LED or light-emitting diode is a lot different from the usual kind of lighting. LED light bulbs produce light with the use of semi-conductors. If you haven’t used digital lighting in the past, then it is about time to change to this more efficient kind of lighting.

LED lights are not a new kind of technology. For many years now, people have been using them as fairy lights during the Christmas season. They have also been widely used in digital devices and many remote controls.

LED has recently been accepted as a means to light homes and are now becoming more and more popular because they offer an energy efficient solution.

Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

There are so many benefits in using LED lighting. Are you ready to read this long list?

  • First off, LED lighting require very little energy to be powered. Since this is the case, you can save a huge amount on your electric bills. The reason behind this is that LED lights can save as much as 80% of electrical power as compared to incandescent lights. When compared to halogen lights, LED can also offer a whopping 75% on electric savings.
  • LED lights do not contain hazardous materials which can easily harm the environment.
  • When used on vehicle lighting, LED has been known to reduce car accident risk during daytime. It has been observed that vehicular accidents caused by glaring lights can be significantly lowered by 15% when you use LED lighting. While regular automobile lights have high-powered discharges that can be detrimental to the eyes, LED has no such effects.
  • LED lights now come in various colors, meaning, you get to choose the shade that defines your taste.
  • If you are a plant lover, then you can actually use LED to produce cold light which is ideal for growing plants. It does not contain ultraviolet light, hence, it is not just beneficial to plants but also to your skin.
  • LEDs make use of direct light which means they do not produce light pollution.
  • When used as a means to gauge temperature, LED can help you differentiate hot from cold water. Despite its warm glow, it is not hot to the touch so you can easily install it by screwing it on. You can say goodbye to burned fingers caused by overly hot incandescent lights.
  • It takes a lot of years before you need to replace this kind of lighting. This means that you can save money on maintenance checks. They also last long because they come with thick epoxy which is virtually impossible to damage.
  • LED lighting is completely rust-proof, it does not flicker and it comes with thicker wires so you can use it outdoors.
  • LED lighting works well with dimmers and they have this great capacity to retain their beautiful color so you are left with gorgeous lighting for many years.
  • LED will never attract bugs. To add to this, it is also incredibly quiet so it will not distract you with any humming noises.
  • LED is still affordable though pricier than incandescent lighting, it is still cheaper in the long run because it lasts longer. The average LED is packed with 50,000 hours, hence, they last 2,400% times longer than the usual halogen light.
  • LED lights are recyclable and they do not have any pollutants such as mercury or lead which can harm the environment.
  • They are not just lightweight but are also a lot safer to use.

With all these benefits, to boost, are you now ready to switch to LED light bulbs?

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