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Sacramento St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway – Ticket Reservation Form

Sacramento, CA• Giveaway: June 27, 2019 TICKET RESERVATION FORM Please mail this completed form To Sacramento St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway|P.O. Box 19670| Sacramento, CA 95819

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Wicker Indoor Furniture – Why It’s Perfect For Your Sunroom

Aren’t sunroom’s just lovely? These bright, cheerful rooms have become one of the most popular additions in the past, few years since they are a great area for people to relax, entertain guests, and even enjoy the sights of the gardens just outside their homes. But what design elements would you incorporate in your own sunroom? What kind of furniture and accessories will you bring in? If you feel lost, then you could begin by considering wicker indoor furniture. Most sunroom furniture pieces are not as durable as patio furniture. First, the former are not meant to be exposed to…

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Book your Tickets and Win Sacramento St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway

Sacramento St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway 2019!!! There are lots of prizes awaiting you to Win!!! The biggest one is Sacramento St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway Get your ticket by May 3 to be eligible to win a 2019 Jeep Compass Sport, courtesy of Hoblit Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. Call (800) 564-8758 for tickets. $100 each Visit one of these Patelco® locations to reserve a ticket. Win four courtside seats at a Sacramento professional basketball game and access to the Golden 1 Center Lexus Lounge – Courtesy of ABC10 Other prizes include: $1,000 gift certificate at Amazing Lash® Studio $1,000 VISA gift…

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Shopping Spree, Courtesy of McCreery’s Home Furnishings

OPEN HOUSE PRIZE Win a $10,000 furniture shopping spree Register for free when you tour the house to win a furniture shopping spree, courtesy of McCreery’s Home Furnishings.

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Tickets on sale for the 2019 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway in Virginia Beach

You can buy tickets to enter to win the beautiful 2019 St. Jude Dream home! HAMPTON ROADS ST. JUDE DREAM HOME GIVEAWAY WIN THIS HOUSE $635,000 estimated value  Call (800) 851-5323 for tickets.  The home is four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, 3,700 square feet and is an estimated value of $635,000. The home is located in Emerald Forest at 1505 Barkie Court in Virginia Beach. Tickets are $100 and Every ticket helps St. Jude kids and the mission of St. Jude: Finding cures. Saving children. There are lots of special prizes along the way that are given away for buying tickets before certain dates so…

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BAKERSFIELD ST. JUDE DREAM HOME GIVEAWAY 2019 WIN THIS HOUSE $375,000 estimated value Call (800) 385-9134 for tickets. $100 each It’s a win-win Every ticket helps St. Jude kids and the mission of St. Jude: Finding cures. Saving children.® And because of the support of people like you, families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

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Win a $10,000 shopping spree at McCreery’s Home Furnishings

OPEN HOUSE PRIZE Win a $10,000 shopping spree at McCreery’s Home Furnishings Register for free when you tour the house to win a furniture shopping spree, courtesy of McCreery’s Home Furnishings. Tour the house Date and time May 18 – June 23Saturdays: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.Sundays: noon – 5 p.m. Location 3429 Majar Ct.Cameron Park, CA 95682

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Open House Prize $10,000 furniture shopping spree Courtesy of McCreery’s Home Furnishings WIN THIS HOUSE$535,000 estimated value Call (800) 564-8758 for tickets.  $100 each Date and time May 18  – June 23Saturdays: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.Sundays: noon – 5 p.m. Location 3429 Majar Ct.Cameron Park, CA 95682 For more please visit Don’t wait! Tickets are limited. You can call (800) 564-8758 for tickets or download a printable mail-in form.Español: Descargar un formulario imprimible para enviar por correo.Tickets are also available at Patelco® Credit Union.

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4 Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Home

For a lot of interior design clients, no kitchen is considered complete minus the kitchen island. The island has, somehow, become an icon of contemporary kitchens and it is quite easy to understand the reason behind this. Benefits of the Kitchen Island The island design is highly functional because it can provide access on all sides of the table. This free-standing piece can automatically become the focal point in your kitchen. It has the look and feel of a furniture rather than a part of a lab. The island offers easy cleanup with easy access of the compost and garbage…

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Living in a House of Straw (Link Roundup)

As opposed to the common notion, a straw bale house is not as fragile as the house of the second little pig in the story of The Three Little Pigs. So don’t think that you’re going to live inside a flimsy house if you choose to have a dwelling place made of straw bales. Don’t confuse straw with hay. Straw bales are made with rye, rice and oat straw. Bales are stacked on a raised foundation with a capillary break. Some straw bales are bound with two strings while others with three. Three-string straw bales are, of course, larger in…

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All About The Architectural Services

Architectural services are all about the architect which is involved in each phase of the work involved in a project. There are many steps to follow in order to provide apt architectural services to the customers seeking such services. The basic services typically which an architect offers include the following: Programming The architect takes all the notes what the owner states that they want in a particular project. The architect provides all these notes usually in a typed format and this is accompanied with the pictures of the concerned property. There are some discussions on the features of the site…

