supplies, and accessories.

High-speed Internet is the first thing that you need to set up because it is a necessity. Businesses these days are mostly correspondences with many large-file exchanges. Wi-Fi connection also allows connectivity wherever you are in your home so when you start feeling like working outdoors in your lanai, then by all means, you can work there.

A laptop is another necessity. Even when you already have a computer monitor sitting on your desk, it pays to be mobile. This comes especially useful when you need a fresh perspective and you need to get out of your home office.

An alarm clock will also help with your productivity. This is a device that can help you keep track of how long you have been working on a task. If you’ve been lagging behind, perhaps, you’ve spent too much time surfing aimlessly on the Internet. To stay on track, have an alarm clock sit near you and allow it to time your tasks.

Other equipment that every home office must have are the multi-function printer, phone (preferably multi-line) and space heater (when needed).

A Good Sense of Humor

Just like a mouse, you need to find the quietest recesses of your home and work there. You also need to know how to keep yourself motivated and happy all day long.

Remember that the busiest rooms such as the kitchen and the living room are the worst places in your home to finish your work. You have way too many distractions there. If you really want to accomplish something, then you have to learn to isolate yourself during work hours.


Looking at a mountain of balled papers and ink-less pens can truly delay your progress. These are different from folders which you need to house your ongoing projects and tasks.

Sticky notes might be helpful most of the time but when they begin to clutter your desk, then it’s time to throw the used ones away. Of course, you wouldn’t want an empty desk. What you need is a work space that allows you to think while having all the needed gadgets within reach.

Bring in the Greens

This is not the same as working in your garden, nope. What you need to do is to bring in the outdoors. A floor plant would look neat in a corner while your desk would look lovelier with a potted citrus plant right by its side.

It pays to also put fresh flowers in a glass vase and have it displayed right where you can see them while you’re deep in work.

If your desk does not face a lush garden, then it’s time to bring in these greeneries. You will soon see the huge difference in your productivity.

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The 16 Best Interior Designers in Sacramento, California

The 15 Best Interior Designers in Sacramento, California

Each and every business websites have been checked before to list here. – (Interior Design Services – Spirit Tahoe)

10009 West River St
Truckee, California 96161
Phone: (530) 587-0948
Email: – (McCreery’s Home Furnishings)

3140 Auburn Boulevard,
Sacramento, CA 95821
Phone: (916) 487-2019
Email: – (Rebecca Ward Design)

Phone: 916-668-9590
Email: – (Design Galleria by Valentine)

2280 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 922-2200 – (Sherrie Swass Interiors)

4119 Wayside Ln
Carmichael, CA 95608
Phone: 916-489-1499
Email: – (Kerrie Kelly Design Lab)

5704 Elvas Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: 916.706.2089
Email: – (Guchi Interior Design)

10050 Fairway Drive Suite 100
Roseville, CA 95678
Phone: 916-786-9668
Email: – (Mary Ann Downey Interior Design)

1002 7th Ave,
Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: 916.443.2509
Email: – (Urban 57 Home Decor & Interior Design)

5601 H Street
East Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: 916-288-9223 – (Janice Stone Thomas Interior Design)

900 46th Street.
Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: (916) 254-0920
Email: – (Benning Design Construction)

960 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 916.448.8120
Email: – (Cindy L Interior Design)

Phone:  916-524-2722
E-mail: – (ESC Design Group)

2398 Fair Oaks Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone:  916-483-1181
Email: – (Pacific Design Group)

950 Fulton Avenue suite #125
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (916) 779-1115
Email: – (Jil Design Group Inc)

1147 Eastern Ave
Sacramento, CA 95864
Phone: (916) 485-7077
Email: – (Just Your Style)

Address: Sacramento, CA, USA
Phone: +1 916-538-6888

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Beach Interior Design – Light, Airy And Fabulously Picturesque

Just like many beach vacation homes that are owned by people coming from the winter north, the desire is for the design to reflect the outdoor scenery and all the other elements that make up the warmer southern climates. The key to the selection of décor and finishes for beach interior design is to focus on light.

