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Most students will study for the ACT Test, however, handing a 900-page study guide to your child does not guarantee a higher score on the Test.  Since doing well on the test can help you in everything from getting in to college to paying for college to skipping prerequisite classes, it makes sense to do the best you can on the test.

ACT Test Preparation classes can range from $200-$1000 depending on the scope and length of the class.  What if I told you paying $600 for a preparation class could lead to a $6000 scholarship.  Would you take a 1000% return on your investment?  I think many people would.  Even if a scholarship isn’t earned, what about being able to skip 2 college classes because you have earned a high enough score to skip prerequisites?

Whether or not we agree with standardized testing, it is a reality at this point that our students must take the exam.  Until the time changes, we must understand how to make the system work for us.  If you are interested in learning more about ACT Preparation Classes or would like to sign up, Great Lakes Tutors is your key to success.

Go to to learn more and to sign up for tutoring. We guarantee that tutoring will be worthwhile for your child and we look forward to working with them to improve their scores on the ACT.

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