Staircase Designs for Your Home (Link Roundup)


If you think that staircases are there to just get you from one floor to the next, then you are wrong. These days, a staircase can be used to enhanced the interior design aspect of a particular space. It is now a design piece especially when your home has custom newel posts.

For homeowners who are thinking of adding a new floor in their house, it is best to choose the stairs that are suitable in their home’s existing design. A few just opt for pre-fabricated stairs since these are renown pieces that can save the owners some more space.

This type of stairs is also fairly-priced and they come in many different designs which can easily fit inside your home. Compared to traditional, classic stairs, this design is trendier and a little bit more on the hip side. If you want to see the latest designs and materials which you can use for your home, begin by searching for them online. Read interior design magazines that have featured such. You may also visit local stores to get a more exact feel for each of the stairs that you consider.

Here are creative ideas for stairs which you can use in your home –

The Understairs Utilization

What could be more cool than to have a coat storage right under the stairs? Hasn’t coat storage caused you problems in the past? It can be an eyesore and now you have the chance to have the understairs unit turned into something more useful and have the ugly thing removed from your sight.

The Sensual Stairs

Simple stairs are board lines that go up and down through the house. If you have to have staircases in your home, then why not stylize it by adding intricacies here and there? Ask your interior designer about this. Straight lines can get boring so ask about how you can create a little more visual drama.

Spiral Staircase Playground

Have you ever thought that your stairs can be used as a playground of sorts? If you have always asked your little ones to be careful when alighting the stairs, this time, you can use the spiral staircase in your home and have a slide installed onto it.

The interior designer should be able to mount a slide onto the stairs and your children are going to be so happy about it.

The Library Staircase

If you can set up a bookcase staircase, then you will have ample storage for your collections of books.

Other Staircase Ideas

Staircase design can be improved if you have a carpet runner installed. This should create a more interesting look especially when you opt for the oriental types of carpets. For stairs with hardwood boards, it is best to install small runners so that the beauty of the stairs will not be overshadowed. With the small runner, you allow the wood to remain visible.

For homeowners who are looking into changing their current stairs design, there are so many ways to renovate it without shelling a lot of money. If you want to go from modern to classic, then just change all the banister railings with beautiful carved hardwood.

If you want to have a unique set of stairs, ask your interior designer about staircase rods and how you can use them on your current stairs. These rods are often made of brass and are means to keep the carpet secure while offering a decorative element. Use your own style while installing or dressing up existing stairs. Your creativity should take you to dimensions that you have never thought existed. If you feel baffled, though, pick up the phone and ask a professional interior designer to help you with your staircase project.

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