Business Brokers

Confidential Business Reviews Should Establish Trust By Colonial Business Brokerage

When you are selling a business, your business broker or M&A Advisor will likely create a Comprehensive Business Review or CBR.  This comprehensive document can then be presented to prospective buyers once they have signed all necessary confidentiality documentation.  It is essential that this document builds trust between both parties, as this will go a long way towards achieving a successful deal.  Be Honest The bottom line is that your CBR will be 95% positive. …

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New Home Construction

Discover How to Avoid Budget Blowouts when Building a Home

Planning for your dream home is a massive job. For most people, it’s entirely new territory and there will probably be a pretty steep learning curve. While you’ll have various professionals, like builders and architects, to help you through, the final responsibility will be yours. And that is especially true when it comes to managing your money. Designing and planning your dream home can be a lot of fun. However, keeping the budget in order can…

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How do electric fences work

Discover How do electric fences work and what are their benefits?

The idea of an electric fence summons to mind a maximum security prison, with a beastly twenty-foot tall electric fence equipped with razor wire at the top for good measure. But this mental image doesn’t do justice to this fencing material. It doesn’t take into consideration the other, much more helpful things that can be accomplished with an electric fence. How do electric fences work? The wires are run across posts, almost as though it…

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Buy a New Home

The First 12 Things to do before Buying and after Moving into a New Home

Here you will get the first home essentials checklist after moving into a new home. Experts have decided to split it into one for buying and another for moving. Because both of them are different and require so much stuff. Below is the list the experts have shared from their experiences in buying a home for the first time. Then, just below that, there is a moving checklist.  Before moving home checklist There is no…

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Home Remodel Renovation

Complete Home Remodel Renovation Checklist for 2020

With more than 30 years of experience in the home remodeling industry, serving homeowners throughout Lansdale and the surrounding areas of Montgomery and Bucks counties, we have learned a thing or two about guiding our customers through a complex home remodel, to get the perfect results for their home projects. A major home renovation may feel overwhelming at first, but it can actually be a really fun experience when you hire a team of experts to handle…

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Electrical Safety Tips for Kids and Their Parents

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids and Their Parents

Electricity is prevalent everywhere, homes, or even outside. While not everyone can be constantly conscious, safety is a must. One of the most important things a parent needs to take care of when a kid is around is keeping them away from electric appliances. What if they stick their fingers inside sockets? What if they touch the open wire with wet hands? It’s so scary to even imagine such a scenario. We know how difficult…

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Double-Hung Vs. Single-Hung Windows

Difference Between Double-Hung Vs. Single-Hung Windows

New windows enhance the curb appeal of your home and increase its energy-efficiency. As you search for a brand-new design for these components of your house, you may come across single-hung and double-hung windows. This guide will help you compare these styles to determine which one is appropriate for your budget and maintenance needs. What’s The Difference Between Double-Hung And Single-Hung Windows? The quality that separates single-hung from double-hung windows is the ability to move…

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Frameless Shower Door

Discover How to Install a Frameless Shower Door

The minimalist wave in decor is all the rage right now. Keeping up with the current interior design trends, you might have noticed the wild popularity of frameless shower doors. They’re especially prevalent in modern and contemporary bathrooms. The reason for such high demand is entirely due to the sleek and upscale elegance these glass doors provide. So, if you’re considering taking up a bathroom renovation project, this is definitely the one to go for. Here’s…

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Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Need Bathroom Shelf Ideas? Here Are 15 Best Ideas For your Bathroom

Many a time, space we often go after on a cleaning spree still somehow manages to turn into the house’s trashiest and most clogged corner within no time – Yes, we are speaking about the bathrooms here! That’s why, irrespective of your lavatory size, it makes sense to reserve a separate spot just to keep your towels, bathrobes, hygiene products besides surplus cleaning supplies. Be it a master bath, powder room, or your child’s washroom;…

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Replace Your Window Pane

Simple Steps to Repair or Replace Your Window Pane

Windows are an important facet of your home, so you want to make sure they’re always clean, intact, and well-maintained. However, incidents occur that you simply cannot anticipate. Or maybe you want to replace the old glass in your windows with a sturdier and more reliable option. So we’ve compiled a simple guide to DIY broken window pane replacement. This is a fairly straightforward home improvement project that you can finish in less than a day. DIY…

