Interior Design No-nos (Important Link Roundup)


Every year, there are more homeowners who want to take on interior designing when it comes to their homes. While they want to create a home that is appealing and comfortable, more often than not, they fall short of that objective. Though you already know what you like and don’t like, it is much more advisable that you allow an expert to take care of your interiors.

So what are the most common mistakes that you need to avoid in designing a living space?

  • Veer away from bland colors. These hues are boring and could easily give you an F when it comes to design.  Colors are always used to set the mood in a room, right? So now is your chance to do just that and make a dramatic and bold statement. Enhance rooms in your home by using bright colors. Bland, white walls may look larger but in an antiseptic sort of way so don’t.
  • Never line furniture against the walls. Do not think that this stages the open space design because it does not.
  • Do not forget to repeat fabrics or colors in one room. If your motif is beige for the living room, then make sure that somewhere else, you use this same color.
  • One of the most common mistakes in interior design is buying the wrong type of furniture for a theme.
  • Some homeowners place framed photos too high up on their walls. This is tragic as photographs are supposed to be enjoyed at eye level and not at an angle where the neck could be strained. This level should be at least 5 to 5.5 feet off the floor. This is also true even when you have a cathedral ceiling in your home. Keep in mind that less is more with regard to artwork so showcase only the most important pieces. Consider the rest as mere clutter.
  • Never leave dying or dead plants inside any rooms in your home – enough said.
  • If you notice any outdated collectibles or knick-knacks, make it a point to replace them right away. Unless you are keeping antiques, it is advisable that you buy trendier pieces.
  • Do not be afraid to go bigger in terms of proportion and scale. Most people would not delve into the bigger is better scheme as they are simply just afraid to go bold!
  • Do not rely on yourself alone when doing an interior design project. Whether you are an interior design DIY enthusiast, it is advisable that you also consult a designer when it comes to coming up with plans and how to execute them. Remember that solutions do not always come in a DIY kit.
  • There are actually some people who begin interior design projects without an established budget. Be realistic when it comes to setting up a beautiful interior. In hiring an expert, your budget should be one of the aspects that she will need to sit down and discuss with you. Tell her what you think would be great for your home.
  • Some homeowners buy furniture and fabrics before the paint is even applied. This is disadvantageous as the wall paint might not coincide with your chosen furniture. Take the time to pre-plan the painting job, too.
  • Create and use a plan. Without it, you are like the engineer who is not holding a blueprint. Before purchasing furnishings, equipment or fixtures; there are many homeowners who simply go out there and leave everything to chance. If they see something they like, they just buy; if they see the latest trends in furniture, for instance, they just use their credit card and their done.

Do some pre-planning with your designer so that you will know how many tables, chairs, accessories, wall units, cans of paint, and many others will be needed to finish the project. Do not skip the planning phase since doing so will only sustain impulse buying – and you definitely do not want that.

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