Think of light fabrics, light colors, light finish materials for accessories and flooring. Of course, you must also give importance to the penetration of natural light inside your home.

Make use of light tropical colors on all your walls. Have a lot of peaches, pale greens, coral pink, blues and light browns. These hues will bring in the breezy feeling of the beach and its pristine shorelines. Highlight the breeziness by hanging white, sheer, floor-length curtains on those beautiful windows.

If you have been to the Bahamas or any of the paradisiacal beaches, you will find ceiling fans in many of the homes by the seashore. These fans are there for both aesthetics and function. Try to find bamboo fan blades that come complete with light. This will reinforce the serenity of the surroundings.

Beach interior design can easily embrace oversized furniture. Find the big ones that are light in color and are comfortable and inviting to look at. Make them large enough to lounge or nap in. Steer clear of heavy, dark furniture especially in your home’s dining area. Such color will leave an aura of formality which should not be felt inside a beach home.

You need to evoke feelings of being laid-back. Consider hanging a hammock in your sunroom. This will further induce midday siesta among family members.

Beach Interiors in a Nutshell

  • Such interiors are never pretentious because they are very down to earth.
  • The home can become an area of entertainment where people gather to socialize and just attend a casual party.
  • Beach interiors blend well with the environment. They are natural-looking because they have colors taken right from Mother Nature herself.
  • Natural woods are used fondly by many beach homeowners.
  • Woven mats are also purchased to be hung on the ceiling and placed on the floor.
  • Windows and shutters are preferably wood-framed.
  • Open the windows not just to let in more air and light but also so that the house will feel more like a cabana an enclosed structure.
  • Have Fijan artisans take care of your cabinetry and other wood carvings.
  • Stones that are used are slates, lava rock and other natural types of stones. Granite can also be used inside the kitchen, the master bath floor, and the tub area.
  • Minimalism is key to achieving beach interiors. Since this is so, use fewer accessories inside your home.
  • As for fabrics, silk must be used at a bare minimum. Instead, use natural, hand painted cottons as well as linens. Mix the most vibrant colors that you can find and have them fused with floral and other nature-inspired patterns.

Unique Beach Design Per Room

Now it’s time to visit the living room. Use unlined, natural woven shades to filter the light. Cap the living room design with a 50s French wall lamp and you’re all set.

As for your bedrooms, you can use nesting tables for smaller bedrooms. Just push it back when you are no longer using it. Color this intimate room with turquoise and red complete with a painted vintage bed.

As for the petite bathroom, you can just place a little sink and one shower. Have fun by using polka dot shower curtains.

Finding a Dutch door opening to the kitchen is a dream beyond dreams. You can mix blue whales, stripes and polka dots and see the room transform into a unique environment.

Are you ready to use the beach interior design tips here? Put these together, have a little artistic flair, and you are sure to make them work.

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The Relationship Between Interior Design and Architecture

For many decades now, interior design and architecture have struggled on how they could be effectively fused. Academically, they are supposed to be related but the application of both disciplines can be a little difficult. There are many opposing points of view out there with regard to these two elements especially in a world where professions and disciplines have become interconnected.

Colleges and universities now align their offered academic majors with what has spurred renewed interest. A lot of professionals are now even rethinking about the standards of accreditation disciplinary relationships. 

Fusion in Context

Commercial interiors have evolved a lot since the last century. Back in the day, architects are the ones that have been tasked to complete the interiors of buildings together with craftsmen, artisans and furniture makers.

Recently, this was no longer the case as interior designers have appeared into the picture and have played a vital role since. In the mid-1900s, speculative building and shifts from corporate ownership to leases have jump started the separation of building design and interior design.

Urban cores have matured which prompted the requirement for interior renovation. Also,  the increased intricateness in healthcare, the workplace, and other institutions have brought about the need for increased expertise. Specialization has become acceptable in professional services offered for homes and commercial spaces.

This new trend in specialization is ever growing as is seen in the number of accredited schools that have sprouted and the improvement in architectural and design services that are being offered.

