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How to Have a Successful Mardi Gras Event

One of the most fun event themes we’ve seen as a jazz band performing in the Tampa Bay area is the Mardi Gras idea.   Just saying “Mardi Gras” conjures up a fun time and image.

Technically Mardi Gras is the celebration that happens on Tuesday before the religious observation of Lent.  It’s a time for revelry and indulgence prior to a period of fasting and religious reflection.  However, people celebrate the idea of Mardi Gras year-round.

To start, create invitations or announcements that reflect this theme.  The colors associated with Mardi Gras are gold, purple and green.  These colors represent justice, faith and power.  Include these colors in any promotional materials.  Add graphics of beads and masks and you’re on your way.

For the event you’ll need some New Orleans style jazz.  We’ve performed this style as a jazz band in the Tampa Bay area with bass, sax, keyboard and drums for events like this.  Vocals are a plus too.  Make sure that the bandleader has the correct styles and songs to fit the event motif.  You want rocking, upbeat, celebratory jazz.

During the event you can create fun games for people to “win” beads, give a prize for the best costume and create other types of group participation.

If you like, include New Orleans style cuisine for the total package.  With that, your guests will feel like they’re right on Bourbon Street having a great time!

Here’s a link to one of the many suppliers of masks, beads and other stuff to make your Mardi Gras event a real hit:

Integrate some or all of these tips to have a great Mardi Gras event!  
Roger Harrison
Harrison Jazz Ensemble
Tampa FL, Clearwater Fl,  St. Petersburg FL

Reviews for McCreery’s Home Furnishings

McCreery is the premiere furniture store in Sacramento! Serving the Sacramento area since 1955 we offer our clients the finest Sacramento furniture and the best prices. Here is what our clients say about us on Houzz:

“McCreery’s is a wonderful store with quality products. Being able to see the furniture you are interested in or similar product lines, in the store is important to us. Our salesperson was especially helpful with lots of great ideas and design experience. We received excellent service getting the table we wanted at a great price. Our first experience years ago was the same as well. We are very happy with McCreery’s and hope they stay around for years to come!”
By Jennifer Hodge

“First of all, this is the third time dealing with salesperson, Rena and as always it was a fantastic experience. Rena walked me through the wholesale, giving me much needed advice and not steering me wrong on the choices made. Rena knows her trade well. Rena, thanks for all your help!!”

By Lisa Prestwood

” McCreery’s had a wonderful and wide selection of leather furniture. Sandi came to our home to assist us with choices. Her guidance and professional judgment were most helpful.”

By Linda Ferguson

How to Give Yourself the Home Office You Deserve

When you’re working from home or even starting a new venture such as affiliate marketing, you’ll quickly find that your workspace in part defines your productivity. Working from the couch has its benefits, but trust us when we say it can get old rather fast when you find yourself easily distracted and napping with your laptop tucked away between the cushions.

You probably need something more, even if at the start it is a humble alcove. Fortunately, there are decisions you can make at nearly any budget that can make your home office a brighter, happier, and more productive one. One you’ll want to spend more time in.

Here are a few things to consider when creating or rearranging your beloved home office:

A Contemplative, Quiet Space

The first and perhaps most obvious thing your home office should have is a location that is a bit out of the way so that you aren’t unnecessarily bothered by well-meaning and unknowing little ones, passersby, and small and unimportant household events. Many people have turned their attics or basements into home offices, for instance, but we simply recommend the most out of the way room available in the house.

If it’s terrible you can get some sound dampeners to line the room with, or otherwise you might want to invest in some comfortable noise-canceling headphones that can help you stay on task and not worry about the traffic (figurative and literal) of life.

Give Yourself a Nice View

Once you find a nice spot to make permanent camp, the layout and view come next, and the primary consideration is where you want to place your workstation and which direction you should face. We prefer a nice window view if it’s available, so the ideas can keep flowing, but you might have a different idea.

We also recommend trying to avoid staring directly at a wall for hours on end, as this will get boring and even claustrophobic quickly. If your room doesn’t give you much choice in that regard, try putting up at least a few decorations that will mitigate that effect.

You’ll want to find a balance of getting a spot with a nice view and being able to remain focused, so you might want to experiment or imagine a few different layouts. Just remember that when asking yourself if you like an option, try to ask the same thing to a version of yourself six months in the future, as they will need to like the view as well.

Use the Space You Have

Don’t try to overpack your home office to the degree you’re tripping over everything, even if you think those two-year documents you’re never going to read again are important. Give yourself plenty of legroom and even some space for guests (if your home office might see clients in person) or just some room to pace around in during those stressful days.

You’ll know the best space for you, but consider storing files digitally and taking some measurements before you add any new furniture. Also, consider vertical space when looking for physical storage solutions, and consider what items you use the most so you can keep those and only those close at hand.

Get Better Tech and Stay Connected

Your home office is not only comprised of the space you work in but the tools you use to get your work done. In most remote work situations this means your computer and any peripherals that might help you (or be outright necessary). The ultimate budget will depend on need and your life of work, but make sure to get what you need, and consider it an investment. A slow computer means wasted time that quickly adds up.

This also applies to your internet connection, seeing as it is your lifeline to your work. Even if you don’t think you need the absolute best connection, the small price difference will be well made up by skipping loading times and knowing your connection won’t drop so easily. Try to run a cable right to the office, or at the very least pick up some adapters that can pick up a strong signal.

Remove Distractions

This is something that you can adjust over time, but you’ll want to remain cognizant of the distractions in your life and how you can keep them out of your office. Having a stress outlet is fine, but if you find yourself doing too many things that aren’t work in your home office, consider moving it out.

The same goes for your digital home office space. There are plenty of apps that will block you out of popular yet frivolous websites, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Lighting and Comfort Mean a Lot

On one last note, we strongly advise you invest some money into getting a chair you would be comfortable sitting in for long periods of time and making sure that you have all the lighting you need so when nighttime or cloudy days come you won’t feel so drained should you want or need to work.

The idea is the same as making sure you have a good view and a nice space. You simply can’t do your best work when your back is aching you constantly or if you must strain your eyes to see what you’re doing. Taking care of yourself is a vital part of working from home, and you will want to ensure that your office meets those needs.

Conclusion The home office is ultimately a personal space, despite the work you do in it, and it’s a space you’re likely to spend a great deal of your time in. Take these steps into consideration and if you don’t like how a certain thing is, don’t let your decisions be set in stone. Adjust as necessary and with a solid focus, you’ll have a space you can do your best work in.

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5 Importance and Advantages of Investing in A Storage

Multiple carton boxes with household stuff and furniture in empty room of new apartment

What would be the first step you take after you have to move out of a house in an emergency? Well, yes, this is the situation that many people face in and around Australia or the world. Be it the wrath of your landlords or the fact that you have to shift for some days until your home gets renovated.

The idea of carrying all the belongings and luggage everywhere you move temporarily is daunting. So, what to do to prevent yourself from the toil of carrying the luggage wherever you go?

