Preparing for the Fall ACT: 5 things to consider when signing up for the ACT

As summer is at its peak, reality is starting to strike that the first fall ACT test is only 10 weeks away.  How are you preparing your child for success on this high stakes test?  Before you decide how to prepare your child, consider the timing of the test first.

1) Manage your families schedule to revolve around the week of the test.

Look at the test dates and how they are aligned with your families’ schedule.  It is important that your child has the stability in the week leading up to the test to be well rested and mentally prepared for the test.  A large part of high stakes testing revolves around the week leading to the test and having the ACT test be the central aspect of that week is imperative.

2) Consider the application deadlines for the universities and colleges that are being applied for.

Every university has application deadlines and if your ACT results are not ready at the time of application, then the most recent ACT scores will not be counted.  Most universities application deadlines are Jan. 1, however, there are a universities that have application deadlines as early as Nov. 1.  Create a list of universities that you plan to apply to with deadline dates attached to the list.

3) Plan an appropriate amount of time for test preparation before the exam is taken.

Usually a fall ACT is the second or third time a student is taking the ACT.  If this is the case, use prior results to determine the areas that the student needs the most preparation.  When the areas of needs are determined, contact a tutoring service or ACT prep program that can create a unique, tailored plan for your student.  A company like Great Lakes Tutors has the ability to develop a customized plan for each student that they tutor.  We recommend that your student has between 8-12 weeks for preparation for their second or third ACT.

4) Balance multiple college entrance exams.

Is your student taking more than one college entrance exams?  If they are taking the ACT, SAT or other entrance exams for a college or university, make sure they don’t overlap and give them at least a month apart to develop a change in preparation for the test.

5) Consider a summer ACT test date.

During the school year, especially during a student’s senior year, can be a difficult time to take a high stakes test.  Consider taking a summer ACT test, as your student should have more time to study and be well rested and ready for the test.  Although a lack of routine may also be detrimental to the student, it can be helped by working with a preparation program that keeps the student on task and on target for the chosen test date.

Arguably, the ACT test may be the single most important 4 hours in your child’s educational roadmap.  Whether or not we agree with this situation or how impactful it may be on your child’s future, we must accept the reality of the ACT test.  Give your student the opportunity to succeed by considering the above situations and support them in their future.

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