Technically speaking, paint was invented not just to beautify homes but also to protect surfaces from the harmful elements. But since you live in a world where things have multiple purposes, paint can now also be used to evoke other things. A painting job is now more than a brush-and-color project. 

Widen, Broaden, Stylize

Use paint to have thick, horizontal stripes on your walls and you automatically widen even the smallest rooms. Creating a soothing impact means you have to lean towards tonal colors. Find eco-friendly paints so that you won’t have to deal with toxic fumes.

When you are painting the ceiling, be sure to keep the stripes straight more so since this part of your home is rarely leveled. Use a pencil to mark the width of the stripes. Have this done all across the wall every four feet. You can then connect every pencil mark with painter’s tape.

Use primer paint before you start the painting job on your walls. If you want to create visual impact, then have the middle stripe painted with semi-gloss paint. Have the rest of the room painted with flat colors so that the glossy stripe pops out.

Have Your Office Color-Coded

Are you tired of staring at the most boring bulletin boards in your office? Punch them up using flat tonal hues which all come from a single color strip. Just ascertain that you are not using the ones that sit right next to each other or you might not be able to create a huge impact with regard to color. Paint a group of frames with just one semi-gloss color to harmonize them.

To paint cork, be sure to mix a quart of paint with half a cup of water. This should break up the resin film, so you end up with a corkboard that won’t crack.

Paint Your Door

Your front door should be one of the most dazzling parts of your entire home. To achieve just this, have it painted with a bright color such as sunny yellow, rich plum or Caribbean blue. To make sure that the paint will last, use latex paint in semi-gloss finish. This should be able to weather the harshest elements. Compared to oil paint, latex colors have been observed to remain glossy longer. 

Pitch Black Spells Beauty

Black will always be a fashionable color so go ahead and paint some of your accessories such as vases, candlesticks and side tables, with this elegant color. If you are choosing to paint your furniture black, then use a latex enamel or high-gloss paint and roll it on using a foam roller. Smaller items do not need to be painted in this same manner; just use spray paint in high-gloss lacquer and your small accessories should look just as elegant as your bigger pieces.

The Table Should be the Showstopper

A dining table can be the star of the dining room so you have to find ways to make it stand out. Find a runner and have it stenciled right in the middle. Paint the stencil pattern using a stencil brush. A dabbing motion using an almost dry brush should be your chosen technique. Have the stencil removed and allow the paint to dry for about 15 minutes.

Keep repositioning the stencil to carry on with the pattern then repeat the process. Let the paint dry overnight. To seal the tabletop using two coats of clear acrylic polyurethane. For more complex stencil designs, you have to scour home depots and find the design that calls out to you.

Remember that you can do a lot of design miracles with a simple painting job but just make sure that your personality must always shine through.

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