Winterize Your Home

5 Improvements to Winterize Your Home

In some places in the world, winter comes with extreme weather conditions. Between the freezing temperatures, the rain, and the wind, certain houses are simply not equipped to survive these types of conditions. However, by taking care of a series of tasks before winter arrives, you can easily winterize your home and make sure it stays intact during the entire season. Keep reading and discover five home improvements that will prepare your home for the cold! Trim Your…

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Palm Tree

10 Popular Types of Palm Trees in Texas

Palms are a group of plants that evoke tropical regions and they are used in a number of different ways in landscapes. There are two main types of palm trees in Texas – fan palms and feather palms. Usually, palm trees are not hardy to winter, but there are a few natives that can withstand the climate changes in the area.  10 Popular Types of Palm Trees in Texas  1. Needle Palm Needle palm is…

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Home Cleaning

A Helpful Home Cleaning List for Your Spring Clean

That sunshine pouring through your windows? That’s the first sign that winter in Texas is nearly over. With all the extra time you’re spending at home, consider devoting a day to spring cleaning! Not only will you gain a sparkling clean space, but you’ll keep your hands busy and clear your mind – something we all could benefit from now. Below, we’ve put together a handy home cleaning list to help you gain a spotless…

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Sudden Oak Death

Discover 6 Important Facts to Know About Sudden Oak Death

Sudden oak death (SOD) is a fungal disease caused by a pathogen called Phyophthora ramorum. The disease affects oak trees and other woody plants. Here are six facts Florida tree owners should know about SOD. 1. SOD Is an Emerging Pathogen SOD was first observed in Europe in 1993 and was initially found on rhododendrons and viburnums that were nursery-grown. Several years later, tens of thousands of oak and tanoak trees succumbed to the fungal disease along…

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5 Evergreen Trees That Add Year-Round Greenery to Your Surroundings

Winter is not far off. This is the time of year when many trees start losing their leaves, which results in landscapes that look stark and barren. If your backyard is looking a bit drab, you may want to consider planting a few evergreen trees. Plenty of evergreen species are well-suited to the climate in Florida and will add year-round color to your landscape. The following are five top choices. 1. Slash Pine If you…

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Big Shade Trees

5 Best Shade Trees That Grow Well Anywhere in America

Planting a few shade trees can make your backyard beautiful and more enjoyable. However, not all shade trees grow well in the humid, subtropical climate of central Florida. For some shade trees, the rainy season brings too much moisture, and for others, the lack of a deep winter freeze proves challenging. Fortunately, the following shade trees thrive in central Florida. Each has something unique to add to your landscape. 1. Bald Cypress The bald cypress…

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Trees Stay Healthy

Discover the Secrets Steps How to Help Your Trees Stay Healthy

How can you improve the health of your trees? Even though it may seem like your trees can take care of themselves, these living parts of your yard need special care and attention. Help your trees to stay healthy and take a look at the top tips for keeping them safe. Don’t Nail Items Into Your Trees Do you have plans to hang a birdhouse, build a treehouse, or use your tree to hang a…

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4 Important and Interesting Facts About Maple Trees

Most people can easily identify a maple tree. Known for their lobed leaves and their production of sap, maples are across North America in yards, parks, and forests. These trees are intriguing, and they have many unique qualities. Keep reading to discover four important and interesting facts about maple trees. 1. More Than 100 Types of Maples Exist Red maples and silver maples are the two almost anyone can name, but you can find numerous…

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Tree Stumps Removal

4 Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard

When you cut down a tree, you are left with an unsightly tree stump. While it would be great to be able to pull the tree up and dispose of it stump, roots and all – it’s just impossible. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to get rid of the unwanted tree stump that is always left behind. There are do-it-yourself methods, but a professional can go about it in a more…

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Heating System for Home

4 Best Home Heating Tips By Business Brokerage Blogs

No matter what type you have, your heating system is an incredibly important part of your home. It ensures that you and your family will stay warm and safe through all those chilly winter days and nights, and so you want to have confidence that it will continue to work well whenever you need it. However, you don’t want to be paying an arm and a leg for this level of comfort either. And by…

