Nodding to Unusual ‘Coffee Tables’

We all know what a traditional coffee table is like. It sits right in the middle of the living space and it is adorned with the most interesting conversation pieces. But more than the home for the usual pièce de résistance, the coffee table is an anchor, a huge part of the whole ensemble that comprises your interior design.

But you have a coffee table doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a coffee table (scratching your head just yet?). Being bound to the usual coffee table isn’t the only way to decorate your living room anymore.

Let’s get you to do some rule-breaking.

Group Smaller Tables

Hooker Furniture Bedroom Ozark Bed Bench: Two of these beauty should make the pair that replaces the coffee table.

The coffee table is often that low-lying, long table in front of your sofa, right? Well, not anymore. Since you’re engaging in some rule-breaking, try grouping two or smaller tables at the center of the living room.

hose fascinating end tables can now take center stage as they are grouped. Now don’t they look more interesting than just a single table that used to sit there?

Pair Two Benches

Now, who says benches are just long seats that can sit many persons all at the same time? Many interior designers have jumped into untested waters and used this unique piece of furniture for other purposes.

There are benches that are now used as a bookshelf in some offices. In other homes, a bench could serve as a footboard of sorts.

Here’s another one – use a pair of benches as an interesting duo that replaces your coffee table. Not a log of homeowners have said yes to this yet so you’re one of the few who’s going to showcase it in your home.

Bring In Those Drum Tables

Allow the Oriental vibe mix with the western aura of your home when you bring in interesting garden stools. They can be used as seating or you can group three or more Chinese drum tables to create a team that replaces the coffee table.


Since you have experimented with Chinese garden stools and grouping benches, why not go a step further by having two unique sculptures as your coffee tables? A single, huge piece would do or you can, again, group smaller, low-lying sculptures to do the work.

Even a tree stump when properly finished will look great as a coffee table replacement.

A Tufted Ottoman

When trying to use an ottoman as a coffee table replacement, make sure that you properly evaluate your space. See the dimensions of the living room as well as the current furniture that you have. Consider the seating plan as well as the overall theme.

Will your proposed ottoman jive with the rest of the design elements?

If one layout does not tickle your fancy, then go on and keep experimenting with different layouts.

Consider different styles and heights of ottomans. Some homeowners use an ottoman that almost has the same profile as a regular coffee table. Some are willing to try other looks.

If you plan on surrounding it with floor cushions or throw pillows. This arrangement is chosen by apartment owners due to their limited space.

Always consider how you can maximize the storage also. There are now ottomans that can double as a storage unit. The tops are beautifully tufted only to reveal a cavernous storage space when you open them.

Choose from the wide variety of materials and styles for your ottoman. Wicker ottomans are fresh and they add a natural flair to your living room.

Painted Chest

A lovely trunk can be re-purposed as a coffee table. You can have it at its current state or you can whitewash it for a shabby chic appeal. You can then decorate this with your favorite books and knickknacks.

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