A storage unit that’s booked on your name and that’s locked with you having the key – how does that sound? Amazing!

The idea of a self-storage vault for you to store your belongings temporarily is a reality in Australia too. Here are all the benefits that you are blessed with once you get the key to one.

1. Storage gives the protection of your appliances from nature’s fury.

Even if you are not shifting or planning to move, you have some furniture that you want to store. However, you can’t find a space good enough for its storage. The terrace can be a terrible choice as the furniture will stand exposed to the sunlight, rains, or the snow. On the other hand, storage keeps all your belongings protected from the natural elements that are meant to destroy them.

2. You will get additional space to use.

Once you get rid of the furniture that’s bothering you and are assured of its safety, you are free. Now you have storage to your name, and you are free to use all the open space that’s available to you promptly. You no more have to hide stuff at inappropriate places or brainstorm every time you plan to buy something new. You have ample space available that saves the day for you.

3. You get a permanent spot.

As mentioned in the earlier part of the blog, if you are temporarily living somewhere, you get a spot, that’s yours until you are paying for it. We understand the fact that dealing with your furniture and belongings can be difficult if you are a believer in living at a place temporarily. Storage can come handy in such cases. Your possessions are safe and under constant vigilance by professionals. Now you can move around and keep the wanderer in you alive as much as you want to. Thank me later!

4. Storage is safe.

It indeed is! You don’t want your belongings to come under the influence of nature, and you don’t want them in the hand of burglars. Storage is the safest option to go with in such cases. Here’s the thing: You are not just paying for a space to keep your belongings, but also for the security that comes with it. It’s safe, and it’s cheap. What else could you expect? With round the clock security by CCTV cameras and security personnel, your furniture and other belongings will be safe as long as you decide to keep them in the storage.

5. Investing in storage is convenient.

You don’t have to worry about moving in and out of the store once you have invested in storage. The personnel working there will provide you with the trolleys to move your furniture and make the experience convenient for you. It’s accessible any time of the day, and you can walk out with your belongings without much paperwork or toil.


All in all, it’s a convenient facility to store all your belongings. The storage will store all the things for you until you finally make the mood to shift them out.

Do you have an office building to sell? Come to us

While it may seem strange to you that anyone would have an office building to sell, the question is actually in reference to the budding commercial real estate industry in India.  ‘US’ refers to MagicMeters, an emerging real estate company operating in Gurgaon.  MagicMeters has lots of commercial projects in Gurgaon.More about this below.


MagicMeters is an emerging real estate company in Gurgaon.  A visit to its website quickly reveals the company’s core strengths which are in various commercial projects including residential complexes, infrastructure projects, and commercial offices for salePeople in Gurgaon and surrounding areas prefer to use MagicMeters for all of their commercial real estate needs because of the comprehensive and professional service which its dedicated and loyal team of knowledgeable agents and brokers bring them.  In addition, MagicMeters is known for its excellence in customer service which is essential for any business to survive in the digital age.

Upcoming projects in Gurgaon

MagicMeters is two years old and this fact naturally forces the company to have a more local scope even if it does have a global vision.  It has many commercial projects on the drawing board, most of which are in Gurgaon.  Upcoming projects in Gurgaon include the Tapasya 70 Grandwalk.  This commercial project is one with many uses including leisure, commercial needs, living quarters, and shopping and entertainment.  Tapasya 70 has many commercial officeswhich interested shopkeepers and retailers can either lease or buy.  

Why commercial offices with MagicMeters

“MagicMeters is such a small company.  It is only two years old, so why would anyone want to buy its commercial projects considering it has such a small and limited scope and presence in the commercial real estate industry?”  If you are a shop owner, this is a very natural and legitimate question to be asking.  The answer to this question lies in Magic Meters vision which is to use ethics and good moral values (in terms of business) to guide commercial shop keepers and retailers through the complex and intimidating process of renting, leasing, or buying commercial properties and offices in Gurgaon.  In fact, Magic meters has many commercial shops for sale as well!

Think locally, but act globally

This is MagicMeters’ motto because it is currently the industry leader in terms of portals for commercial property in India.  This means that people who want to do business in Gurgaon, and people living in Gurgaon turn to its online website for insight into its current and upcoming projects.  If they are interested in these projects, and they usually are, they then contact one of the many commercial agents and brokers who are part of the MagicMeters’ team.  These agents and brokers provide them with a free consultation and if there is a need, match, and fit, both parties proceed in renting, leasing, or buying a particular commercial real estate property which MagicMeters is either developing or involved with.  The process does not end until both parties, especially the buyer, are satisfied.  Incidentally, most of MagicMeters’ new clients and business propositions/proposals are generated from referrals by existing customers!  Referrals are like ‘gold dust’ in the real estate industry, especially in commercial real estate!

Tapasya 70 in much more detail

This is one of MagicMeters’ more important projects.  This is partly because of its strategic location and partly because of its inherent market value.  Valued at a whopping 45 lakhs, this complex is a must notice for anyone serious about doing real business in Gurgaon.  This commercial complex is located near major highways in Gurgaon.  Therefore it is in close proximity to people who are traveling and are looking for a great shopping experience, or who want to be entertained.  It has many residential apartments and this provides a rich prospect base for companies whose offices and stores are located in the complex.  After all, people tend to do business with companies which offer exceptional products and services and are in close proximity to them!

The complex sprawls over 3 acres of land.  What’s more is that almost all of its commercial offices and shops are visible to passersby from the highway and nearby roadways.  This offers these shopkeepers and industrialists great and free advertising opportunities because their commercial operations are visible to anyone who sees them on the vast network of roadways.  It is also graced with unique and elegant architecture which simply draws customers in and makes them stay.

Now that you know

You may have thought that India would be the last place where the commercial real estate industry would be booming.  You may also have thought that a small Indian startup would never be capable of becoming an industry leader in this fast growing and lucrative industry.  You would be wrong on both counts because MagicMeters is quickly transforming the way the Indian commercial real estate industry operates!

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use a Utility Management Company (Link Roundup)

Any successful business owner will tell you that poor management of utility, such as water, electricity, and gas is the reason most businesses fail. In fact, the CB Insights survey shows that 18 percent of new businesses don’t make it past their first anniversary because of utility cost issues.

There are two problems with not managing your utility costs: You pay for what you haven’t consumed because of unscrupulous utility providers and your overall costs skyrocket. All these eat into your profit margins.

While you can manage your utility yourself, it becomes difficult when the business scales up. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a utility management company to do it for you: Here are the main reasons to hire a utility management company to manage your utilities:

  • They have extensive experience and expertise in utility management

Most utility management companies have extensive experience and expertise in doing utility management work. In fact, they have certificates from local and federal government and testimonials from happy customers to prove that. They can diagnose your utility system using the latest technology and tell you the causes of your utility problems. They will then compile a detailed report, along with the required corrective action plan to ensure the cost of your utility bills remain below the required threshold.

