Primary Reasons for Choosing Engineered Stone Benchtop


Engineered stone is actually man-made stone comprising of 90% Quartz stone bound by resin. Among all the natural material, Quartz is the toughest, hardest and abundantly found mineral on the earth surface. Engineered stone benchtop is much different from natural stone benchtop. While the natural stone benchtop is cut from marble or pure granite, engineered stone benchtop is constituted of quartz crystals that are bound together with resin binder. The appearance of natural stone countertop is the same as that of engineered stone countertop. The benefits you get by considering engineered stone benchtop cannot be attained by the natural stone countertop.

Engineered Stone Benchtop Is an Attractive Option

For making engineered stone benchtop, the natural material quartz is compressed bearing the same color or texture of slate or natural granite. In case of engineered stone, the color tends to appear uniform. On the other hand, in the natural stone, you notice variations in color. The best part is that engineered stone will perfectly blend with the kitchen interior and match perfectly. Color options for this kind of benchtop are earth tones, grays, rose and others. In fact, you can say that the color of the countertop is all due to the natural color of quartz. But, desired color may still be attained by adding colors.

Less of Wear and Tear

If you incorporate engineered stone benchtop in your kitchen, you can reduce the maintenance charges. The material option is extremely durable and thus there is less of wear and tear. The material is very hard and tough. You may say that the material is almost as hard as granite. The chief advantage of this material is that it cracks or breaks less often. It will not chip, or crack as noticed in case of slate or granite. Even if you rest a hot pan on it, the material will not chip or crack. You will not notice any scorch mark on the surface. You must know that the surface of engineered stone is stain and scratch resistant.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

This material for countertop is easy to clean and maintain. While the downside of natural stone countertop is porosity leading to the entry of bacteria into the pores and fissures, you will not notice any such thing in Engineered stone benchtop. The surface of the countertop will not absorb liquids and so it is easy to clean. If you need to cook fish, meat and raw vegetables, then engineered stone is a blessing.

The Surface Is Stain-Resistant

Natural stone may get easily stained by wine, oil or juice but engineered stone is stain-resistant. Engineered stone stands up to such material quite well. They appear good and appealing and stay longer than materials like sandstone, marble and granite.

A Lot of Options

If you choose engineered stone for kitchen countertop, you will get a lot many options in styles, colors and finishes. So, if you like the look of natural stone but cannot allot time for care and maintenance, your best bet would be engineered stone.

Great Popularity of Engineered Stone

Among all the material options for countertops, engineered stone is the most popular. This is due to the high resilience. As it is non-porous, it can totally resist stains. So, when the liquid is spilled on the surface, the material will not soak it. You may just use a simple surface cleaner to wipe the surface.

Before choosing the color or finish of countertop, consider the décor of the kitchen space. You may take suitable advice from kitchen contractors before making any choice. Engineered stone is a more hygienic option than others. The fact that there is no need for any sealant makes engineered stone the best choice.

So, why wait, It is high time to contact a reliable supplier!

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