Selling Junk Cars


Letting go of old memories that a car has given a person is very hard to do. All the adventures and mishaps that you have undergone with the car will never be forgotten. Nevertheless, there comes a time when one has to let go of the past and move on.Read More →

Ceiling Designs


Most ceilings were built flat and they, somehow, mirror the floor’s shape but there are a few creations out there that are domed, sloped, or have exposed interior beams. Such elements should be seriously worked with and incorporated into the overall ceiling design. Covering these can make the ceiling standRead More →

Home Staging Tips


Making It Look Good Description: When getting your home appraised for its value, to establish equity, or to sell, staging it to make it look its best is an intelligent and worthwhile undertaking. If you want to make your home look great, we have a few staging ideas you canRead More →

E-shopping tips for 2021


We are in an era where shopping is going digital. Consumers are spoilt for choice. There are so many online shopping channels and platforms dealing in items both in wholesale and retail. The trend has been set, and online shopping is here to stay. That said, we cannot overlook yourRead More →

Classic Interior Design


If you are dreaming of an elegant and traditional feel in your home, consider having classic interior design. This kind of design is associated with 18th century styles which means, you have to concentrate in scouring the market for Chippendale, Queen Anne, French provincial and Neoclassical pieces. Many living roomsRead More →



Wellbeing in the workplace has become an integral part of business in recent years. Due to the rise of coworking spaces, we’ve seen trends for modern-day offices evolve. We’ve seen a shift to open-plan, communal, shared spaces to encourage collaboration, teamwork and a sense of wellbeing and fun. Some ofRead More →