Fireplace – The Ultimate Focal Point

With the holidays fast approaching, you would want to make certain that the fireplace has been cleaned and attractively-adorned for your visitors. Transforming your fireplace into a focal point can be a simple project. Begin by making sure that it is still in good condition. If there are some damages (visible or not), try to have it fixed or retouched. The fireplace has to be the biggest, noticeable thing inside the room;  remove large furniture or artworks so that the attention stays on the fireplace.

By theory, the focal point has to be the first thing that a visitor notices when he enters the room. Therefore, any kind of furniture that is placed in front of it must be removed right away.

Make sure also that the furniture arrangement emphasizes the location of the fireplace.

Getting the Mantel Ready

You can have the mantel ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas by simply using natural branches, gourds, leaves and stuff that you can buy from craft shops.

Large leaves such as Magnolia are perfect in creating a dramatic statement. The warmest petal colors, leaves and branches can be designed and made into floral bouquets. Just use a can of spray paint and you will be able to create an ornamental piece that will be envied.

The mantel can also be made more interesting by putting in some light tumble weeds. These can cast the perfect shadows to the fireplace. Just walk around outdoors and find out what stuff catches your eye. Just remember the color theme for the season which is brass, gold, brown or copper.

Covering a foam board with a colorful fabric or paint can become an interesting frame for your mantel. This will work nicely if you want to highlight bricks that are naturally placed above the mantel. Throw in some votive candles and some low wattage lamps to create a shadowy backdrop.

Hanging an interesting piece of artwork right above the fireplace can also add beauty to that spot. It is also an effective way of gluing the beholders’ attention right to the fireplace.

Mirrors also work well above any fireplace, more so when you have something interesting reflected on its surface. For instance, hanging an artwork right across the mirror is a great way to double the fascination of your visitors.

Reflected lights coming off candles and lamps also create a feeling of warmth. Find glass cylinders and have them filled with white lights. Fill glass containers with pine cones, nuts, colored glass and berries and you have already composed the perfect holiday décor.

If you do not want the sight of brick behind the fireplace, then go bold and find a brightly-colored fabric or paper. The holiday season is the best time to experiment so it is alright to go dramatic from the ceiling down to the mantel top.

If the fireplace in your home does not have a mantel, then you can make use of branches and affix them to the bricks. With a little museum putty and small finish nails bought from a craft center, you can come up with a great-looking holiday design.

Next, you can also find necessary accessories such as fireplace screeners, log holders, rugs and fireplace tools. There are many of these in the market these days so you can choose from antique to modern. When chosen carefully, even the simplest pieces can create an impact in your living room.

Lastly, remember that the fireplace is a natural focal point in any space. It can instantly command attention but only through your creativity can this become an unforgettable part of your home.

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