The onset of commercial interior market has brought about a lot of support from professional organizations as well as academic accreditors. Even regulatory agencies followed suit. These groups have professionalized the new discipline (interior design). Academic programs that used to focus in home economics and residential interiors have now adjusted to embrace new commercial interiors.

It is not the existence of commercial interior design that is being challenged but its ownership – which accreditor, academic program or regulator should have absolute jurisdiction? How can these professionals provide licenses and what should the designations be? 

Distinct Yet Connected Disciplines

While there may be opposing views out there, the art of interior design continues to flourish. While architects may rant about their jurisdiction over interior space, still, they are not able to stop the growth of the interior design industry. In essence, while there may be a distinction between architecture and interior design; these two disciplines are integrally fused by nature. They intersect at so many points such as shared knowledge, history and even their curriculum.

While the neurosurgeon and the pediatrician possess different medical know-how, they are both physicians and no one argues about this. The medical profession can serve as the model for the architecture-interior design relationship.

Today’s world shows support for interior design specializations. Improvement in digital practices, sustainable environments, construction management, structural systems, material science and such can now position graduates to a more meaningful practice.

Practitioners and educators in these two disciplines are now looking into the inevitable integration of both professional tracks. The challenging issue, however, is how to lower the combative nature of both disciplines. The two need to be collaborative and integrated models are now supposed to teach about the alignment of architecture and interior design curricula.

To some extent, there are now some schools that offer hybrid programs to their enrollees. These focus on the beauty of interiors and how to understand the boundaries of the two disciplines.

At this point, however, schools have the power to decide whether or conform or not. This makes for the accreditation process distinctions. Hybrid program graduates either align with existing accreditors or they compromise their educational program.

Whatever the future holds for both architecture and interior design professions, one thing is certain – both intersect and are related to each other no matter what experts say. People just need to find the points where these two disciplines unavoidably meet.

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The Most Ingenious Bathroom Layouts

One of the most sought after rooms in a home is the bathroom. This one room can either make or break a real estate property. Yet not all bathrooms are designed in such a way that can captivate.

So what are the hottest tips that interior designers have come up with when it comes to this area in a home?

Defining an Efficient Layout

Even the most beautiful bathrooms have to undergo plumbing works. This is exactly why bathroom floor plans are quite important as the designer needs to know where to set the water lines, plumbing drains and vent stacks.

The two-wall layout, for instance, offers more freedom as the toilet and sink can be situated on one wall and the shower and tub plumbed on the other. Three-wall layouts are most flexible but they can be the most complex and expensive task to embark into. 

Pick the Right Sink

This truly matters as these units often win buyers over. It is easier to make a dramatic statement when your sculpted sink says it all. Just imagine this unit mounted right on a stylish vanity.

But before you shell out any amount on a bathroom sink, consider its frequency of use and by which members of the family. Or will this be placed in the guest bathroom? Keep in mind that water will drip each time you wash your face or hands so the sink has to be placed in a corner with less or no wood flooring. 

The Right Lighting

The most critical piece of bathroom unit is the mirror. The most ideal lighting is to have wall-mounted fixtures right on the side of the mirror. These lights should be at eye level, with the third light right on top of the mirror. This kind of arrangement should provide lighting from both sides, hence, shadows are eliminated when you face the mirror.

For the more traditional bathrooms, use ceiling-mounted lighting or add a little pizzazz with a chandelier or pendant lighting fixtures. Tubs and enclosed showers often necessitates the use of vapor-proof downlights.

An accent light can highlight an architectural feature or a collection.

The Tub Says a Lot

One of the most natural focal points for bathrooms is the bathtub. These pieces have a powerful impact especially the free standing designs. Choose from among the streamlined, straight-sided, claw-and-ball feet, or the pedestal bases.

Platform bathtubs have unfinished exteriors and they drop to a box-like structure. The decking is often a waterproof material like marble, tile, or limestone. To optimize relaxation inside the bathroom, install a soaking tub or the whirlpool type.