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Purple In Interior Design – It’s More Than Just A Transitional Color

Purple has long been used in many tween or teenager girls’ rooms because it is considered as a transition color. These days, though, a lot of adult spaces such as kitchen, bedroom, and small city apartments already use this beautiful color. Purple is now a popular color because of the multi-cultural influences being embraced in interior design. Use pink-violet, lavender or magenta and you will be perceived as someone sophisticated and youthful. Purple in the Kitchen To picture the beauty offered by purple, just imagine a stark white kitchen. While kitchens need to be clean, the white color tends to…

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Hot, Hot, Hot 2019 Interior Design Trends (Link Roundup)

A lot of the ongoing design trends are influenced by a lot of things that transpired in 2018. The ‘60s design was pretty big last year and the vintage look still seems to be preferred this year. Everything that is old can be used in your home again. While old designs may seem to be coming back, be wary that there are slight differences. The year 2014 is all about the fusion of old and contemporary looks. This year, you do not need to concern yourself about things that are expensive or stuff that are dirt-cheap. So what should you…

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Electrical Safety for Kids: The Need For Reiteration

Modern man’s life is now completely dependent on electrical power. Experiencing blackout for an hour or more can make anyone feel bored and unable to finish some important tasks. Man has increased his dependence on electricity, hence, safety becomes imperative; more so when you are trying to install electrical safety for kids. Electrical safety is crucial because there are many hazards that can end up in injury, fire or death. Lack of basic know-how on electrical handling often spurs such accidents. Safety tips are the same for both adults and kids. The only difference is that you would need more…

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The Electrician: Why Every Home Needs One (Link Roundup)

From the time that Benjamin Franklin utilized a kite to eventually discover electricity, this power has long since ruled the world. Just think of those times when your home lost power and none of your appliances worked. Just imagine an evening without light, the fridge and your laptop. Electricity is the very thing that runs everything in your home so when it malfunctions, there is supposed to be an expert that should fix it. Only an expert must handle electrical power because it can easily burn things and for the unlucky ones, it can even cause death. Throughout the country,…

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Electrical Safety and Your Kids (Link Roundup)

Has it ever crossed your mind that your children are constantly exposed to electrical emergencies in your home? Most parents have taken the necessary precautions by hiring an electrician who can seal the sockets and ensure that open wires are addressed right away. What about outside of your home? Do you think that your kids are safe there? Here are some tips on how to keep your kids safe from electrocution – Steer clear of wires and electrical outlets: Train your kids on how to tell between open and closed outlets. Depending on how old they are, you can already…

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How To Protect Your Real Estate Business During A Natural Disaster

Blame it on environmental degradation and other climatic factors, we are seeing more and more natural disasters in recent years. Not only are they varied, unpredictable and frequent, the damage they cause is also becoming heavier. While we work to reduce natural disasters and the causes for it, we also need to prepare for it better and learn to protect our lives as well as property, and businesses when disasters strike. While disasters are thankfully short, their impact and losses are felt for much longer and it is imperative that we lay down plans and work on them, as described…

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Why Is Polished Concrete Interior Considered Best In Home Improvement!

Considered Best In Home Improvement! We all want a home that brings us maximum comfort and It is truly said that the right kind of home makes a world of a difference. But what makes a home, that warm fuzzy place you ask? Well sure it’s the love of your family, but it’s also the aesthetics polished concrete interior that plays a vital role in creating that special effect, hence adding a dash of creativity as well. The home improvement as a genre has gained massive appeal amongst consumers, with more and more consumers spending a surprising amount of money…

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Choosing the Electrical Contractor: Why It’s Not Wise to Rely on the Eenie Meenie Miny Moe Strategy

There are but a few tasks that you can do on your own. At some point, you will need the aid of an expert especially when dealing with critical projects such as wiring systems. Hiring a professional electrical contractor is important and is much like the need to visit a specialist when something is up with your health. Talking to an expert means you do not waste your time and resources. The Benefits of Trusting a Licensed Electrical Contractor Of course, not all projects in your home can be categorized as DIY work. Going into something that is not your…

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International Calling Made Simple With Business VoIP Solutions

Nowadays, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of calling cards or pay high distance rates to reach customer internationally.  Thanks to VoIP solutions for business, they made international calling easy and affordable.  But, do you know how VoIP international calling work? And how can it beneficial for both the business and customer? In this particular post, we discuss how the VoIP phone system, as well as virtual number; can help anyone to do business without any borders with a cheaper rate. How VoIP make international calling simple for any business. In the past, if you like to contact…

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How much can you save while using Virtual office vs. Physical office

The final goal of any business is to generate more money while servicing to their customers to the very best ability also with low maintenance. The virtual office is the best option to save a thousand of dollars per year in office expanses. Rent a virtual office accomplishes this for many businesses by offering a physical office, Business address, shared office, meeting rooms and mail forwarding that adds a level of professionalism for any business. After all, your office location says a lot to your customers about how much value you can offer. Setting up a virtual headquarters, you rent…