Brentwood Collection’s Murray Buffet looks perfect in this tidy, well-balanced living room.

This is the spot in your home where all family members can convene. It is also the space where you sometimes do your readings, watch movies, entertain guests, and do just about any social activity there is. This is your living room.

With these many activities, it is no wonder that it is difficult to keep it clean a hundred-percent of the time. If you’re not living a minimalist lifestyle and have no plans of doing so, these tips are for you –

Place Some Stop ‘Signs’

When you come from the outside, it is so easy to just rush to the sofa, plop down, turn on the TV, and simply forget about your bags, shoes, and other stuff strewn all over the floor. You can stop this routine from ever taking place again by placing a few significant furniture on the right spots.

A bench placed near the entryway could be the seating unit for the person who just arrived. Here, he is supposed to remove his shoes as he is seated. Some hooks on the main door or a coat rack could hold the coats and hats. There is also supposed to be an umbrella bin by the corner.

Use Multi-purpose Furniture

One effective option to keep the living room tidy is to invest in a storage bench or ottoman. The coffee table could also be a set of nesting tables or there could also be a seat tucked under the console.

There are now many types of furniture that double as storage units. A wooden chest can also serve as a center table while holding some significant items such as photo albums and other stuff.

Those with kids can also double purpose an ottoman as a seating unit and as a toy storage box. Your little one is sure to be motivated to clean up after play time if he has his own box to store his toys in.

Use But Conceal Wastebaskets

Trash does have a tendency to accumulate in the living room because the hustle and bustle always happens there. Adding a wastebasket in corners could help cut down on trash. Counteract possible odors with deodorizing trash bags. Also, make sure that the bin’s design coincides with the rest of your interior design, else, it could become an eyesore.

Control the Cords

The world is still not entirely wireless so, for now, we still have to live with a lot of cords. Tangled cables and numerous cords can be a little difficult to tame but it is not impossible. You just have to sit down and sort out which appliance or gadget goes with what cord. You can then set up a cable caddy behind your TV console. Here, several cords can already be clamped, making your living room a lot less like a jungle and a lot more like an area of socialization.

Use the Behind-the-Sofa Space

You can use that extra space behind the sofa to organize your pillows, extra blankets, and scented candles. This is an amazing spot to put a large trunk. Once this storage unit is filled, you can then use its surface as a spot for your new lamp or you can display your treasured collection.

House Your Multimedia Collection

It’s time to set up a dedicated shelf for your DVDs and CDs. Take half an hour to sort through your whole collection. Create two piles – the first one for donation and the other one, is where your collectibles will go.

If you no longer watch or listen to any of these CDs, then it’s time to let go of them. There are other people that might enjoy them so it’s better to give them away than to have them gather dust in your shelves.

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