According to the team at UMC Solutions “Unlike other types of bills, utility bills can be overly complicated and can fluctuate from month to month. Left unchecked they can easily spiral out of control and become an expense-blindspot for any businesses.”

  • Saves you money

Most business owners think that managing utilities themselves is the best way to save money. While this makes sense, the reality is that the tasks involved in utility management are so complex that it can be overwhelming any business to do it themselves. The right utility management company will evaluate the current condition of your utility system, present the results, draw up and implement an improvement plan and ensure the situation doesn’t reoccur. This will save you money that you would have wasted on in-house utility management personnel who may not have a clue of how a utility system works, do a mediocre job that leads to the reoccurrence of the problems.

  • Saves you time

Time is a very important resource in today’s competitive business environment. Any minute you waste means a competitor is closing the gap on you or surpassing you. Utility management is a time-consuming and energy-draining task. It involves going through your utility data to pinpoint problem areas, cultivating good relationships with utility suppliers to get the best deals, making timely utility bills payments, and formulating an efficient utility management strategy. All these can take a big chunk of your time. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a utility management company to do it for you and allow you to focus on other activities that have the potential to bring greater profitability to your business.

  • Help you know the market dynamics

The utility market trends change frequently. For example, energy costs drop periodically and utility providers are required to respond in kind by lowering your energy costs. If you don’t keep an eye out on the energy market trends, you might not be able to enjoy the low energy costs because your utility provider may take advantage of your ignorance and not lower your utility bills. The right utility management company will keep an eye out on the utility market trends and tell you when energy costs subside. They will also follow up with the utility services providers to ensure that it actually reflects on your monthly utility bills. The utility company will also tell you the utility providers that are using the latest technology to ensure the efficient distribution and management of utilities. The company will also keep you updated on the current and new energy legislation to ensure you operate within the confines of the energy laws.

  • Ensure prompt payment of utility bills

Late payment of utility bills can attract fines and add up your costs. On numerous occasions, late payments occur because you were too busy to remember to pay the bills on time. Besides tracking your utilities, a utility management company will ensure all your utility bills are paid on time to prevent penalties or accumulation of bills, all of which add up your overall cost. When businesses want to increase their profit margins, they have two realistic options: Cut costs or increase sales. The latter is uncontrollable. That’s why most business owners slant towards cutting costs. And when it comes to cutting costs, many business owners prefer to start with utilities. While you can do it yourself, hiring a utility management company is advantageous because it not only helps you cut utility costs, but manage them as well.

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10 Reasons You Should Buy Your Property From ROF Amaltas

ROF AmaltasSector 92 Gurgaon is a lavish and affordable project initiated by Ramanda Group. This project is attractive because it aims to fulfill the basic necessities simultaneously with a modern architecture and interiors cladding the apartments built.

If are you are looking for such a property for sale in India, we have listed astonishing reasons why ROF Amaltas sector 92 location is the ideal pick.

  • Advantageous Location

Famous hospitals like Medanta-The Medcity and Artemis are very near.

The ROF Amaltas Sector 92 location is just 12 KM away from the DLF City Centre.

Mere a 15 KM away from Manesar while just an hour away from the Pataudi town.

Moreover, the Gurgaon railway station is just 10-15 minutes of drive away from this location.

  • A Range Of 1300 Apartments To Choose From

The ROF Amaltas housing project has an amazing choice of different types of apartments in various sizes like 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK as well to suit your needs.

  • Yoga and Meditation Centers

How often do we hear about a housing project with emphasis on such centers? Most of the time, architectures are focused on constructing a lavish infrastructure to attract high-profile clients from across the globe.

Though ROF Amaltas Sector 92 Gurgaon project is nothing of that sort. This project has shown how to balance the best of both worlds with luxury and spiritual importance linked to humanity.

  • Safe, Sound, and Secure Housing

With amenities and highlights like CCTV surveillance, water, and electricity supply running seamlessly, waterproof entry doors, free parking mechanism and systems installed to tackle uncertain fire shocks in any of the apartments or the floor, it’s the best housing deals you will get in Gurgaon at affordable rates.

  • Finance Burden Is Shared By The Leading Banks.

As this project at Sector 92 Gurgaon is quite famous, trustworthy and in the talks, many of the financial institutions have allowed to give up to 90% of the loans to the residents and borrowers to seek to purchase an apartment in advance.

In such a way, both the realtors as well as you, the homeowner can feel financially secure and the trust between the parties is maintained with leading commercial banks acting as the credit guarantors.

  • Remarkable Infrastructure Even For The Parks

To focus on the healthy habits of the residents, the ROF Amaltas has worked upon the designs of the parks inclusive of the tracks for joggers as well. There is greenery everywhere, which will induce fresh air and better oxygen levels in the atmosphere.

  • You Will Be Free Of Maintenance Charges For 5 Years Immediately.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? You wouldn’t have to pay a penny for exclusive maintenance charges for up to 5-years. A huge chunk of charges is borne by the realtors themselves. In such case, if you are looking for affordable apartments, lock this location immediately because the ROF Amaltas Sector 92 Gurgaon project wouldn’t dig a hole in your bank balances and you can focus on achieving more important life goals.

  • The Housing Scheme Under This Project Is Rather Affordable.

ROF Amaltas Sector 92 Gurgaon price bar is unbelievably attractive. For example, a 1BHK apartment of Type 1 costs around Rs. 13 Lakhs only while the 3 BHK flats of Type 2 are available at Rs. 26 Lakhs more or less. The Ramanda Group has really outsmarted the market prices and the floors are selling fast to the residents looking for a great and affordable place to settle down in Gurgaon.

  • ROF Amaltas Sector 92 Project Has Paid Attention To The Leisure Time Too.

With amenities like Club Houses and other Halls, apart from the location itself being connected to the main city of Gurgaon, the ROF Amaltas Sector 92 is worth every penny. In fact, this housing project inhibits excellent Gymnasium as well for the fitness freaks.

  • Eye-Catching Infrastructure And Interiors Designs

The most befitting reason to purchase your dream house under the shelter of ROF Amaltas Sector 92’s perfect location is that it comes with intricate, valuable and eye-catching designs. As the flats have tiled flooring, while the bathroom and kitchen tiles are ceramic keeping in mind the frequency of these rooms to get wet due to regular cleaning, it shows how carefully the floors have been curated.

This article is meant to introduce you to the top benefits why you can choose ROF Amaltas’ property for sale In India and make it your own dream house in no time. For more graphic information on the exact location of ROF Amaltas in Gurgaon, you can browse the ROF Amaltas Map. Do let us know in the comments below your viewpointon the featuring benefits of ROF Amaltas Gurgaon.


Open House Prize

$10,000 furniture shopping spree Courtesy of McCreery’s Home Furnishings

$535,000 estimated value

Call (800) 564-8758 for tickets. 

$100 each

Date and time

May 18  – June 23
Saturdays: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sundays: noon – 5 p.m.


