Do you have fond memories of sitting on your dad’s lap as he told you some bedtime stories? You probably have a recollection of his huge, mostly overstuffed recliner chair and the many movies that you watched as you curled up with him there.

These recliners no longer look as they did many years ago. These days, they offer the most beautiful designs and functions which deserve their proper spot inside family rooms, the living room, and entertainment areas.

Apart from their designer looks, these recliners now come with more functions that were only dreamt of by our fathers before. Reclining is, of course, still the primary feature that comes with this comfy chair. Just as important, though, is that footrest which can fold away when you no longer require it.

   Clever Design, Stylish Look

Thanks to the minds that fashioned the new recliners, they are now more comfortable and functional. So, yes, they deserve their own spots in conversation areas. Now, you can relax in style with just a single touch of a button.

This Hancock and Moore Living Room Elliot Ball and Claw Power Recliner combines style and a mechanism that has been specifically engineered to maximize your comfort. Watch the television or read your favorite book in this chair. If you want to up the level of comfort, just free the footrest and adjust it according to your most comfortable position.

This seat comes with low-voltage motors and the most durable steel framework. If you want a recliner that will stay with you for many years, then this is the piece to own.

A Sumptuous Color

When you’re tired of the grandfather sort of look that most recliners provide then opt for something bolder and more colorful.

Now the perfect seat for you is this Hancock and Moore Living Room Castle Recliner 1037. It is for someone who just can’t recline in something ordinary. This dazzling red recliner feels just right at home in any stylish interior especially in traditional and more classic homes.

Pair it with something simpler – a gray sectional or graphic wall designs (e.g. stencils of your choice, gothic or damask patterns).

What could be more glamorous?

Streamlined Yet Practical and Pretty

What about when you want to have a smaller recliner that can fit into your townhouse, apartment or condo unit?

It can take a recliner to fit comfortably into a cramped space. A long and narrow room, for instance, can look especially stylish even minus a tufted ottoman, when you place this streamlined yet pretty Hancock and Moore Living Room Morrison Recliner 1055.

This is your recliner that’s still cozy without the usual bulk. It is scaled-down yet it still provides the power-packed necessities that are required of every recliner.

With a width of 31”, depth of 38”, and a height of just 43.5”, you’re in for many relaxed days without worrying too much about space.

Pair ‘Em Up

What about when you want to share those entertaining moments with your loved one. If the loveseat is no longer relaxing for the both of you, then pair up the Hooker Furniture Living Room Jared Recliner. It is leather-upholstered and it comes in a traditional, dark wood and Natchez brown finish.

You are also sure to enjoy these seats for a long time because their frames have been kiln-dried and laminated. They are constructed with high quality hardwoods so they get to keep their shapes and motion fluidity for years to come.

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