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Importance of a Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is very likely you have smoke detectors in your home, after all, you want to keep your family safe and be able to get out in time in case of fire. What you may not have installed-which is just as important-are carbon monoxide detectors. What Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Do? First let’s look at what carbon monoxide is. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. If you have any fuel-burning appliance in your home this…

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5 Important Signs When You Need To Repair Your AC

With everyone spending extended amounts of time in their homes, your home comfort levels are going to be even more important than usual. Staying at home is certainly going to be a lot harder if your air conditioning system isn’t working. That is why you want to make sure that you are keeping your AC unit in the best possible shape it can be in. Whether you have a central air conditioner or a heat…

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Optimize Your AC Usage

3 Important Tips to Optimize Your AC Usage

While some parts of the country are still trying to keep warm, here in Florida, it feels like the heat has been turned up too high. With temperatures that are getting closer to the triple digits than anything else, we are all depending on our air conditioners a lot more. With all that extra use, your air conditioner is going to be accruing some mileage and that can impact its ability to efficiently cool your…

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4 Things an HVAC Contractor May Suggest to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The primary function of your domestic HVAC equipment is to heat and cool the air inside your property, making it a pleasant place in which to spend time on a year-round basis. However, your furnace and air conditioning equipment can also have a marked effect on the quality of the air that you breathe when at home or at work, which is why it is a good idea to consult with a qualified and experienced HVAC…

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5 Steps How Insulation Helps You Keep Cool

When the temperature gets to be unbearable most of us are going to be holed up at home trying to stay comfortable and dry. As long as your air conditioner is working well, your home should be able to provide a comfortable environment during those swelteringly hot days, right? Not necessarily. Yes, your air conditioner is going to be the main component to your comfort but there are other factors, like your Miami attic insulation, that…

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What are VOCs? And How You Can Protect Yourself From Them

Not too long ago our focus was on outdoor air pollution. However, various studies have shown that indoor air can be many times worse and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are common contributors to this. Here’s what you need to know about these pollutants. What is a volatile organic compound (VOC)A volatile organic compound is a chemical containing carbon that becomes a gas at room temperature. They are found in plastics, personal care products, paints and…

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5 Most Common Winter Heating Problems

Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s time to turn off the air conditioner and prepare for the chilly winter weather. It’s time to bring out the blankets, dust off your winter coats, and fire up the heater and settle in for a cozy winter indoors. But even if your heater worked perfectly last year, it may have a few issues this year. To learn more about common problems heaters have during the winter,…

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Electrical Safety While Working from Home

While many people around the world are spending most of their time in their homes, that means more time to ensure your home is fire-safe.  Companies and businesses are asking employees to work from home if possible, and there’s much that’s uncertain in these times, but one thing can be certain: A home is meant to be safe and protective. Do you have a home office or work from home? Follow these electrical safety tips to keep you…

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3 Features to Consider For Your Air Conditioner

When it’s time to replace your Columbia, SC, air conditioner, you’ll have to choose from a lot of options. Today’s new air conditioners offer a range of features designed to enhance your comfort and optimize your home’s energy efficiency. Here are three features to consider when you plan for an AC installation. High SEER Rating Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings are a way of measuring how energy-efficient an air conditioner is. The SEER range is…

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4 steps to Choosing the Right Air Conditioner For You and Your Home

Figuring out what air conditioner make and model would work best in your home or business is no easy task. Thankfully for you, we’ve decided to write out a few things we took into consideration when deciding on choosing American Standard as our main heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturer. We hope that this will shed some light on what to look for in your heating and air conditioning brand and unit you choose. Here’s…

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4 Steps to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Fall & Winter

Fall is officially among us and it is finally beginning to feel like it outside. No more hot and humid Columbia, South Carolina summer thank goodness. With that being said, we know how soon the frigid nights will be here so there is no better time than now to prepare your HVAC system for the fall and winter weather. Below are a few of our most helpful tips when it comes to gearing up for…

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