3429 Majar Ct.
Cameron Park, CA 95682

For more please visit

Don’t wait! Tickets are limited.

You can call (800) 564-8758 for tickets or download a printable mail-in form.
Español: Descargar un formulario imprimible para enviar por correo.
Tickets are also available at Patelco® Credit Union.

Choosing the Electrical Contractor: Why It’s Not Wise to Rely on the Eenie Meenie Miny Moe Strategy

There are but a few tasks that you can do on your own. At some point, you will need the aid of an expert especially when dealing with critical projects such as wiring systems. Hiring a professional electrical contractor is important and is much like the need to visit a specialist when something is up with your health. Talking to an expert means you do not waste your time and resources.

The Benefits of Trusting a Licensed Electrical Contractor

  • Of course, not all projects in your home can be categorized as DIY work. Going into something that is not your domain will only end up in a mediocre job or an accident. For instance, your electrical oven goes kaput; so your next step is to watch a YouTube video and pretty soon you think that you have sufficient information to do the repair on your own. Unfortunately, the make of the demonstrator’s oven is different from yours so you end up destroying the appliance, or worse, you get injured.
  • An expert’s quality of work is always superior in standard as opposed to the average work presented by non-professionals. Without a licensed electrician’s help, you could end up facing the same repair issues week after week. Eventually, the appliances that you repaired on your own get broken – no surprise there, right?
  • Seeking expert help also means a one-time expense, is a work that is backed by warranty and peace of mind. You save a lot of time, money as you also do not compromise your family’s security. Recurring electrical problems can be stressful so steer clear of anxiety from the onset.
  • An electrical contractor is a licensed professional that is qualified by the law to do electrical work. Legislative requirements are set for these experts to follow so this means that their technical standards are always at par with what is required.
  • Since most electrical contractors would want to gain your trust, they will do all they can to provide excellence with their service. A satisfied customer can become a loyal customer, plus, a happy customer can even tell her friends and relatives about her pleasant experience.

Now you know the benefits of hiring an expert, it’s time to follow some tips in finding that expert –

Identify Your Electrical Issue

Before you even begin to get in touch with electrical contractors, try to find out the cause of your electrical concern. Do you need wiring repairs? Are you constructing a new home and now need to install wiring systems? Or do you have a pressing electrical emergency at hand?

As soon as you have defined your problem, then you can begin calling for help. Describe what needs to be done or, at least, what you think needs to be repaired or installed.

Assess the Contractor’s Skills

The best way to do this is to ask around – do you have relatives and friends who have existing contacts with an electrical contractor? They can offer reliable information as well as testimonials regarding particular electrical contractors.

Apart from your relatives, you can also read online testimonials. Check the contractor’s professional profile. Did he finish an electrical training course? How about continuing education? Is he NEC-compliant?

See if you can contact his previous clients. They are the best people that can provide first-hand experience with an electrical contractor.

Lastly, ask about his license, insurance and warranty then have him place it into writing. Will the contractor guarantee a job with superior standard? Is he willing to correct the job if in case you deem it to be substandard? If he answers yes to these questions, ask him to give you a written estimate then go ahead and sign that contract!

International Calling Made Simple With Business VoIP Solutions

Nowadays, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of calling cards or pay high distance rates to reach customer internationally.  Thanks to VoIP solutions for business, they made international calling easy and affordable.  But, do you know how VoIP international calling work? And how can it beneficial for both the business and customer? In this particular post, we discuss how the VoIP phone system, as well as virtual number; can help anyone to do business without any borders with a cheaper rate.

How VoIP make international calling simple for any business.

In the past, if you like to contact your customers worldwide then you need to use PBX technology (Private Branch Exchange) in whatever countries you wanted a target. In addition, international business would also have to deal with their vendors across the world.

With today`s best technology VoIP business solution, international calls are routed on the internet. It is very simple that, no matter where you are or your customers are located, a VoIP phone system can route your all the calls through the cloud and with affordable price. The VoIP phone system is hosted in the cloud so, you can manage your virtual numbers from anywhere in the world with proper internet connections.

With the use of a VoIP phone system, you and your employees are habituated with the process of dialing international calls. But, there are huge chances that your customers are not familiar with the service. So, how do you make it easy and beneficial for your international customers to call your business? The simple answer to this question is with international toll-free numbers. These numbers are actually virtual numbers, it means they are not calling on telephone line but, it will directly pass through the cloud like PBX cloud or a mobile or via the internet.

Top 5 VoIP Service Providers:

Ring Central:

Ring central is the world`s largest provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaborations solutions. Ring central awarded rank #1 in the 2018 North American UCaaS scorecard. They provide the best cloud PBX solutions including artificial intelligence integration, faxing and video conferencing as well as application development.

Pros:  They have their network with infrastructure in the US, Asia, Canada, Europe, and Australia. New Artificial integrations. Ring central set up very deep features of VoIP and Business solution.

Cons:     The main disadvantage is their hardware will cost you extra. They missing some features found in competing solution. Several issues found at the time of testing.

Super call International:

Super call international provides free international calls from the UK to over 150 countries. They have their application on Google play store as well as on the App Store. They also offer the highest quality free calls to most of all the countries. Are you frequent overseas callers? If yes, then Super call international is best for you.

Pros: The main advantage of Super call International they provide free calls for countries like Saudi Arabia, China, and Pakistan. They also take care of your friends and family because they don`t always have Wi-Fi or smartphone to be able to call for free. That`s why their services are amazing for keeping touch with friends and family.

Cons: I think there is not any disadvantage of Super call international because it is cheaper services than all other calling services.


8×8 working for small and medium businesses as well as for large enterprise.  8×8 is trusted by more than 1 million business users worldwide. 8×8 cloud solutions facilitate businesses re-model their client and worker expertise. With one system of engagement for voice, video, collaboration and get in touch with a center and one system of intelligence on one technology platform, businesses will currently communicate quicker and smarter to exceed the speed of client expectations.

Pros: They have very friendly and flexible pricing. The system is capable to set up easily in mobile and desktop. They have so many features other than voice calls.

Cons: There is no open API with which to build your own app integrations.

Vonage Business solution:

Vonage Business cloud is Vonage’s large Voice-over-IP service that targets small to medium size businesses. Vonage is a very old leader in VoIP service for home but now they are working hard for Business as well. They also support new Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Software Define Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) options too.

Pros:  They have better API integration than the previous version. Very impressive and administrative features and calling functionality. They also have an amazing application.

Cons: They have add-on features but at a very high cost. In their package, they don`t include conferencing.


If your business is looking to move your communications systems to the cloud, if you like to improve your customer experience with a new contact center than Mitel has the technologies that meet all the requirements including Customer experience, on-site strategies and migrate to the cloud.

Pros: The main advantage is they have built-in team collaboration, predictive contact search. They also have a great mobile app, comprehensive VoIP, calling, messaging, and video chat features.

Cons: If you are looking at the price then it will be high in the comparison of others.  

There are so many others who provide VoIP solutions but these are the best as my knowledge.

