# Your 2019 Dining Room – Here are the 5 Tips in Preparing This Room for the Holidays


Holidays. They make you think of happy moments with family and friends. This is also the moment when people gather and enjoy scrumptious meals lovingly prepared by moms. But what would you do if you are expecting hordes of guests during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons?

Not to worry, the dreamiest dining room is about to become yours –

Make Room for Creativity

Most of the time, prepping your dining room for the holiday season does not mean that you have to automatically break the bank. What you just need, in fact, is a little creativity plus some materials that you could readily use to improve the ambiance.

If you have an oval table in your patio, then it’s time to bring that in. The oval type table is the most appropriate kind of table for the season. Whether this is glass-topped or covered with fabric, it really doesn’t matter. All you need to do now is to match the table cover with the colors or textures that you use on your window toppers.

Decorate the Dining Table

Remember that the fabric-covered dining table will be the star of your show, it will be the inevitable focal point so you have to draw all eyes towards it. Be sure to surround this table and make it interesting with chairs. Be eclectic and placed mismatched chairs or just be traditional and place the same chairs roundabout.

If the tablecloth is too traditional for you, then opt for just a swath of fabric or a table runner. Just make sure that the color of the table runner complements the color of your dining table.

‘Time to bring out your china and crystal. Allow other people to see, appreciate, and use them.

An important part of your holiday dining table is the centerpiece. This can be that punch bowl during the gatherings or it can be a lovely vase of flowers. If you choose to have edible fruit as your centerpiece, then make sure that they are good to eat. You can also use votive candles to frame the lovely centerpiece (whichever you end up creating).

Since you’re hosting a Christmas party, do not be obligated to use red and green straightaway. Try unique color pairings such as rose and khaki or camel and pomegranate. Balance the neutral tones with brighter ones.

Add Beautiful Chairs

Now, since the dining table is the focal point and that’s where the food is going to be placed, you need to properly frame it. The ones that you used to surround it are not enough to make this stand out. Since you’re expecting a lot of guests, it is best to have additional seating.

This can be a bench or more chairs from the bedroom or your patio.

Prep the Storage

These are the holidays so you will definitely need extra storage. You can set up a dining room buffet apart from the dining set in the middle of the room. This can be that credenza from the entryway. Have that brought in and use it to set up some of your finger foods, glasses, and beverages. For as long as the credenza is free of dirt or dust, it is the perfect piece to add to your dining set.

Look Beyond the Table The dining table should not be the only decorative element in the dining room. Think beyond it. Bring in mistletoe, pinecones, and other greeneries. Decorate your china cabinet as well as your bookcases with Christmas-worthy decorative elements. Just remember that you need to create an effect that is both welcoming and seasonal – the best reception for your hordes of guests.

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