Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Which One Should You Choose For Your Home?


One of the cheapest makeover tips that you can use in your home is the use of decorative mirrors. Mirrors can enhance any room’s overall look. They can also be a great addition to any home that is about to be sold in the market. Making up your home can greatly increase its probability of being sold sooner.

Decorative Wall Mirror

There are many kinds of mirrors that you can use to decorate your home. A mirror that is beveled and comes with a polished, ¾ inch edge can make a huge difference in a dull-looking room.

As a homeowner, you can try your hands at decorating mirrors. Decorating them is fairly cheap, hence, there is no need to shop at designer stores. Any type of mirror, even those found in thrift shops, can make do. An entire home can be decorated with ample mirrors at under a thousand dollars.

Professionals Use Mirrors

After choosing the colors that will dominate a certain room, you need to decide what mirrors to use and what role they will play.

Mirrors as a form of décor can make any home’s interior appear more spacious. The illusion of space has long been used by professionals. Smaller homes can greatly benefit from this trick.

Mirrors provide depth, hence, a row of small mirrors or a large mirror placed on a wall can make rooms appear spacious.

Interior designers also use mirrors to improve lighting. Dark-colored rooms can appear smaller and may even evoke oppressiveness. Adding a mirror or two on the walls can offset the gloominess inside the room.

When placed at the correct angle (which is directly angled from a window), the mirror can be used for light.

Placing more mirrors is an effective way to stream in natural lighting into the home without using more electricity. Just place the mirror opposite the window that streams in natural light and you can already illuminate the whole room.

Picking the Mirror

Square or a rectangle is the most common shape for mirrors found in homes. While square is okay, unusually-shaped mirrors can add that extra element of interest. Find mirrors that are long, thin, wavy, diamond-shaped, triangular or oval.

Create a mosaic of mirrors by placing small mirrors side by side. Find different glass styles. Frosted, framed, unframed mirrors are also great additions.

Fixing Mirrors

To fix mirrors right onto the spot where you want them to be, you will need to do some drilling and putting in screws. You will also need brackets to be screwed into walls so that the mirrors can be set up. Gluing is also another method that you can opt for smaller mirrors.

For safety reasons, larger mirrors are often manufactured with backing. This prevents the glass from splintering or shattering even when broken. This means that the mirror can be used inside bathrooms. Bathroom mirrors, though, must not have any wooden parts; unless they are going to be placed away from spots that are moist.

Creating an accent piece with a mirror is easy for as long as the colors harmonize with the mirror’s materials. The board or frame colors must be in accordance with the furnishings and walls. The styling point must be the theme that you used for the décor. Etching the mirror can also enhance its aesthetic appeal.

These days, mirrors are no longer just mere decorations. When placed over your home’s fireplace, a mirror can easily become the focal point. Mirrors on walls spell function and style. Folding a mirror in a corner is a good interior design idea. For a more lustrous appeal, bring in those silver and gold-framed mirrors. A word of caution – do not hang mirrors facing each other. Place the mirrors at an angle that reflects sceneries, beautiful objects or artwork. Once you’ve mastered these tips, you should be able to create a light, comfortable ambiance with very minimal efforts.

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