White Interior Design: Why It Shouldn’t Be Boring


White is a basic color that is often used in interior design. There is so much to love about it. It is not just the absence of color; white inevitably evokes images of elegance and spaciousness. It is also symbolic of goodness, purity and spirituality.

White Interior Design

White is your safest bet when you are designing or redecorating your home. Whether you only have a limited budget or are prepared to shell out what is needed, there are many options for white interior design on the Internet.

White is far from boring – if you know how to apply it in your home. There are many interior design techniques that you need to consider when you choose to use this shade in your habitat. Here are a handful of pointers that can help you veer away from a sterile, hospital-like home –

Choose the Right Shade

Yes, there are many shades of white. Though you often think of white as just one, particular shade; what you often fail to realize is that there are many white tones. Just imagine this – there are blue-tinted whites and whites that come with hints of ivory, beige, yellow or cream. The coolest hues look best with bright white shades.

You will be perceived as trendy once you choose white for your home’s theme. As you flip through magazines and search online for furniture, you will find out that most of the contemporary furniture pieces are painted white. A white background, on the other hand, makes rooms appear much bigger than they really are.

White also spells versatility. Depending on how you put accessories into the room, you can either create a minimalist setting or you can also concoct any of these – classic, romantic, even dramatic. Black and white photographs that are hung on your wall add a certain level of timeless romanticism. Place a red bowl in the middle of a white room and you can immediately attract the attention of your visitors.

Go all natural. You can also fuse wicker, wood or bamboo into a white setting. This is an effective way to take off the emptiness of white shades and stage a pretty, eco look in your home. If you want a peaceful surrounding, then follow this contemporary white theme.

Go ahead and experiment with white; play around with textures to add to its depth. You can put up lacy curtains on the simplest windows or white cushions on your sofa.

Painting Techniques and Furniture Choice for White-themed Homes

When painting your walls with a shade of white, consider painting the ceiling with a like shade. This will create a cozy feeling (one that makes you feel like you are in a cocoon). Also, you can use Venetian plaster treatment for bathroom walls in order to create visual activity.

You need to find soft furnishings for your white home. A lot of homeowners invest in wicker which is also available in different kinds of shade (from white to earth tones). Find window treatments and area rugs that were created from fluffy materials. If you can buy a rug or carpet made from woven bamboo then you are on the right track. The earth tones of such rugs will blend with the white walls and decor inside any room.

When it comes to white bathrooms, did you know that the tiles can be utilized to bring in visual interest? The choice is no longer just limited to rectangular tiles anymore. Instead, find glass or opaque white tiles. Mirrored tiles can frame a mirror or create an attractive backsplash. The reflection on the surfaces of such tiles can make a bathroom appear much larger so this means that you can use it when you have limited space in that room. As you learn these things – who says white is uninteresting?

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