The Classy Spa Showers

Luxury showers can easily replicate your spa experience. Plan on how you can layout spray heads. The ceiling-mounted type soaks you from right above while the vertical rows of body sprays create crisscrossed patterns for your water massage. Handheld types, on the other hand, can be used to wash your hair or rinse your entire body.

Custom-made stalls can have waterproof materials to cover its floor, walls and ceiling.

Modern day furniture for bathrooms plays an important role in defining the overall feel of this room. Both men and women fall in love with designer bathrooms plus its amenities. Who wouldn’t? Though designer bathrooms may not be essential, they can be a great way to up the value of the property or just to flaunt wealth.

Remember that the bathroom is more than a place to freshen up. These days, the bathroom is already a place where people – especially women – groom themselves. Popular bathroom accessories include tempered glass elements, water closet, Victorian design basins, ceramic artistic basins, glass basins, retro bathtubs and many more.

Truly, one can say that there has never been a better time than now to beautify one’s bathroom.

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The Major and Minor Types Of Colors In Interior Design

Modern man now knows that certain colors can affect his feelings, this is no rocket science. The psychology of color is very real and there is no doubt that there are colors which specifically elicit certain moods or emotions. Some can even go as far as evoking physical reactions. Because of the enormity of its impact, color must be chosen with care especially when used inside homes or commercial spaces.

Categorizing Warm and Cool Colors

There are mainly two groups of colors – warm and cool ones. Colors that are known to stimulate or excite are typified under warm hues – reds, orange, and yellows lead this type.

Cool colors, on the other hand, comprise of blues, purples, greens and pastels. They are categorized as cool since they have a calming or relaxing effect in humans.

When you generally look at it, warm colors work best in places where interaction and activity are elicited. The kitchen or the living room are the perfect rooms that must use warm colors. Cool colors are certainly most appreciated in relaxation rooms such as the bedroom or bathroom.

This does not mean that you cannot fuse these colors in order to achieve a relaxing atmosphere, for instance. Some get away with using warm colors even in their bathrooms while other use cool colors in their busy living rooms.

Color Based on Consumer Needs

If you categorize these colors further, you would soon observe that there seems to be six types –

Colors of Your Childhood: If you distinctly remember the soft greens and the muted blues that your childhood home has had; and if you now want to use them in your own home, then you are probably fixated over these past colors.

High-end Hues: These are the colors that have managed to get past the fad phases. Just look inside classic homes and you will find colors such as ebony, pure white, silvery grays, deep browns, rich purple, reddish tones, frosted silver and gold.

Nomadic Colors: These are the ethnic colors that often depict different cultures. Use misted yellow, deep purple, burnt orange, stone gray, brunette brown or vibrant blues if you want to be more ethnic in your choice of color.

Rustic: This type of color depicts the countryside, nature and greeneries. A home with a rustic theme should use a lot of soft greens, browns and shades of golden yellow.

Ornately Asian: When the term Asian is used, what culture do you often think of first? Most people immediately think of Chinese and Chinese traditions. If you want to infuse Asian colors into your home, then try to use a lot of cameo pink, violet with a dash of green or muted lime; and, of course, the traditional Chinese red.

Combos: These are any color combinations that actually work inside different rooms in a home. If you can use black and white tiles inside the kitchen, then you have successfully adapted to color combination. If you want to go further, you can use green and bronze, black and taupe, red and black, or if you are bold enough – gold and silver.

Answering the Big Question

So now that you know what you can do with your color palette, what should you do? Remember that colors represent who you really are so do not be afraid to use the hues that you find interesting. You should be able to connect and feel with the colors that you use on your walls, floors, furniture and accessories.

If you are not that confident in combining colors in your interiors, then ask for help from an expert interior designer.

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10-minute Interior Designs: Home Makeovers Made Easy

It is no rocket science that an ideal home is tantamount to hours of careful planning in order to come up with the best design. You have the power to design your own home using only your own tools and devices, although, it is advisable to hire a professional interior designer to help you achieve that balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Designing any home requires experience, competence and knowledge. You need these to become familiar with the latest trends, designs and colors. These – all the more – give you the reason to hire an expert that will make your habitat comfortable and purposeful.

