Ways to Make Your Home Office More Fun and Productive

So, you have finally decided to work from home. There are many adjustments to be made but before you go through those, the first thing that you need to set up is your work space. You must make a list of the must-haves so that you can work more productively and efficiently from your personal work space.

Of course, know that no home office is ever exactly the same. There are those who prefer to just have a small space dedicated to their work. It can be just a nook in their bedroom or a fold-out type of desk. There are those who can work in windowless basements but others cannot and who, instead, prefer to work with sceneries right outside their windows.

No matter what room you put your home office into, you will be in need of certain equipment, architecture, supplies, and accessories.

High-speed Internet is the first thing that you need to set up because it is a necessity. Businesses these days are mostly correspondences with many large-file exchanges. Wi-Fi connection also allows connectivity wherever you are in your home so when you start feeling like working outdoors in your lanai, then by all means, you can work there.

A laptop is another necessity. Even when you already have a computer monitor sitting on your desk, it pays to be mobile. This comes especially useful when you need a fresh perspective and you need to get out of your home office.

An alarm clock will also help with your productivity. This is a device that can help you keep track of how long you have been working on a task. If you’ve been lagging behind, perhaps, you’ve spent too much time surfing aimlessly on the Internet. To stay on track, have an alarm clock sit near you and allow it to time your tasks.

Other equipment that every home office must have are the multi-function printer, phone (preferably multi-line) and space heater (when needed).

A Good Sense of Humor

Just like a mouse, you need to find the quietest recesses of your home and work there. You also need to know how to keep yourself motivated and happy all day long.

Remember that the busiest rooms such as the kitchen and the living room are the worst places in your home to finish your work. You have way too many distractions there. If you really want to accomplish something, then you have to learn to isolate yourself during work hours.


Looking at a mountain of balled papers and ink-less pens can truly delay your progress. These are different from folders which you need to house your ongoing projects and tasks.

Sticky notes might be helpful most of the time but when they begin to clutter your desk, then it’s time to throw the used ones away. Of course, you wouldn’t want an empty desk. What you need is a work space that allows you to think while having all the needed gadgets within reach.

Bring in the Greens

This is not the same as working in your garden, nope. What you need to do is to bring in the outdoors. A floor plant would look neat in a corner while your desk would look lovelier with a potted citrus plant right by its side.

It pays to also put fresh flowers in a glass vase and have it displayed right where you can see them while you’re deep in work.

If your desk does not face a lush garden, then it’s time to bring in these greeneries. You will soon see the huge difference in your productivity.

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