6 Outdated Things That You Should Take Out of the Living Room

Belvedere Collection’s Ped Dining Table: If you have to have flowers in your home, then do it with the real thing. Say no to faux.

Just like many homeowners, you must be wondering what else you can do to make your home unique and fresh. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the decorative elements that you’ve placed there. Or maybe the furniture pieces are no longer making you feel relaxed. No matter what your reasons there are actually common things that homeowners everywhere think should go.

Cheap Laminate Flooring

Okay, it’s time to admit that the cheaper the laminate flooring is, the cheaper it looks. While laminate flooring has gone a long way, the ugly looking ones should cease to exist, there’s just no room for them inside living rooms anymore.

After all, there are now laminate flooring that are specifically manufactured to replicate the beauty of slate, exotic woods or even tiles, so why the need to be a cheapskate?


Oh, this is a tough one. While there are hunters that love the look of stuffed deer or bear heads, the key here is to have it done professionally. You don’t just stuff an animal’s head and pass it off as a decorative element.

There are many homeowners whose spouses love such décor and their other half just say yes to keep the peace. Faux or real, there’s just something unsettling about the head of an animal or a full animal stuffed and placed in the living room. Maybe the hunter spouse should just place such items in his office where no one else has to look day in and day out.

Fake Flowers and Greeneries

Just think about anything that’s supposed to be alive and now have its replica replace it in the living room. A vase full of fake flowers can stay alive longer than real flowers but the beauty that the real deal can offer cannot be challenged.

Fake flowers just don’t have the capacity to draw as much attention as real flowers. Just imagine a vase of red roses and replace it with the stiff ones – get the picture?

If you have to bring in flowers, then bring in the real thing. They are the ones that can bring that fuzzy feeling that’s missing when you look at the fake ones. Also, they offer a different energetic vibe and air quality.

Humans have also been found to be more productive when there are potted plants or flowers on their desk. Why fake this feeling?

Cheap Wallpaper

There are those floral print wallpapers and there are today’s geometric and textural wallpapers that can instantly beautify homes. Perhaps, when most homeowners think of wallpapering, they still think of those grandma wallpapers that used to don their granny’s home.

The great news is, there are now many options to choose from. Wallpapering is a quicker project compared to painting. Don’t think of wallpapers as a thing of the past. They still have so much beauty to offer, just know what design goes well with your home.

Dust-Collecting Knickknacks

Do you have collectibles that have been on display for a long time? Take a quick run to the shelf where they are at this very moment and swipe your finger on the surface. Has your finger gathered dust?

This is not surprising. Many homeowners have a lot of knickknacks that are on display but are now just slowly gathering dust. If these little things make you happy, then there are two solutions – first, you can dust the shelves daily or you can just store them in a box and pay them a visit now and then up in the attic or down the basement.

Fluorescent Lights

No home would feel homey so long as there is fluorescent lighting there. While this kind of lighting is most welcome in a kitchen or the home office, it simply isn’t the right kind of light for the living room. The living room light is supposed to be warm and welcoming, not bright and overwhelming.

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