Oh, Daddy: Creating the Ultimate Man-Cave

The man cave. This is the ultimate spot where a man could be himself, put his feet up, and just relax. The demand for man cave essentials is becoming bigger and bigger each year. This just says a lot about how men give this space a lot of attention. And as the love of his life, so should you.

The English Gentleman’s Den

There are many forms of man spaces. He could go for the masculine English country room type. This is where men gather when they retire. This is that spot where they play poker and where they puff their expensive cigars.

This type of man cave asks for a pool table (this is a must), a bar, and comfortable, leather couches.

The Sportsman’s Quarters

This room’s design depends on what type of sports your man loves to play. Is he a huge fan of golf? Or does he love biking, swimming or playing basketball? The theme that you choose from among these sports will dictate the furnishings that will be brought in.

Creating a sports-themed man cave requires a lot of sports memorabilia. If he’s into baseball, then, perhaps, you could buy a signed baseball by Mookie Betts of the Red Sox? You will also need LED lighting to highlight the memorabilia that will be displayed.

You will also need ball holders for those who are enamored with basketball, football or soccer.

And there’s that sports-themed bar. Just like the English gentleman’s bar, this is supposed to house the spirits that your man prefers. This must also be cozy enough so that he can hang out with the boys. And don’t forget that fridge that will hold the cans of beers.

For golf lovers, it would be an extra to place some indoor putting greens.

The Gamer’s Lair

Begin this project with a sign that says – Caution: Gamer’s Lair.

This just proclaims to the world that they are now entering a man cave where stilettos and skirts may not be proper.

The sky’s the limit to you imagination when it comes to this type of man cave. You can have a net hammock propped right in the middle of the room, or you can have just a comfy couch by the corner since most of the space is sectioned off for gaming.

Here, the priority is gaming so there is an entertainment center in the middle of the room. A kegerator is also a must plus some shelves for all your games. The entertainment center must also be equipped with a huge TV screen, the latest equipment on audio technology, and dimmers.

You can even have a light saber as a night light for those late night gaming sessions.

The College Student’s Burrow

What are the dorm room essentials? These are also the same things that you need to set up in your college man cave.

You will need comfy linens, computer, a desk lamp for those late night studies, laundry basket, a DVD player, TV, stereo, and an alarm clock.

Since you need to personalize this special man cave, you can begin by hanging photographs on a wall. A desk must also be set up and – hopefully – always decluttered. If you’re sharing this man cave with a fellow college student, then be sure to invest also in some clip on lights for your late night reads.

The Dad’s Habitat

Lastly, we would want to reserve a space for the man of the house, the dads. Just like all the other man cave types, he is in need of an entertainment center. For the more serious ones, who like to read a lot, a bookshelf or two can be set up so he can have his reading undisturbed when he wants to have his quiet moment.

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