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International Long Distance Calling Made Simple Tip Sheet
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Scents that Help You Work (Link Roundup)

Almost everyone has had the experience of inhaling a potent aroma that reminds them of a fond memory of their past–and instantly getting an energy boost or a shift in their mood. This powerful phenomenon is exactly what essential oil and aromatherapy industries have been capitalizing on for years now. In fact, exciting new research is demonstrating that essential oils can have incredible and wide-ranging benefits for individuals.

So why does aromatherapy have such an effect on human beings? The answer goes back to the anatomy of our brain. Above our nasal cavity is the olfactory bulb, an area of our brain that processes scents as they are inhaled by the nose. And, unlike the other senses which are sent to the thalamus before they are registered by our conscious brain, the olfactory bulb does the processing in-house. From there, the information about the scent travels on to the next two areas of the brain which are right next to the olfactory bulb–the hippocampus and the amygdala. And what parts of our consciousness are those brain areas responsible for? You guessed it, our long-term memories and our deep emotional processing.

That’s why aromatherapy can be such an effective way to shift your mood and soothe tension or anxiety. It’s unsurprising, then, that researchers have now expanded their studies to determine the other ways that aromatherapy can offer positive benefits. And their research is pointing towards many incredible applications of the power of scent! Below are some of the most promising essential oils and how they can be used to promote your productivity and well-being at work.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary has been used in folk remedies for years to boost memory–and now the science is backing that up! To increase alertness or improve your memory when you’re on the job, try a few drops of rosemary oil on your wrists or temples!

  1. Vetiver

Vetiver is a unique plant is one of the most complex essential oils that has a wide range of effects on the central nervous system. In fact, it’s been shown to have the most

powerful effects on individuals diagnosed with ADHD, and can powerfully effect concentration levels.

  1. Coffee

We all know through experience that the smell of coffee can have powerful effect on your mood throughout the day–but did you know that the science is there to back you up? A recent study in Taiwan showed that teachers who simply smelled coffee were able to reduce their stress and tension significantly.

  1. Lemon

Lemon has been one of the most popular essential oils to study because it’s been shown to have a wide range of positive benefits on patients. A recent study showed that it could even improve the cognitive function of patients with Alzheimer’s disease! Imagine what it can do for you when you need to make a presentation.

  1.  Jasmine

Jasmine has been proven many times to be a pain reliever as well as calming effects on the nervous system. One study even showed that jasmine can cultivate relaxation to the same degree as valium–without any side effects. When you need to stay calm during a stressful day at the office, jasmine should be your go-to.

  1. Citrus

Citrus aromas, particularly bergamot, have been used in Asian medicine for a long time because of their plentiful benefits. One recent study demonstrated that citrus has the power to increase your alertness and make you more responsive to your environment–perfect when you’re at an important meeting!

  1. Cinnamon

There’s a reason cinnamon is a main ingredient in so many desserts–the sweet aroma has many powerful benefits to human beings. One recent study demonstrated that using the oil can decrease stress and increase cognitive function, making it the perfect oil when you need a performance boost.

  1. Peppermint

When you need help staying alert during your work day and want to improve your performance on certain benchmarks or evaluations you may encounter in your job, look to peppermint. A wealth of studies have proven the oil’s unique benefits.

  1. Ginger

Are you dealing with some chronic pain or fatigue that keeps you from being on your A-game at work? Ginger is the answer. A recent study on ginger showed that it can greatly improve function and lower anxiety in patients undergoing chemotherapy–so just imagine how it could give you a boost.

  1. Pine

If you’ve ever gone for a hike in a pine forest you know how soothing the scent can be. And now, the science is truly backing it up. A recent study showed that it can have some powerful antidepressant effects, making it a great choice if you’re facing the Monday morning blues.

  1. Lemongrass

Are you looking for a way to wind down after a lot of stress? Lemongrass is an excellent choice, as it’s been proven to reduce anxiety and tension in humans almost immediately. Put some in a diffuser in your office and see the benefits all day long!

  1. Lavender

One of the most popular essential oils because of its powerful and calming effect, studies have proven lavender is one of the most beneficial oils because it has so many powers. In the workplace, it’s a great oil to use when you want to recharge because it can help energize the brain during rest.

So if you’re looking for some productivity hacks that are inexpensive and very easy to implement, give aromatherapy and essential oils a try. There’s a wealth of evidence demonstrating that there are numerous benefits to utilizing oils in order to perform at your best when your at your job–and recover when you’ve had a stressful day. Experiment and enjoy yourself–there’s a lot to discover!

Effective Use of Ambient Lighting For Videos (Link Roundup)

If you have shot many videos in the past, then you probably already know that it is difficult to control the lighting conditions in some venues, specifically the ones that are outside of a studio. Shooting a professional looking video can be a bit of a challenge. Internal locations can also be places with poor lighting (examples are convention centers, hotels and other internal settings).

If you must shoot a video in adverse conditions, then it would be best to bring your own lighting. If in case this is not an option, then it’s time to study how you can use ambient lighting in recording video footage.

By definition, ambient light means light that can already be seen in a setting prior to the addition of any kind of light. This often refers to natural light (light coming from the sun or moon) or it can also be the artificial room lights.

Ambient Lighting – Friend or Foe?

Ambient lighting can either work for or against you. Clearly, this is important in video and photography since most shots are wholly shot using ambient lights. Unfortunately, this kind of light can also be a nuisance when it conflicts with what the video producer is trying to achieve.

Ambient lighting could provide the wrong light direction, temperature or color intensity. Should this be the case, the videographer can opt to block out the existing light and replace it with an artificial one. Doing this isn’t always practical, though. There are moments when compromises have to be made.

But if you will have the chance to look back at history’s greatest videos and films, you will find that most were shot with only ambient lighting. Unusual lights can turn regular shots into pictures or videos that are so powerful, they can captivate and inspire. 

Finding the Best Light for Poor Lighting Conditions

Finding the best light means looking for the best possible location for the video shoot. Be sure to position your subject at a point where you can see the catch light right on his or her face. Never position your subject in front of the light. If you see that the light is reflected on the subject’s eyes, then you have just found the best location with perfect lighting conditions.

Meter the Scene

Generally, the method used for exposure is through the camera’s exposure meter. When shooting a video using a compact camera, be sure that you determine the exposure and the camera’s shutter speed, aperture and, in some cases, the ISO.

In metering a scene, the light meter usually averages the scene to about 18% gray. A scene with many bright areas could lead to a misreading, thus, the camera could compensate for this by reading a dark exposure. In order to fix this, choose a wider aperture. For darker scenes, go the other way.

Use the incident light meter in order to get an accurate reading.

A major part of ambient lighting is exposure as well as color balance and color of the light. Your major source of light is the sun while those commonly found in homes include fluorescent or tungsten light.

What to Consider Before Hiring Sacramento Video Production Company

How important do you think it is to create high quality marketing videos? The typical HD camera isn’t enough anymore to create something that will be used on a business website. Insisting on using such will only result in a disaster.