Ideal makeover solutions cost money, however, costs can be minimized if the right solutions or approaches are done from the onset. You also minimize the hassles that come with haphazard work due to inexperienced hands. 

Your First Task: Make a List

Begin the list by researching the different kinds of interior designs that you can use in your home. Do you need to buy additional furniture or accessories just to create the theme that you are aiming for?

Or You Can Rearrange First

Consider the functions of each room and how to make the areas look different. Sometimes, all that a room needs is a little rearrangement. Move that chair and rearrange the bedroom furnishings and you can see that doing so will make a world of difference.

Moving furnishings about means changing the room’s existing layout so you are altering the angles that you already got used to. For instance, why not put your sofa into a different corner or place it at a different angle? 

Accent Wall: Your Statement Wall

If you do not have time to paint an entire room let alone your whole house, why not resort to painting just one wall? Painting an accent wall is a creative way to make a statement. It takes less effort, time and budget so just cover one wall with your choice of bold color and you are done. Just make sure that the color you choose will complement the room’s existing theme.

Goodbye Garbage!

Oftentimes, it does not take 10 minutes to clear clutter in a room. Take the time to clean out closets, organize stuff and storing the things that you no longer need. You will be surprised at the amount of available space that you actually have once you take away the clutter that used to occupy it.

Pillows Galore

Why not incorporate current interior design trends? You can keep your neutral-toned furniture pieces and pair them with bright-colored throw pillows. You will surely be amazed at the added vibrance that these accessories will bring into your home. What used to be dull-looking will be made exciting.

Pick throw pillows in the size, texture and pattern that you want. Do not be afraid to experiment by mixing and matching; this can help create variety and interest.

Update Those Light Fixtures

Lampshades can shed new light into a room. You can either add accents to your existing lampshades or you can buy the best ones in the market. Take time to find the ones that are affordable while providing you with the illumination that you need in a room.

For a greener home, replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. You do not just save on electricity, you also get to give your home a new kind of illumination.

Add a Little Freshness

Lastly, consider adding some fresh fruits or flowers into your home as they can effectively lighten up any dark space. Any ordinary-looking tabletop or counter will immediately be livened up by a bowl of fresh lemons or a bouquet of fresh flowers.

LED Light Bulbs – Make The Switch Now

LED or light-emitting diode is a lot different from the usual kind of lighting. LED light bulbs produce light with the use of semi-conductors. If you haven’t used digital lighting in the past, then it is about time to change to this more efficient kind of lighting.

LED lights are not a new kind of technology. For many years now, people have been using them as fairy lights during the Christmas season. They have also been widely used in digital devices and many remote controls.

LED has recently been accepted as a means to light homes and are now becoming more and more popular because they offer an energy efficient solution.

Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

There are so many benefits in using LED lighting. Are you ready to read this long list?

