Renovations can be tedious yet these are processes that homes and businesses need to undergo at times so that change can set in and improvement will take place.

White upholstered furniture such as this Protege Chair has to be covered during the renovation process
White upholstered furniture such as this Protege Chair has to be covered during the renovation process

The first step of every renovation – just like any major decision in life – is preparation. But you have to know what to prepare, right? Also, you need to know what to expect so that you won’t be caught off-guard should these things happen.

Set the Renovation Schedule

A huge part of preparation or planning is to set the schedule of the renovation. Since this is going to disrupt the normal happenings in your home, you need to know what to do and where to go during these dates.

You also have to know the hours of renovation. Be sure to provide the keys and alarm codes to your contractors so that they can enter without disrupting your schedule at home. This is applicable when there is only a small part of your home that needs to be renovated.

Always ask your contractor about their insurance provision and their protective equipment. It is best to keep your family, even your pets, away while heavy lifting and construction are ongoing.

The Renovation Checklist

Every renovation checklist requires that you write down your needs. Do you need another bathroom upstairs? Or does the basement need to be renovated into a guest room or a home office? Write down what you want.

The next part of the checklist is to determine your budget. Prior to meeting up with your contractor, you must have at least a ballpark figure for your renovation. It is a great idea to put 10% padding for all those unexpected events. They may or may not happen so it is best to prepare for them.

The third part of the checklist is to look for a contractor. Don’t immediately go to the Yellow Pages. Ask for referrals from your friends and relatives. Search the websites and check each contractor’s portfolio. See if they belong to any professional organization.

The fourth step is to interview those that you shortlisted. Let them show their proposals and read the fine print before you sign anything. You are in control because you will be the one who will live with the result later.

If not every room is going to be renovated, then create a room or two that will serve as your home while the construction is ongoing.

What to Expect During Renovation

If you have remodeled in the past, then you know that there are many things that will change in your environment. There is going to be much excitement, this one is certain, but there are also going to be uncertainties and apprehensions.

The very first thing that comes during construction are layers upon layers of dust. There are some ways that you can control these, first, you can close off the area where the construction is ongoing.

Set up air handlers or air filters which can help pull the dust off the non-construction part. Block the cold-air and warm-air returns in the renovation areas. If you fail to do this, then dust will just gather at a section where it is not supposed to.

Cover your furnishings so that dust won’t seep through.

Another thing that you need to prepare for is the noise of roaring saws, sanders, shooting nail guns, and compressors. Do not expect peace and quiet till after the work is done. If you work from home, then it might help if you find a coffee shop where you can work at in the meantime. Expect also the unexpected. You might find irregular plumbing and electrical systems. If you’re unlucky and your house is old, there might even be asbestos. Now you’d know why you were asked to prepare a little extra on your budget.

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