When your company is about to put a video on your site, then you definitely have one thing in mind – this is to let the world know that you are an existing business. Of course, you would also want to raise your company image. You must rise above the clutter in order to be recognized. In short, just make sure that you hire a video production company that can effectively tell stories, connect to a targeted audience, and even learn your goals quickly.

Hiring a Sacramento video production company becomes easy once you have taken a few things into consideration. There are two types of video producers that a small to medium-sized business can consider. The first is the operator or owner who typically does videos with just a single person.

The second type is a production company that comprises a team of experts that can shoot, write, and edit the video. Between the two types of service providers, it better to choose a video team rather the solo videographer. After all, you need to show that you are serious about your business so you only need to deliver the best.

After choosing your Sacramento video production company, you also need to define your target audience. Remember that videographers are not marketers so they don’t have to be the ones to conduct that important market research for you. What they can help you with is the development of a concept that will be compelling enough for targeted viewers. Since this is so, you need to inform your video producer with regard to your target market.

Defining the purpose of your video will also help the video producer in creating your required marketing video. Are you creating a video that will educate customers? Or are you just going to show relevant news and events about your company?

A crucial thing that you can do is to define the core purpose of your video.

How you will communicate the message of your video also matters. Find out what’s unique about your service or product and tell the world about it. The risk that you can make is to create a video that will not show specifics.

Concept development is another factor – this is the how part of the message being shown to the world. This is a process that your company and the video production company must discuss in a conference room (if only to stress the importance of this phase of the project). Sitting down and discussing the concept will help you have clarity in terms of whom to hire for your video production.

A visually stunning video is only produced by a team that has enough number of staff. Writing, acting, directing, cinematography and many other aspects, after all, should be handled by different experts but ones that belong to a working team.

Consider all these when hiring that Sacramento video production company so that you won’t go wrong – think of this as your company’s one shot at stardom!

Video Production Fundamentals: 6 Tips in Shooting Low-Light Locations

Light opposes darkness – this is a universal law. Without one, the other cannot exist, though; and without light, there isn’t going to be any good video at all. Lighting is key in shooting proper web videos. If you have to live with poor light quality, lack of detail or bad color, then what sort of video do you think you’d be able to produce?

There are a few things that can help you shoot better when faced with low light conditions. They include altering settings, or being able to come up with extra lighting. By themselves, video cameras are not designed to shoot in low light conditions. With less light, the video could end up with under-saturated images, muddiness, low contrast, grains and even noise.

Add Camera-Mounted Lights

It is pretty simple to add extra light with the basic camera-mounted light. The mounted light is most preferable since it is pointed at the very direction where the camera is shooting. Other choices include the utilization of pre-existing sources of light such as a portable light that the coordinator brought with him or a reflected light from an outside source.

Bigger Aperture Means an Enhanced Video

Aperture, also known as the iris, can be helpful in low light conditions. The smaller number of the iris, the bigger the diameter, meaning, more lights get to stream in. A setting of 2 is good but if you could have a 1.4 then that is the best that you can get. 

Learn the Science Behind Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is equal to exposure time, meaning, the lower the speed, the lengthier the exposure time is. Set it at 1/60th of a second for standard lighting but for low light locations, just lengthen the exposure time for every frame.

‘Need More Light? Use a Lower Frame Rate

Frame rate is the number of images that you are able to capture on film. You can use digital cameras at 24 frames each second. NTSC for American Television is at 23.976 while the PAL/SECAM for International Television is at 25.

Using progressive scan means having higher frame rates. The standard for most video cameras is at 30.

Lowering this rate from 30 to 24 fps allows for longer exposure, hence, more light could get in. This should brighten the video, the best thing that you can do when shooting landscapes or buildings.

Make ISO Your Last Choice

ISO is no less than the International Organization for Standardization. One of the standards that they were able to create is the scale for the speed of the film. If you don’t use this properly, you get to hear noise or see distorted images on the video.

Keep in mind that changes can either degrade or improve the video. Use ISO scale only when you have absolutely no other choice. 

Digital SLR Should Do the Trick

Using a DSLR camera for shooting videos can give you wide range of options which you can mix and match. Through trial and error, you will soon get the best possible image for your video. Study the settings and use them to your advantage. Find the one that can be used for low-light video shoots.

Lighting Techniques – Choose What’s Appropriate (Link Roundup)

When you are out to make an effective video marketing campaign for your company, there are many things that you need to consider. First, there’s the need to find a good video production company. Professionals, simply put, could do it better than amateurs – it’s best not to take chances. Other things that you need to remember may be minute but their effects in terms of quality can never be discounted.

Lighting Techniques – Choose What’s Appropriate

Your video lighting techniques will make a huge impact on your final image. You can use light to control the video’s mood. You can also use light to direct the attention of the viewer where you want it to be. The correct form of lighting can also highlight or de-emphasize certain elements within a frame. Adding texture and color to your video can also have a huge impact on the overall production. Would you want the actors to look angelic and beautiful? Then only the right lighting technique can give you that.

But how do you effectively use light to produce quality video? Video is no less than photography at 30 frames each second. This also comes complete with audio. While it is similar to photography, you will need more skills to produce the best videos.

In shooting videos, take note that you are writing with the use of light at 30 frames each second plus sound so you need to control its direction.

One of the first decisions that you have to make is to determine where you will place your key light. Also, find out what direction the natural light will be coming from so that you can use blocks or screens, depending on what you need.

Playing with light can bring about different effects and it can even help you imply different meanings. For instance, with the use of three-point lighting, the main light might be place directly off the side of your subject. This is what’s referred to as side lighting and it could cut the subject’s face into two parts. When using this technique, you could imply that the character is conflicted over something, or that he is torn between good and evil. This is also an effective technique in depicting a schizophrenic patient.

Another common use for side lighting is to reveal texture. Textured surfaces are more dramatic as the side lighting reveals the shadows.

Another lighting technique that you can use is back lighting. This is the right kind of light to reveal a lovely silhouette. If you let your subject stand directly in front of a light, then you will only see his or her form.

Three-point lighting, on the other hand, uses a small back light in separating the subject from his background. This will create a white line which will trace around the hair and shoulders. This is, again, a good way to separate the subject from his background.

Backlighting also makes smaller particles appear clearer on the video. When you want to shoot a rainy scene, then you have to do just this.

Front lighting is the least dramatic of the techniques as you hide all textures and shadows. Also referred to as glamour lighting, this can conceal imperfections.

So, which among these lighting techniques would you soon use for your company video?

Roles of the Video Producer – Can You Be A One-Man Team?

If you are planning on producing corporate videos, then it is crucial that you become acquainted with the roles that you are about to perform. It is also important that you feel comfortable in each of these roles. The likeliest roles that you are about to portray include being the producer and director. If you know how to operate the camera on a technical level then you could also serve as an editor and operator.

