Varieties of Bathroom Vanity Units Commonly Preferred at Homes

A bathroom is an important place of the house that ensures proper hygiene of the residents and is used at max for various purposes and different kinds of toiletries are used for bathing and washing. These toiletries are expensive, and they can fall and waste. Therefore, the safe storage of all these essential products can be made possible by installing a bathroom vanity of suitable design and size. So, it is necessary for a house owner to have an idea about the availability of different types of bathroom vanity units in the market. He needs to choose a vanity according to the size and decor of his bathroom, to make it look appropriate with the other bathroom fittings.

Different Styles Used in Designing Bathroom Vanity Units

Different materials are used for manufacturing these bathroom vanity units; among which thick plywood, wooden boards covered with veneer or melamine, laminated sheets and marble slabs are quite popular. Home owners can choose the design and style of vanity according to their bathroom designs. Some popularly used vanity units in the bathroom are.

  • Pedestal Vanity – Basically, a pedestal sink does not have any storage feature, unless special additions are attached to it. The bathroom vanity units with this type of sink can be fitted into any size of bathrooms in both residential and commercial buildings. The pedestal sink also matches with most of the styles applied for bathroom decor.
  • Wall Mounted Vanity – A wall mounted vanity is also known as floating vanity, as it does not occupy any space on the floor and simply attached to the wall. It saves a lot of flooring space that can be used for other purposes.
  • Freely Standing Vanity – This type of bathroom vanity is a combination of storage space and pedestal sink. Thus, it helps in saving space even in smaller bathrooms, like the pedestal sinks and can be utilized for storage of all bathroom materials. Hence, these free-standing bathroom vanity units are quite in fashion nowadays and widely installed in many households.
  • Vessel Vanity – Most of the hotels and restaurants prefer to install vessel vanities for the use of their customers. It has a large bowl spread around the sink, which looks like a perfect extension of the main body of the vanity. As the upper part of the vanity is connected to multiple taps as needed, the lower part is normally used for storage of all bathroom commodities. Varieties are found in the designs of these vessels and the taps, to make the vanities look more stylish.
  • Vanity with Under-Mounted Sink – In this style, the sink is placed inside the vanity and cannot be seen from outside. The design of this type of vanity looks more modern and elegant, with the basin placed on a raised level inside. However, the storage space becomes limited in these bathroom vanity units, due to the sinks occupying much of the space within the vanities. So it is mainly used in industrial buildings for creating an aesthetic look in the bathroom.
  • Vanity Cabinets – This is a traditional style of cabinets with wooden doors that need to be pulled open. The designs of these doors are made much similar to the kitchen cabinets, with the tones and textures matching to the rest of the bathroom decor. Thus, this type of cabinet perfectly serves the purpose of storage while using the sink in the normal way.

Nowadays, the bathroom vanity units are available at reasonable costs, enabling all house owners to install these useful fixtures in their bathrooms and you can also get them handmade or customized. So, why not buy your bathroom vanity unit today and along with safe keeping your things stylize your bathroom too.

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