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Clean Outside Windows

9 Important Tips to Clean Outside Windows that Are Unreachable

Are you all set to witness the seasonal shift? Filthy windows make your home look gloomy and can restrict the sunshine too, particularly during the winter when it is most-needed to brighten up the insides of your home. We quite get why you absolutely can’t wait to rub them clean before springtime.  There’s one issue with the difficult-to-reach external frames, though, especially if you are putting up in high-rise condos or apartments. Fret not though, below…

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Clean Glass Shower Doors

Useful Tips How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

Nearly all of our bathroom remodeling clients choose glass shower enclosures over shower curtains, which are prone to mildew and can get uncomfortably clingy when you’re in the shower. There’s no doubt that glass enclosures have a much more sophisticated look, but shower glass can be prone to a buildup of both soap scum and mineral deposits. Yuck! If you own a glass shower door or enclosure, or you’re planning to install one, be sure…

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How to Remodel a Home

3 Tips :: Should You Remodel a Home Before Moving In?

So you’ve just purchased a home, and it’s in need of some updates. Or maybe it’s totally dated and needs a total redo. Do you tackle the renovation before moving in, or do you live in the house for a while first? There are advantages to each approach, but I generally recommend living in your new home for a while before embarking on a major remodel. Tip #1: Look for the perfect home first The…

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Bathroom Remodeling tips

Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Your Next Project

Remodeling any part of your home is a huge undertaking. This applies to even the smaller rooms of your home, such as your bathroom. It can be a little daunting and overwhelming at first. Remember that no task is too difficult if you can break it up into smaller and more manageable tasks. Below we will review some bathroom remodeling tips to make your next remodel a little easier. Know Your Budget When it comes to remodeling…

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Home Renovation

Your Checklist to Home Renovation Costs:: How Much Should You Pay for a Home Remodel?

With programs like HGTV averaging millions of viewers each year, it’s not hard to be bitten by the home-remodeling bug.  But watching all the glamorous renovations could make you wonder about home renovation costs. How much could a home remodel cost and what should you budget? What other factors should you consider?  If you’re thinking about remodeling your home and the cost it ensues, keep reading to learn more.  Home Renovation Costs While it’s exciting to…

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Buying a House with Pool

Discover The Advantages of Buying a House with a Pool

Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a gorgeous house with a pool? For many, it is truly a dream, but for others who live in a suitable climate, it can be a reality. Pools require space, but there are many benefits to buying a house with a pool. Here are an extensive pro and con list of buying a house with a pool. Pros Exercise Naturally, buying a house with a pool makes exercise easy.…

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Scalable Business Model

5 Tips On How To Make A Scalable Business Model

“Scalable business” sounds a tad scary for most laymen. To get everyone on board, let’s de-bone that.  Scalability refers to the ability of a company to increase its production and cater to a higher number of people.  Why would you want to scale?  Two answers come to mind: growth and revenue.  Everybody wants to maximize their revenue and drive growth in their businesses. Nonetheless, not all companies are ready to take off on this route.…

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Spinach Banana Mango Green Smoothie

How To Make Delicious Spinach Banana Mango Green Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to reduce food waste. Here is our favorite green smoothie recipe that we use to reduce food waste in our home. About once or twice a week, I have a smoothie for breakfast. But not just any smoothie… THIS green smoothie. Most days, M makes a double serving of the smoothie in our Vitamix and shares it with me. If you knew me ten years ago, your jaw might be on the…

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Help Kids Connect With Nature

Very Simple Way To Help Kids Connect With Nature

How often do you just let your kids explore nature and relish in its beauty? Try this simple trick to help kids connect with nature. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to help kids connect with nature. If we want to raise future citizens of the world who care about the planet, we need to help them care about their neighborhoods and communities first. We need to help them appreciate the beauty and…

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Front Yard Decoration Ideas

11 Simple Front Yard Decoration Ideas That Can Hypnotize Your Guests

It doesn’t have to be a straight line if you’re wondering how to make a garden. With curves and curves, the design is more beautiful. A stone overlay can be made beautiful and easily maintained even for the smallest area. The size of the house is getting smaller and has an impact on the park. There is a small garden, there is not even an area for plants at all. However, you should not be…

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Traditional Living Room

Vintage Home Interior Designs – 8 Amazing Tips That You Will Love

Vintage has experienced a shift in meaning and is often seen as something ancient. Vintage can go into various aspects, but you will hear it more often in the world of fashion and design. In the world of design, especially home interior design, vintage is not only something made in the past but can also refer to something new, but it was deliberately designed outdated. Vintage home designs sometimes come in a variety of architectural…

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