4 Exciting Home Bar Design Tips (#Link Roundup)

Home bars are not common but once considered, they can enhance the beauty of your habitat. These days, there are so many interior design ideas out there so it is not difficult to find something that you find suitable.

Home Bar Design

There is a big difference between enjoying bars outside of your home and in getting a high in the private confines of your residence. It is much more relaxing to take a sip of bourbon as you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere where you live. Besides, there are some people who are not comfortable in listening to blaring music while enjoying their drink. There are also those that prefer not to be surrounded with strangers while trying to relax. And so, for these people, the home bar is a great option.

Consider the Shape

The first step is to plan. As you design the home bar, it is important to define the structure and the shape first. Would you want an L-shaped bar? This is the least complex design to set up. The most convenient feature of this bar is that the shorter side offers room for a sink.

The straight type home bar, on the other hand, is generally set up at the end of a room. More often than not, it spans the entire width of a room, hence, the storage for glasses and bottles of spirit have to be installed below the counter. Three bar stools can be conveniently set in a single row.

If you want to be a little more creative, nothing should stop you from doing the wacky Z shape or an oval-shaped bar!

Define the Theme

If you are out to set up a wet bar complete with a built in sink, then you are in for easy maintenance. Such a bar can also be built with a refrigerator and ice machine which can add a great deal to your convenience. With a wet bar, you do not even have to make constant round trips to the kitchen anymore. The great thing about this is having a draft system. Now you can dispense drinks such as beer.

If you want something different, you can also try the rustic design. You can use wooden cabinets or a wooden counter table with carvings. Always remember that the style or theme that you decide to use reflects who you are so do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

Choose the Perfect Color Scheme

Always remember your theme when choosing the color that you would use in your home bar. Of course you would not use blue paint on your rustic cabinet! Therefore, find a color that is suitable for your design such as black, mocha, red, gray, white or chocolate.

To choose, pair a neutral color with just a tinge of vibrant color. Accessories are also crucial so find a flat TV that works inside the room or a pool table that will take man bonding to a whole new level.

Install the Right Bar Cabinet

If you are the type that loves to entertain guests in his home, then you have to step up when it comes to picking the right bar cabinet. Having that extra space allows you to be creative so do not waste that opportunity. Have a wet bar cabinet installed where you would want to entertain your guests. If you want to place the cabinet right smack in the middle of the room then that is also your choice.

How about a fancy bar cabinet? This storage unit is not just there to use but also to enhance the room’s aesthetics. Frosted glass cabinets allow homeowners to play with lights. For people who have trouble with space, there’s always the compact type. Ask your interior designer which cabinet will be best for your allotted home bar. After you have set everything up, bring in the booze and enjoy them with your friends!

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