  • First off, LED lighting require very little energy to be powered. Since this is the case, you can save a huge amount on your electric bills. The reason behind this is that LED lights can save as much as 80% of electrical power as compared to incandescent lights. When compared to halogen lights, LED can also offer a whopping 75% on electric savings.
  • LED lights do not contain hazardous materials which can easily harm the environment.
  • When used on vehicle lighting, LED has been known to reduce car accident risk during daytime. It has been observed that vehicular accidents caused by glaring lights can be significantly lowered by 15% when you use LED lighting. While regular automobile lights have high-powered discharges that can be detrimental to the eyes, LED has no such effects.
  • LED lights now come in various colors, meaning, you get to choose the shade that defines your taste.
  • If you are a plant lover, then you can actually use LED to produce cold light which is ideal for growing plants. It does not contain ultraviolet light, hence, it is not just beneficial to plants but also to your skin.
  • LEDs make use of direct light which means they do not produce light pollution.
  • When used as a means to gauge temperature, LED can help you differentiate hot from cold water. Despite its warm glow, it is not hot to the touch so you can easily install it by screwing it on. You can say goodbye to burned fingers caused by overly hot incandescent lights.
  • It takes a lot of years before you need to replace this kind of lighting. This means that you can save money on maintenance checks. They also last long because they come with thick epoxy which is virtually impossible to damage.
  • LED lighting is completely rust-proof, it does not flicker and it comes with thicker wires so you can use it outdoors.
  • LED lighting works well with dimmers and they have this great capacity to retain their beautiful color so you are left with gorgeous lighting for many years.
  • LED will never attract bugs. To add to this, it is also incredibly quiet so it will not distract you with any humming noises.
  • LED is still affordable though pricier than incandescent lighting, it is still cheaper in the long run because it lasts longer. The average LED is packed with 50,000 hours, hence, they last 2,400% times longer than the usual halogen light.
  • LED lights are recyclable and they do not have any pollutants such as mercury or lead which can harm the environment.
  • They are not just lightweight but are also a lot safer to use.

With all these benefits, to boost, are you now ready to switch to LED light bulbs?

Have You Met An Installer Electrician?

If the inside wireman installs power feeders and conduits on an electrical project, an installer electrician; on the other hand, is that expert working beside the wireman. He is the one that installs the low voltage cabling network which is mainly used for video, data, voice and low voltage signaling.

Majority of installations are done inside buildings which are fully or partially enclosed for necessary protection against the winds, sun, rain and other elements. Such installations are set up there way before the heat, air conditioning or permanent lighting fixtures are even brought in.  A lot of jobs, however, are already in existing offices or buildings where some work may be done during the changing weather conditions.

The data and voice cables are routed by the installer technician between the equipment rooms and entrance facilities. The horizontal cables for voice and data are also routed between the equipment and telephone rooms; or individual work stations within the building.

Now keep in mind that an equipment room contains files servers, hubs, or telephone switches; all are devices that were configured and then connected to a communications network which will serve the building.

An installer technician may also install cross connects inside telephone rooms. These can be done through wall mounts or rack mounts. Whether work is for new construction or existing offices, the installer technician must know the latest in technologies to be able to deliver the best.

Job Description in a Nutshell

  • Plans and initiates electrical projects
  • Installs underground voice, data circuit feeders through to the entrance facilities
  • Provides or connects grounding electrode systems
  • Installs pathways for low voltage wiring
  • Installs, tests, or terminates wires and cables whether they are fiber optic or copper
  • Installs, tests and certifies LAN cabling systems
  • Lays out, installs and verifies the control systems for security and access
  • Installs sound distribution and communications systems
  • Provides testing, analysis as well as repair of voice, video and data systems involving gateways, hubs, routers, NIC cards and telephone switches
  • Prefabricates systems like telecommunications racks used for field installation

As the installer electrician reaches Level II, he will report to the Operations Manager but he takes daily directions from the Project Manager. Here are other roles that a Level II installer electricians can do –

  • He can act as a mentor to entry-level technicians while applying his knowledge in electronic theory to install, construct, troubleshoot, test, modify and repair electronic equipment.
  • Installs electronic systems that are at par with codes and standards.
  • Tests and inspects electrical systems upon installation to ensure high quality of work and smooth operation.
  • Assists customers and sales personnel with regard to technical info on the system layout and operation.
  • Completes the diagrams and documentations for service calls and installations. He must clearly outline the alterations or special instructions that have been set.
  • Submits accurate reports right after the completion of service calls and installations which will allow quality assurance and administrative department to follow up.
  • Assures the proper maintenance as well as accountability for tools, assigned company vehicle or inventory. These are all necessary in the promotion of efficiency, professionalism and productivity.
  • Does upgrades, enhancements and other system additions for customers where newer technology is offered.
  • Observes and complies with safety regulations as he also recommends any kind of improvement to the management.
  • He must be available to give assistance in alarm installation and service.

He must attend job-related seminars or training classes so that he can have an updated knowledge about his job.

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