Facts About Dubai Economy That You Need to Know (Link Roundup)


We are quite sure only few numbers of people have not heard about Dubai. For those who are familiar with it, you might need to read this article because you are yet to discover some things about Dubai. And for those who are just hearing about Dubai, you should as well read through.

Dubai is a wonderful city to be, ranked among the best ultra-wealthy cities in the world. It is a place that hosts a lot of adventure, enjoyment from exclusive facilities and views of the environment. There is no night in Dubai tells about the fun and excitement of the city.

It is a place everyone will love to be. Therefore we choose to share with you some of the exciting facts about Dubai that you need to know.

Economy not based on Oil sector alone

Many people till date still think the major revenue of Dubai comes from the oil sector. Of course, it was formerly the bedrock of revenue and source of income for the city, but things changed as the city start receiving investors all over the world.

The economy of Dubai blossom for many years from natural gas and petrochemical, but in recent age, the economy is diversified into many industries such as tourism, infrastructure and many more.


Do you know that Dubai is connected to the rest of the world with about 120 shipping lines and routes alongside 85 airlines? It shows how strategically the city is located. The city is situated between the Far East and Europe right on the east-west axis in between Africa on the North-south axis and central Americas.

The location and gives the city amazing advantages above some other cities because one can easily connect to the city for business or leisure.

Market of Dubai

There is a place you will always want to visit in Dubai, and it is the market. It is a place that is populated with people from around the world shopping for all kind of goods. It has over one million people around its neighborhood.

It is one of the sources of revenue for the city to date. You will be amazed by the population of individuals visiting the market on a daily basis. The goods and services from the market are diversified, and it is well equipped to meet the needs of all.

The secret or the major reason why the market is generating income for the city is that there is a platform for people to come all around the world to buy goods and import to their respective destination.


Trust me; I am never going to leave this aspect out of the equation. One of the things Dubai is known for is the exclusive infrastructures in the place. The government sees estate property as a sector that has all it takes to add to the value of the city.

That has led to the construction of several properties and buildings to complement the income generated in the city. Dubai government gives room for expats and non-citizens to buy property and invest. As per real estate experts at LuxuryProperty.com there is no better time to invest to invest in Dubai then now. 

It has been a major boost to the city as most people who claim to be expats are now owners of one property or the other. Also, there is exclusive infrastructure that helps the city such as modern highway system, state of the art communications, reasonable power supply, and many more. Apart from the construction of business centers, there are also complexes, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, and other amenities which make the city a wonderful place to be for friends and family.

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