You might think that these are the very duties of a videographer but being a video producer is a lot more than all these. Be sure to separate the amateur roles from the professional ones. A video producer and not an inexperienced videographer make corporate productions; so, your first role is to be called as a video producer.

You Are the Boss

A corporate producer has total control of the entire filming process. Unlike people who shoot wedding videos, the video producer for company films will be shooting with a different genre, location and concepts in mind. Some videos will even involve actors; lecturers; an interviewee and an interviewer; and real-life employees. The client can also join the filming process; the video can also contain graphics.

You’re Also the Scriptwriter

If you want to be really hands-on in the decision-making process, then make sure that you are there during the first draft of the script. Have a script developed according to what the target market wants.

Create the treatment (an approved proposal or outline by the client) in paragraph form. This should outline your ideas as well as the sequence in which they come. It is important that the client and the producer are always in agreement.

As the treatment gets its approval, it should describe the visual elements that are needed for the shooting. It is much easier to rewrite treatments than a script – keep that in mind.

Also A Talent Scout

Unlike wedding videographers, the corporate video producer works with employees or actors. There are moments when you would need to hire professional talents for the video. If the video that will be produced is for a union shop, then be sure to go to SAG-AFTRA a national talent union.

When producing for a non-unionized company, then just place and ad or have local theater talents audition.

A Logistics Coordinator As Well…

Should the budget allow it, then you can hire a production coordinator. In this person’s absence, then you will also stand as the coordinator. When taking on this role, be sure that you are highly organized. You will also be in charge of arranging releases that will be signed, ordering meals, finding relevant locations, even vehicle parking and loading.

A Post-Production Manager

This is also a video producer’s role. In this case, you need to work closely with the IT staff so you’d get ample bandwidth for the video that will be streamed over the company network. You could be requested by the IT people to compress the final video to a level that is unacceptable to you so be friends with them and you’d surely get the best possible treatment.

Saving Money on Video Production – Know the 5 Hot Tips Now

Many businesses consider video content as a thing of luxury, one that will cost thousands. The fear that most entrepreneurs feel is that video production may not provide a measurable ROI. Since this is so, they just tend to produce videos on their own or totally postpone the shooting all together. 

An Effective Storytelling Medium

Videos are useful when it comes to conveying stories. They can be compelling enough to make customers want to purchase your products or services. This is the reason why you that should hire the best professional video production team that you could find.

Getting your video produced can be daunting – if you don’t spend time researching. What you need to do is to find the right video production partner that can work with you while educating you about the entire process. Along the way, you can learn a few tricks and tips in making the production a lot cheaper. 

Tip #1: Information Is Key

Time is of the essence when working with professionals. So before you even begin the video production, make sure that the producer knows what you want kind of materials you would want to work with and how much you are willing to pay.

To provide them with the best and complete information about your soon-to-be-produced video, take time to brainstorm ideas with your employees as well as the target audience. You have to understand how the minds of these people work. Remember that these are the very minds that will absorb the message that you are about to convey.

Tip #2: Work on a Rough Script

As the owner of the business, you need to sit down with the scriptwriter and discuss the things that will be included in the dialogues or interview. The script should be about 60 words per minute so that it remains intelligible.

Go further by splitting the parts of the script with backup visuals. Give as much information as you could give to the scriptwriter regarding the company goals, the target audience, and the nature of the business. If you are about to launch a marketing campaign then be sure to discuss the features and benefits.

Tip #3: Can Animation Do the Trick?

There are times when no actors are needed to present a certain company concept. When this happens, you can make use of animation, even stock footage (footage that was shot before they were even considered needful). There are also whiteboard animations that have captured the attention of customers, just make sure that you find an actor with an expressive tone so that the whiteboard presentation won’t become boring. 

Tip #4: Be Highly Organized

It matters that you are organized in producing your company video. Develop the script and find the essentials that will come with that script. Plan the shoot then assist the video production team during filming, this way, you are able to walk with them every step of the way. Specify all the details that you want to be ironed out so that the editing team will know what to do. 

Tip #5: Stay Right on Schedule

Know that the best way to save money is to save on time. Have the due date noted then set intermediate deadlines as well. Allot ample time for the project to be edited then duplicated.

Set your foot and let the video production team know that you are the sole decision maker. While they can give you inputs, in the end, it’s your word that remains absolute.

Optimizing Video Interviews – 6 Hot Tips to Consider (Link Roundup)

Millions of video interviews have been conducted by different companies over the years. Only a handful of these have proven to be effective as they amassed more sales, upped their revenues and expanded their companies.

Interviews make for priceless content and there are thousands of possibilities to ask people the right set of questions in your specific industry.

Use a Pre-Determined Format

Video interviews pave the way for greater consistency. When you use a pre-determined format or scripts, you will have a guide as to the questions that will be thrown to all of the candidates.

Use Recorded Video Conferences

Video conferencing is also an effective and permanent way to capture the moment. Employers have the chance to replay and review their recorded interviews online. Interviewers can also effectively use the videotaped material in comparing the answers of their target market.

The use of a visual material that is associated to the interview can also aid the employers in remembering the answers of potential customers. Video interviews provide a personal touch, one that the clients are sure to feel especially when the one being interviewed is a happy client.

Video interviews are also the non-set type of media, meaning, the interviewees can respond in a non-scripted manner. While the questions are already plotted, the answers will be realistic and so it touches the human emotions more effectively.

Video Interviews Are Cheap

The only investments that you will need in making a video interview are a video camera, and a computer. If you want to take it a step farther, then you can also make use of editing apps.

Video interviews can be recorded and edited and then you can assess whether the video captured will be enough to tap the market that you have yet to reach.

It Is a Proven Sales Generator

Video interviews – just take the time to watch a few in YouTube – can generate the numbers that you are aiming for in terms of sales or marketing. The only difference between the ineffective videos and the sales-generating ones is your approach. How would you approach video production?

If you can manage a team that will give you the video interview that will catch the attention of your target market, and if you are able to use technology to enhance it, then you’re on your way to being one of the top must-watch videos on the Internet.

Prepare Your Interviewees

One of the best ways to optimize a video interview is to prepare everything – even everyone – ahead of time. You probably want to email the interview questions in advance so that the client will be able to prepare his best possible answer.

It also pays if you ask the ones being interviewed to practice once or twice prior to shooting the actual piece. This is a great way to make the customers feel more at ease or more confident before they face the camera.

Conduct a background research on all of your interviewees so you’ll also know what questions to ask.

Use Proper Background and Light

Practicing also lets you test the amount of light that will be used for the video. If you are shooting outdoors and the sun is shining brightly, then you would still have ample time to look for blocks or screens that will filter the light. This will also prevent glares during the actual shooting.

Automatic Garage Door Installation: The Before And after Scenarios

When you are about to take on an automatic garage door installation project and you wish to do it on your own, then do not fret. This is a pretty straightforward task when you strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. There is no absolute procedure in garage door setups but there are basic steps to follow.

