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Month February 2018

Remodeling A Kid’s Bedroom – The Dos And Don’ts

Every now and then, rooms inside a home need to have an update. There are moments when only a fresh coat of paint or a new furniture choice can make a room look more energized. However, construction projects tend to… Continue Reading →

How to Sell Your Home Fast in 2018? (Real Estate Link Roundup)

(Guest Post by Clearwater Home Buyers) I’ve often been asked “How do I sell my house fast in Clearwater?”  Well, there two points to keep in mind in order to make your selling prospects brighter. Price the home right People… Continue Reading →

The Shared Office Space Layout: Different Kinds, Pros and Cons

Over the past years, the world of business has witnessed the growth in the number of businesses that have leased shared offices. To many entrepreneurs, this became a smart choice especially when they were just mere startups. The shared office… Continue Reading →

5 Magical Things to Do With Paint (Saturday Link Roundup)

Technically speaking, paint was invented not just to beautify homes but also to protect surfaces from the harmful elements. But since you live in a world where things have multiple purposes, paint can now also be used to evoke other… Continue Reading →

How To Ace Your Interior Design Exam (Wednesday Link Roundup)

If you were able to help in designing your bedroom at a young age, then you may have been given a special gift. Your eyes are able to discern which color goes with what and what furniture placement works best… Continue Reading →

Learn the Hottest Furnishing Tips For New Homes – (Tuesday Link Roundup)

One of the most daunting tasks that a homeowner can work on is furnishing his new home. There are just a lot of things to be done yet with a little planning and care, this project can be a breeze…. Continue Reading →

The Senior Interior Designer: How To Become One (Monday Roundup)

Interior design is a form of art – it is the very art of applying your know-how on interior space. With this, you can manipulate spatial volume and apply surface treatments. This is, in essence, a fusion of environmental psychology,… Continue Reading →

Eclectic Interior Design: Defining the Real You (Sunday Link Roundup)

The New Year brought about a wave of new interior design trends which involve a more playful vibe. Interior design elements that are now used in rooms are mixed and matched in order to achieve a more fun look. These… Continue Reading →

Designing A Kitchen In 5 Easy Steps

New kitchens are rewards that you can give yourself and your loved ones. Considered as the heart of your home, the kitchen is where socialization can happen, where home-works are done, and family occasions are celebrated. In short, this is… Continue Reading →

Damask Interior Design: Why It’s Far From Common

It is understandable that homeowners desire to own elegant and stately properties. Many interior design magazines and trade shows feature inspiring homes of celebrities and other important people. Probably a common feature among these stately homes is the damask interior… Continue Reading →

Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Natural Focal Points (Link Roundup)

If not the huge, stainless oven or double-door fridge, custom kitchen cabinets are the next best focal points for a kitchen. Though they may appear as mere boxes or shelves, doors or drawers, this kitchen furniture is often built to… Continue Reading →

Comprehensive Interview for an Interior Designer (Weekly Link Roundup)

While homeowners basically know deep inside them how they want their homes to look, setting up the design is a bit more challenging. It gets even more difficult as space needs optimization. Where difficulty sets in, this is where the… Continue Reading →

Commercial Interior Design Fundamentals: More than Just Aesthetics

An interior space can be one of two things – a welcoming haven or an aversion to viewers. The home is where most people want to unwind, however, the workplace or any commercial space also requires certain designs that are… Continue Reading →

The Right Coffee Shop Interiors [Link Roundup]

Oftentimes, when you are looking for interior design resources, you end up being given tips and guidelines in designing the interiors of a home. But what if you are in need of coffee shop layouts or design ideas? What if… Continue Reading →

What do Colors Mean in Interior Design? An Introduction With Infographic

Why Should You Hire A Professional Designer? – Infographic

Upcoming Interior Design Trends for 2018 – Infographic

Infographic By McCreery’s Home Furnishings.

Ceiling Designs: Their Importance and Different Looks (Weekly Roundup)

When designing your home, there are so many aspects to consider with the emphasis being placed on furniture selection, colors, space planning, and even lighting. The ceiling is often overlooked but is no less than a crucial design element. With… Continue Reading →

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