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Every parent, especially moms, dream of setting up the perfect nursery where they could welcome their child. This is a spot where most nurturing would take place and the very space where mother and child could bond. Of course, it is but natural to want the best things for this room in your home.

It is necessary to put safety at the very top of your priorities. This does not mean that you should stress yourself in creating this room. A stylish nursery can be yours if you let your mind reach creative levels. Also, try to apply these tips –

Create the Perfect Backdrop

The right atmosphere or ambiance almost always begins with a proper paint job. Instead of the usual pastel pink, blue or yellow, though, try to veer towards the more interesting patterns, say, wide-gapped stripes.

Striped walls are not common and would be an awesome look for the new nursery. Whether you paint it vertically or horizontally depends on your room requirements. A room that lacks height would do well to have the vertical stripes, while one lacking in width would look great with the horizontal ones.

For a different look, you can also try the ombre, layered look. Do this by creating a gradient effect on the baby’s drawers or even the walls if you’re feeling up to the job. Keep mixing white paint until the color lightens a tint or so more.

Since this is a bedroom and no less than a nursery at that, you need to paint well ahead of your baby’s arrival. Use low-VOC paint only.

It’s the Little Things

The Summer Home Bamboo Dresser has ample drawers to hold your baby’s clothing and other essentials. It also has a neutral style that can adapt to any theme that the nursery can take on eventually.

What could be a more appropriate welcoming gesture than to create some buntings? Buy some scrapbook papers, the more colorful the better, and then start making your baby’s welcome home string of flags.

You can also crochet or knit some baby blankets. This isn’t a quick craft but it is one that’s worth having knitting skills for. The creation of a baby blanket can be a rewarding project for any mom. Just make sure that you do your crochets with washable yarn.

Buy the Essentials

Your armoire just won’t look right inside your baby’s new room. A nursery should have its own cute wardrobe. Don’t just think about the now. Your baby will grow and, hopefully, he will be sleeping in the same room as he grows into a toddler and then a robust young boy.

At first you may just need a drawer or two but as he grows, you will realize the beauty of having invested in a proper wardrobe or armoire. For now, the drawers will be able to hold his infant clothing, his baby shoes, his diapers, and undies.

A nursery must also have a rocking chair where the mom can lull her baby to sleep. If not a rocking chair, at least a comfy chair that can make the mom prop her feet up should she want to?

The crib or bassinet is also a must-have. This will be your baby’s sleeping spot so make it the focal point of the entire nursery. Decorate it in such a way that the eyes would directly go there.

Correct bedding for infants such as crib sheets, pillows, bumper pads, crib skirts, and blankets should also be stacked in the drawers.

A changing table is also another piece of furniture that you need to invest in. Most changing tables already come with drawers that can hold the baby pads, powder, and other needs. Of course, don’t forget a diaper pail or bin.

Lastly, for safety, always have the baby monitor turned on. This should allow you to have constant audio contact with the baby.

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