How to Mix it Up with Eclectic

Hooker Furniture Living Room Melange Noel End Table

There is always a reason for everything; from the things that you do to the decisions that you make in life. These choices, however, may not always be appealing to people around you. No matter, you have expressed who you are and what you feel.

So, if you’re out to show the world what your unique taste in design is, perhaps, you might just come across the eclectic interior design. This is especially appealing to the artistic ones. Design or style is a sphere, after all, where your taste and thoughts are shown to other people. Whether they approve or not is no longer the concern.

If you want to satiate both your taste and everyone else, then eclecticism just might save the day.

Eclecticism as an Art Movement

The field of art has this so-called distinct movement. Johan Joachim Winckelmann is believed to be the one who brought the term eclectic to the world. This surfaced in description of Carracci, whose creation fused classical tradition and Renaissance elements.

This art movement’s philosophy is the mixture of different styles coming from different periods of time, even varying origins.

Mixing together can be chaotic when done with zero art. Of course, in the right hands, and with the correct level of creativity, one can make even the chaotic, organized.

Eclectic style is still a harmonious kind of interior design. You are bound to see different pieces of furniture placed in unique spaces but the style, somehow, has a unifying look that’s quite difficult to explain.

Only the beholder will be able to explain the beauty that is eclecticism.

Eclectic Style: Past and Present Combined

There is a great risk in eclecticism because ideas and elements are juxtaposed. Yet with this seemingly incoherent fusion, a unique style is born.

Think of eclectic style as a melting pot of different elements coming from different styles. On our example above, the Hooker Furniture Living Room Mélange Noel End Table sits defiantly beside the upholstered wingback chair.

The defining factor that sets apart an eclectic room from the rest is its style mixture. It could both be feminine and masculine or rustic and polished.

Eclecticism is also about layering, the careful use of layers of texture, hues, patina, patterns, styles, and an assortment of many places and eras.

Eclectic Characteristics

It is not eclectic if you cannot see contrast anywhere. Draw away from the matchy-matchy feels of many furniture sets. Instead, gather six different-styled chairs and have them circle a traditional, heavy wood dining table.

Combine your contemporary couch with an antique center table.  The chief rule is to do away with rules and regulations. Surprise the people around you.

Another feature of eclecticism is having an anchor or two. These anchor pieces are obvious and visible. It can be that oversized rug or a bold-patterned bedcover. It can also be that bold work of art that is hanging on your living room wall.

Eclectic homes also have proportion. While there is creativity and freedom everywhere, the one thing that is still in existence is the proportion of the many styles. Pay close attention to the harmony that you create in a room. Distribute the styles but be sure to cluster them as well.

Colors are also another element that makes eclecticism unique. A neutral palette can balance the bright, bold colors everywhere or geometric patterns can balance mainly gray surroundings.

Eclecticism is also about editing. You have the leeway to create and recreate everything in the room. If anything does not feel right, then take a step back, remove a few pieces, then balance the remaining pieces.

Every piece of furniture must not overwhelm the rest of its neighbors.

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