Beach Interior Design – Light, Airy And Fabulously Picturesque


Just like many beach vacation homes that are owned by people coming from the winter north, the desire is for the design to reflect the outdoor scenery and all the other elements that make up the warmer southern climates. The key to the selection of décor and finishes for beach interior design is to focus on light.

Think of light fabrics, light colors, light finish materials for accessories and flooring. Of course, you must also give importance to the penetration of natural light inside your home.

Make use of light tropical colors on all your walls. Have a lot of peaches, pale greens, coral pink, blues and light browns. These hues will bring in the breezy feeling of the beach and its pristine shorelines. Highlight the breeziness by hanging white, sheer, floor-length curtains on those beautiful windows.

If you have been to the Bahamas or any of the paradisiacal beaches, you will find ceiling fans in many of the homes by the seashore. These fans are there for both aesthetics and function. Try to find bamboo fan blades that come complete with light. This will reinforce the serenity of the surroundings.

Beach interior design can easily embrace oversized furniture. Find the big ones that are light in color and are comfortable and inviting to look at. Make them large enough to lounge or nap in. Steer clear of heavy, dark furniture especially in your home’s dining area. Such color will leave an aura of formality which should not be felt inside a beach home.

You need to evoke feelings of being laid-back. Consider hanging a hammock in your sunroom. This will further induce midday siesta among family members.

Beach Interiors in a Nutshell

  • Such interiors are never pretentious because they are very down to earth.
  • The home can become an area of entertainment where people gather to socialize and just attend a casual party.
  • Beach interiors blend well with the environment. They are natural-looking because they have colors taken right from Mother Nature herself.
  • Natural woods are used fondly by many beach homeowners.
  • Woven mats are also purchased to be hung on the ceiling and placed on the floor.
  • Windows and shutters are preferably wood-framed.
  • Open the windows not just to let in more air and light but also so that the house will feel more like a cabana an enclosed structure.
  • Have Fijan artisans take care of your cabinetry and other wood carvings.
  • Stones that are used are slates, lava rock and other natural types of stones. Granite can also be used inside the kitchen, the master bath floor, and the tub area.
  • Minimalism is key to achieving beach interiors. Since this is so, use fewer accessories inside your home.
  • As for fabrics, silk must be used at a bare minimum. Instead, use natural, hand painted cottons as well as linens. Mix the most vibrant colors that you can find and have them fused with floral and other nature-inspired patterns.

Unique Beach Design Per Room

Now it’s time to visit the living room. Use unlined, natural woven shades to filter the light. Cap the living room design with a 50s French wall lamp and you’re all set.

As for your bedrooms, you can use nesting tables for smaller bedrooms. Just push it back when you are no longer using it. Color this intimate room with turquoise and red complete with a painted vintage bed.

As for the petite bathroom, you can just place a little sink and one shower. Have fun by using polka dot shower curtains.

Finding a Dutch door opening to the kitchen is a dream beyond dreams. You can mix blue whales, stripes and polka dots and see the room transform into a unique environment.

Are you ready to use the beach interior design tips here? Put these together, have a little artistic flair, and you are sure to make them work.

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