To begin, you have to know the basic garage door openers – the chain is driven types, screw driven and the belt driven types. For this purpose, you are going to learn about the chair drive opener installation.

A Word of Caution

Before you set out to install that chain drive opener, make sure that the garage door has been well lubricated. It should be fully functional with the weight of the door supported by the cables, door springs, and pulleys. If you are not able to lower or raise the door using just your hands then this is not the proper time to install your garage door yet. Make sure that the door is repaired before you continue with your installation task.

Never remove the cables, springs or pulleys. If you have not done this before, then it is best to leave it to be serviced by service technicians.

Take away the cords and ropes that are attached to the garage door to make sure that you won’t entangle yourself in them as you work on your project.

Deactivate existing door locks to make sure that they will not engage accidentally while you are at work. Never wear rings, loose clothing or watches while you are servicing your garage door.

Reinforce metal or fiberglass garage doors prior to installing the opener. This prevents damages to the door, also, you are ascertained that the safety reverse system will function.

It’s Time to Install

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the assembly parts. Insert the tube into the power unit then slide the traveler to this tube. Next, mount the idler assembly onto the tube’s end. HaHast placed as specified by the manufacturer?

Link the chain to the traveler then have it looped through the drive sprocket on your power unit. Wound this through your idler assembly then back to the traveler’s other end. Carefully tension the chain.

Next, find the center point of your garage door and install the header bracket at this point. Make sure to install the power unit high above the tallest people that you know, preferably 7 feet above the floor. All garage door openers come with manual disconnect cords. This cord should be adjusted at 6 feet from the floor so that adults are able to reach it.

While the power unit is operating on the floor, connect the idler assembly to the bracket. Has the power unit raised high enough in order to clear the door as it opens? Set it up with a stepladder or any other material that you can use to prop it with.

To install that permanent electrical wiring, be sure to disconnect the main breaker box’s power source prior to working on any wire connection. Connect the power cord to a grounded outlet to keep electrical shocks at bay.

Have the push button control installed at five feet above the garage floor. Adjust the safety reverse system as well as the electric eye system.

Raise the garage door to its full position then adjust the power unit’s height.

After you have successfully installed your garage door, gather the kids in your home and instruct them to never operate the garage opener on their own. Of course, just to be on the safe side, have the radio transmitter located at a place where it is inaccessible to kids.

Kids must also be educated not to pass under the moving garage door. Operate the door only when it is visibly free of obstructions. You see, automatic garage door installation need not be complex!

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Seize the Moment with Your Video Production (Videography Link Roundup)

It is the wish of every video producer – whether a novice or a professional – to have a camera, shoot something relevant, and allow the world to see his work of art. Yet it isn’t always a happy ending for all video producers especially when they overlook or forget a thing that is crucial.

Running around with your camera and shooting everything like you would a reality show isn’t the way to make a polished video presentation, though – and you know that. Here are some guidelines that will make you capture the moment, record important occasions or sell a product or service – 

Jot Down Inspirations

Creative inspiration is something that every video producer must have. Minus the muse, without the stimulating subject, the video would be nothing but a humdrum presentation. Just think of all the unforgettable films of all time – Titanic, Star Wars, Avatar, etc. – what do they have in common? They all have breathtaking shots!

So whether you are asked to record a wedding or a birthday party, or make a brand become the next hot thing, it is all about having an inspiration. If you think that you don’t even know where to begin, then start jotting down ideas or a list of shots that inspire you. This is the practical way to go.

Make a list of your expectations so that you will have a sense of direction and purpose.

Define Your Needs

So now that you have outlined your inspiration(s), it’s time to define what you really need before you even begin to grab your equipment and shoot. While it is easy to remember tape, camera, tripod, battery, and light, there are other basics that you need to remember.

Sure, you need the camera and other equipment but what about backup items, say, extra clothes for your actors, more blank discs, one or more portable hard drives, etc.

There are so many things that may not seem obvious needs at first but once you sit down and begin writing them down, you will realize their importance. 

Know Your Style

Plan how you will present your subject weeks before you start rolling tape. Will it be an interview video? Will it be used for a company’s marketing campaign? If so, will there be role playing or will there be simple testimonials from employees and customers? 

Come Up with an Effective Script

No video production should run without a great script. This can be a basic outline or it can be professionally formatted. This is more than a sheet of paper that will keep the whole production team focused. It is the glue that will determine the success or failure of a production so better do it right the first time.

Bring Your Ideas Together

To get to a satisfying outcome, from the opening credits till the end, you simply have to put all of your ideas together. By now you will have realized the importance of planning and having written down everything.

Try to revisit what you have previously written and apply all your previous plans. Doing so will have a lot to do with your video, audio and lighting quality. Nothing’s greater than a methodical approach, always remember that.

Film or Video Production Accounting – How Needful Is It? (Link Roundup)

There is a niche in the video production or film industry that is not well known – the film production accounting. Because of its non-prominence, not a lot of people know how to get into this job or how to prepare for it.

Production accountants, most of the time, fall into this kind of job even with zero accounting background. Video production, you may think, is the last industry on the whole planet that would hire accountants but it absolutely needs one. At the moment, video production accounting is becoming more appealing to some Certified Public Accountants.

Majority of film accountants go through a period of apprenticeship when they are referred to as assistant accountants. The level often begins at file clerk, then  2nd assistant accountant, 1st assistant accountant then key production accountant.

A payroll accountant is an expert that calculates those complex payroll sheets. This is often a multifaceted job that cannot be handled by just one person. Payroll accountants can earn as much as $1,800 to about $2,000 USD each week. Those who work in Hollywood, of course, are paid better.

Skills to Acquire

A video or film production accountant has to be a people-oriented person. He has to be able to predict cost overruns as well as the rapidity of submission for those needful reports. The expenditure during shooting must be closely monitored, or else, the accountant will be shocked at how quickly the expenses have skyrocketed.

Experienced film production accountants require to be paid $2,500, at least, each week and they set a five-day work week. Theirs is a stressful job so they can demand this salary and number of workdays. These experts even ask for a higher pay once the location goes farther than what they stipulate. Another $1,000 USD is typically asked for work that covers weekends.

The job of the film production accountant falls in the same category as bookkeepers. Unlike ordinary bookkeepers, though, a film production accountant can manage as much as $60,000 to $80,000 per week.

Since reporting is a huge part of this accountant’s job, he must know how to budget and create a weekly cost report.  This needs a bit of IQ (if not a lot). Producers and department heads may abuse the money used during shooting so the film production accountant will have to audit. Having an accounting background could mean that this is an easy job for you but if you learn quickly, you should be able to pick up and learn through experience.

Film production accounting can be your stepping stone to film production as well as production managing. Just like other industries, you can spend a good number of years of accounting and auditing, even advising production managers and producers; but eventually, your career will lead to film production.

Film production accounting, though, is often a per contract job. So you have to get contracts and have them lined up. If your customers cannot wait, then there could be moments that you would have work for half a year and a jobless another half. Just be patient because everything will happen in due time.

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