One of the most sought after rooms in a home is the bathroom. This one room can either make or break a real estate property. Yet not all bathrooms are designed in such a way that can captivate.

So what are the hottest tips that interior designers have come up with when it comes to this area in a home?

Defining an Efficient Layout

Even the most beautiful bathrooms have to undergo plumbing works. This is exactly why bathroom floor plans are quite important as the designer needs to know where to set the water lines, plumbing drains and vent stacks.

The two-wall layout, for instance, offers more freedom as the toilet and sink can be situated on one wall and the shower and tub plumbed on the other. Three-wall layouts are most flexible but they can be the most complex and expensive task to embark into. 

Pick the Right Sink

This truly matters as these units often win buyers over. It is easier to make a dramatic statement when your sculpted sink says it all. Just imagine this unit mounted right on a stylish vanity.

But before you shell out any amount on a bathroom sink, consider its frequency of use and by which members of the family. Or will this be placed in the guest bathroom? Keep in mind that water will drip each time you wash your face or hands so the sink has to be placed in a corner with less or no wood flooring. 

The Right Lighting

The most critical piece of bathroom unit is the mirror. The most ideal lighting is to have wall-mounted fixtures right on the side of the mirror. These lights should be at eye level, with the third light right on top of the mirror. This kind of arrangement should provide lighting from both sides, hence, shadows are eliminated when you face the mirror.

For the more traditional bathrooms, use ceiling-mounted lighting or add a little pizzazz with a chandelier or pendant lighting fixtures. Tubs and enclosed showers often necessitates the use of vapor-proof downlights.

An accent light can highlight an architectural feature or a collection.

The Tub Says a Lot

One of the most natural focal points for bathrooms is the bathtub. These pieces have a powerful impact especially the free standing designs. Choose from among the streamlined, straight-sided, claw-and-ball feet, or the pedestal bases.

Platform bathtubs have unfinished exteriors and they drop to a box-like structure. The decking is often a waterproof material like marble, tile, or limestone. To optimize relaxation inside the bathroom, install a soaking tub or the whirlpool type.

The Classy Spa Showers

Luxury showers can easily replicate your spa experience. Plan on how you can layout spray heads. The ceiling-mounted type soaks you from right above while the vertical rows of body sprays create crisscrossed patterns for your water massage. Handheld types, on the other hand, can be used to wash your hair or rinse your entire body.

Custom-made stalls can have waterproof materials to cover its floor, walls and ceiling.

Modern day furniture for bathrooms plays an important role in defining the overall feel of this room. Both men and women fall in love with designer bathrooms plus its amenities. Who wouldn’t? Though designer bathrooms may not be essential, they can be a great way to up the value of the property or just to flaunt wealth.

Remember that the bathroom is more than a place to freshen up. These days, the bathroom is already a place where people – especially women – groom themselves. Popular bathroom accessories include tempered glass elements, water closet, Victorian design basins, ceramic artistic basins, glass basins, retro bathtubs and many more.

Truly, one can say that there has never been a better time than now to beautify one’s bathroom.

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