What Are the Hottest Techniques in Hiding Wall Flaws?

Uttermost Accessories Blue Waterfall Art
Uttermost Accessories Blue Waterfall Art

Do you have a wall that needs a little (or a lot of) work? Does it have blemishes that you deem impossible to remove?

Most homeowners would resort to joint compound to repair the damage. But before you bring out your sandpapers, putty knife, utility knife, and joint compound, and even before you give up and smash that wall, try these techniques first (and you’ll learn that you don’t need to feel awkward about that wall ever again) –

Make a Wall Collage

Do you know the magician’s technique called misdirection? You can make good use of that technique, too, by adding an art gallery on your defective wall.

Create a photo gallery by, first, cropping photographs. Cropping drives the eye to the images as it eliminates anything that does not belong. Use different cropping techniques then place black construction paper over the cropped images.

If you have old photographs, then you can also have them restored, framed, and eventually displayed. They are the best replacement to an ugly stain or chip on that wall.

Remember to create a focal point for your wall collage. The display’s center must always be at eye level which is roughly 66 inches off the floor. As for the wall color, you may want to repaint so that the color will match the picture frames that will come in.

Another effective way to balance the grid is to place the frames on a checkered format. You can divide the frames by threes or fours or you can just go for the even nine-square layout.

If you want to do the outer align layout, then have the biggest frame framed or surrounded by the much smaller frames. This way, the beholder will instantly look at the biggest photograph.

Display a Masterpiece on Swing Arm

Maitland-Smith Accessories Black Waxstone And White Agate Stone Mona Wall Clock With Satina Brass Accent
Maitland-Smith Accessories Black Waxstone And White Agate Stone Mona Wall Clock With Satina Brass Accent

This is an even more artistic way of displaying an artistic masterpiece. This is another good way of hiding that ugly thermostat or that crack on the wall. If you don’t have a swing arm at the moment, then just use a standard hanger to display the beautiful art and hide the ugliness behind it.

Hang a Clothing Rod

If the damaged wall is in the bedroom or the walk-in closet, then you can just add more hanging space by hiding the wall damage behind racks of clothing. The humble rack can even add style and functionality to your room.

You have also just created an instant screen that will cover a bad wallpaper job from the past.

Install Chalkboard Paint

If the wall is seriously damaged or dented, then painting over it won’t help at all. In fact, applying coats of paint will just emphasize the damaged areas. The more gloss paint used, the more that the ugly areas will be given emphasis.

Use matte chalkboard paint instead. With it, you get to hide the blemish while also adding a space where you can leave notes to your little one or where your kid can practice his ABCs.

Don’t think that chalkboard paint is just for kids, though. It can also be used as a unique bathroom accent wall. You can hand draw the designs on such a wall, making your bathroom a unique room in your home.

Just remember to prep the wall before painting over it. Also, you must carefully cut around any imperfect trim.

Just Hang Curtains

This last technique is one of the easiest ways to hide wall blemishes. Any elegant floor-to-ceiling curtain or drapery will surely provide the perfect backdrop to a lovely piece of furniture. So feel free to hang the drapes and finally cover that eyesore that you’ve been aching to hide.

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