Wall Tiles: A Not-so-new Yet Gorgeous Concept (Link Roundup)


First impressions are lasting and to a great degree, this is true. Haven’t you observed, when you visit malls that the first things you notice are the décor there? Shopping complexes pay attention to their interior design because they know that customers will hate getting inside a commercial area with dull-looking decoration.

The right visuals freshen the mind and evoke feelings of wanting to be there. This concept is also true when it comes to your home. If someone pays you a visit, he will judge you (somehow) with the way that you have arranged your home. A great part of his observation will also be on the walls of your home.

If you want to make a statement this year – opt for the glossiest wall tiles.

The Wall Tiling Concept

The whole concept of wall tiling is all about staging the perfect canvas where other interior design elements will be added later. These shiny slabs act as mirrors which produce awesome pictures. You can also accentuate specific parts of your home such as the shower area, the fireplace or kitchen backsplash.

Wall tiling is an effective cosmetic renovation which does not require remodeling an entire surface.

The market reveals more and more wall tile designs each year. There are porcelain, ceramic and marble mosaic plus many other materials to choose from. If you want vinyl, glass or quartz; then you may also invest in these popular options. You are free to choose depending on your budget and aesthetic needs. The most popular choice is the ceramic tile.

Ceramic tiles have features that many homeowners admire. It is cost-effective and can be easily installed onto the walls. With a few helping hands, you can already sport a new look in your home. Don’t worry about cracks because the tiles are heated at high temperatures and tested for impossible pressures. These processes help create a water-resistant and hard-wearing tiles for your home.

Ceramic tiles also have a glossy appearance. If you want to install the more colorful ones or those with bolder patterns, then do so. Made of clay, they are perfect for areas where moisture is rampant such as in the bathroom or in pools.

If you want to be more lavish, then go for marble slabs. While they are more expensive, you are sure to have durable walls. Say goodbye to sneezing because marble tiles keep off allergens.

Glass tiles, on the other hand, can be frosted, bubbled or clear. To create an opaque surface, use the frosted type; while bubble types create attractive bubbles in between. These add to the tile patterns which make the room a lot more striking.

Vinyl wall tiles are made of synthetic materials. These can be bought in different shapes, designs and colors. They are a lot easier to work with and are cheaper compared to other varieties. People with limited budget can rely on the beauty that is offered by vinyl.

Have you heard of the self-adhesive wall tiles? These are tiles with the sticky backing which are also made from vinyl materials. All you need to do with these is to peel then stick on your desired wall. This is a very smart concept which eliminates the mess brought about by adhesives and sealers.

Use Wall Tiles Liberally

Wall tiles can be a great addition to a home’s interior or exterior. Use as many as you can to cover the walls of your home as they can effectively repel summer heat and keep out the winter chill. Compared to paint, wall tiles are better because they are better able to withstand moisture. Achieve the look that you want with the help of wall tiles. Most of them are sold in European sizes but do check with your interior designer to avoid mistakes.

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