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Month January 2019

Becoming An Interior Designer: The Road to Tread (Important Link Roundup)

If interior designing has crossed your mind and you feel that it is the same as interior decorating, then think again. Considering a career in interior design calls for a clear comprehension of that thin line dividing interior design from… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Living Room

To many, the living room seems like the easiest area of the home to decorate. But instead of considering all the layered design elements that should be carefully vetted, it’s easy to get off course and find that you’ve ended… Continue Reading →

4 Exciting Home Bar Design Tips (#Link Roundup)

Home bars are not common but once considered, they can enhance the beauty of your habitat. These days, there are so many interior design ideas out there so it is not difficult to find something that you find suitable. There… Continue Reading →

Different Basement Flooring – Find Out Which Suits You

Choosing a material for the floor can be one of the seemingly insurmountable tasks when redesigning your basement. There are many sorts of materials that are available in the market these days – from carpet, laminate, tile, engineered wood, and… Continue Reading →

Balance in : Achieving the Elusive Equilibrium (#Link Roundup)

Haven’t you heard recently that most people’s mantra is now focused on achieving balance? Just take a look at the yoga enthusiasts that line up in gyms and the Western homes that have incorporated the Japanese design as their theme!… Continue Reading →

3 Important Things to Know About Evaporative Coolers

During summer, you cannot live without an air conditioning system. But air conditioners can cost you more and you need to bear recurrent high power consumption bill. Some who are economically well off uses the air-conditioners and some that not… Continue Reading →

On Antiques and Pseudo Antiques for Your Interiors (Link Roundup)

The world of design believes that crafting solid, hand-carved furniture pieces is already a dying form of art; yet, ironically, antique furniture sales is on an upward trend. Antiques are believed to be an expression of the creator’s character as… Continue Reading →

7 Ultimate Benefits of Choosing Alfresco Blinds for Your House

We all relish the cool breeze of hot summers, light sun of cold winters and beautiful drizzling rainfall while sitting at our window, balcony or porch area but we never want to get exposed to the extremes of these weathers,… Continue Reading →

Varieties of Bathroom Vanity Units Commonly Preferred at Homes

A bathroom is an important place of the house that ensures proper hygiene of the residents and is used at max for various purposes and different kinds of toiletries are used for bathing and washing. These toiletries are expensive, and… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Wrought Iron Chandeliers (Link Roundup)

When your eyes rest upon wrought iron chandeliers, what thoughts run through your mind? These pieces are elegant, classy and they inevitably lend a touch of tradition and old-world charm. Whether you use this type of chandelier in your dining… Continue Reading →

White Interior Design: Why It Shouldn’t Be Boring

White is a basic color that is often used in interior design. There is so much to love about it. It is not just the absence of color; white inevitably evokes images of elegance and spaciousness. It is also symbolic… Continue Reading →

Facts About Dubai Economy That You Need to Know (Link Roundup)

We are quite sure only few numbers of people have not heard about Dubai. For those who are familiar with it, you might need to read this article because you are yet to discover some things about Dubai. And for… Continue Reading →

Staircase Designs for Your Home (Link Roundup)

If you think that staircases are there to just get you from one floor to the next, then you are wrong. These days, a staircase can be used to enhanced the interior design aspect of a particular space. It is… Continue Reading →

Using Feng Shui to Help You and Your Home (Link Roundup)

Whether you believe in this ancient pseudoscience or not, there are certainly some psychological benefits to introducing elements of feng shui in the home. It’s just a matter of small and simple interior solutions that will relieve stress and turn… Continue Reading →

Primary Reasons for Choosing Engineered Stone Benchtop

Engineered stone is actually man-made stone comprising of 90% Quartz stone bound by resin. Among all the natural material, Quartz is the toughest, hardest and abundantly found mineral on the earth surface. Engineered stone benchtop is much different from natural stone benchtop…. Continue Reading →

Budget Interior Design (Do-It-Yourself)

Once you have bought your own home, isn’t it a joy to behold? Yet you are just halfway through your journey. There is much more to do to beautify your new abode. But with little money left, you might be… Continue Reading →

Amazing Interior Design Ideas for Your Beauty Salon

People, especially women, spend quite a number of hours each month inside beauty salons. Because of this, it is vital that a functional yet comfortable space be provided for these customers when it is their time to relax and make… Continue Reading →

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