Time for a Slipcover Frenzy

Don’t automatically categorize slipcovers as a shabby chic element. It’s time to veer away from the usual ruffles and floral prints that are often associated with slipcovers. These actually have so much more to offer, it’s just that the interior design industry has given them very little use.

Just imagine this, many pet-friendly homes have remained so thanks to the think slipcovers. With the right designs, slipcovers have the power to change the look of any living room.

More Than Chairs and Couches

If you’re thinking, once again, that the slipcover is just meant to cover a sofa or a single chair, well, think again. Ottomans, benches, and even coffee tables and console tables now tend to look more unique with the right slipcover.

You can begin with a tie-on slipcover. This is just for starters so you’d feel how it is to have slipcovers as a part of your interior design.

A slipcover can even hide a storage unit underneath any furniture.

Slipcover Means Casual

When you put slipcovers on your furniture, do not expect your visitors and friends to look at your home as glamorous or luxurious. Slipcovers are meant to scream comfy or homey. If you intend to set up a cozy living room, then you can rely on slipcovers to give you that look.

Even the tired look of a dining set can be easily freshened up by the right slipcovers. If your current dining set is already worn out or you just think that a new set is bound to be bought soon, then smoothly transition into a new look by, first, dressing up your existing pieces with some decent slipcovers.

If you’re just not ready for a new look yet or are just unsure about what style to invest in, then just alter the look – for now – using some plain slipcovers. There are slipcovers that even come with padded lining for ultimate comfort.

Slipcovers are Easy to Clean

Slipcovers are washable so if they’re getting a tad dusty, all you have to do is to load them in the washer, have a few spins, then put them in the dryer. If your little ones created their crayon masterpiece on your slipcover, just repeat the washing and drying process.

If you want the slipcovered look, then have one set in store while the other is being used. Once the other becomes dirty and soon washed, just bring out the other set, preferably one with a different design, then dress up your couch once more.

Slipcovers Can Protect Heirloom Pieces

Do you own heirloom pieces that need to be constantly dusted and cared for? You are bound to have less worries as the slipcovers can now cover your most precious dated pieces. A slipcover can also have the design that will perfectly blend with your existing interior design theme.

If wear and tear is your main concern for your prized pieces, then the slipcovers can also definitely help. Rather than have the heirloom pieces up in the attic where they could potentially be damaged, why not have them on display yet dressed with durable slipcovers?

And, Yes, Slipcovers Are Chic

Of course, all slipcovers are effortlessly chic but this does not mean that they are only meant for shabby chic dwellings. Other interior design styles can also make use of slipcovers. Contemporary and modern homes have them, as do most traditional and transitional homes.

Their versatility is so laudable that you can actually change the look of your entire living room in just under five minutes.

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