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How to Design Your Office Space to Boost Productivity

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When it comes to increasing productivity, it’s important to keep your employees engaged in what they are doing while at work. There are many factors to consider to improve employee engagement. But the best place to start is with the basics, which includes the physical space and set-up of your workplace. Around the world, companies are experimenting with different ways of working with great success. The following ideas can help to guide your thinking when designing your office space.

Don’t enforce methods of working – everyone is different

Everyone has their own way of working. Generally speaking, we know our own workflow patterns. Your office should be set-up to put trust in your employees that they know how they get work done most efficiently.

When new employees come on board, don’t prescribe a workspace. Ask them to describe what works best for them. A conventional sitting desktop might be sufficient for some people. Others may prefer a standing desk. Others still might prefer the flexibility and mobility that working on a laptop provides. As much as you are reasonably able to, allow your workers to decide what spatial layout works best for them. By allowing them to decide, it will help foster employee engagement and be beneficial for the company in the long run.

In practice, this office space would look varied and dynamic. Instead of a uniform set of cubicles or open plan desks, you would expect to see many different set-ups spread throughout the space.

Use space to encourage serendipity and interaction between teams

Some of the biggest companies in the world are constructing their offices to create chance meetings between workers. This is based on the idea that face-to-face interaction and hallway conversations are a crucial part of generating new ideas.

An interactive office design creates opportunities for people with different skillsets to discuss projects. Combining different thinking styles leads to creative solutions and new innovations. Sometimes a group of people with the same skills struggling to advance a project just need a fresh perspective.

In light of this, you should do whatever you can to reduce barriers to interactions between different teams. Implementing attractive shared social spaces such as break rooms are a great place to start. Also, try experimenting with seating people with different skills together. This is likely to foster productive exchanges of new perspectives and approaches.

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Use plants to enhance aesthetics and boost productivity

Indoor pot plants bring a great touch of the natural world into any office space, providing bursts of colour and freshness. But their benefits are more than just aesthetic. Some studies have shown that a concentration of plants in the workplace can actually increase productivity. As well as being pretty, they help to regulate air quality, producing fresh oxygen.

Due to these benefits, introducing plants in your office is a quick and easy way to boost productivity and employee satisfaction. A popular option is to construct a plant wall. In addition to being an efficient use of space, it makes for a bold and impressive statement piece.

Provide opportunities for leisure at work

There has been increasing importance placed on tech companies offering facilities like table tennis, pool tables, and video games at work. Some are sceptical that what works in one company is likely to work elsewhere. However, evidence suggests that offering opportunities for leisure at work helps to increase productivity.

This may seem counter-intuitive at first. When employees are at work, they should be working, right? In fact, there is an optimal allowance for leisure time around which labour productivity is increased.

This has implications for how you design your office space. You should allocate some space where your employees can unwind and enjoy some time to themselves, or engage in a bit of friendly competition. These activities help to increase employee satisfaction. This, in turn, has positive effects on their productivity. The bottom line is, your employees are going to be spending hours in your office space every week. A poorly designed and uninspired space will impede productivity and harm employee engagement. With a bit of planning and imagination, you can create an office space which your employees will enjoy working in. In turn, you will reap the benefits of a more focused, productive workforce.

5 Tips for Moving into a New Office

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Stressed about moving into a new office space? Often small moving tasks can accumulate and eat into much more of your time than necessary. How do you deal with this best to ensure a smooth move? Read on to gain insight into making the most of your time by switching between offices with efficiency.

Start Planning Early

The most essential tip to take away here is that you should plan everything to occur well before it needs to. You should have all the necessary plans for the furniture and design of your office ready. Doing this allows you to focus on the fun part of moving – the layout and design of your office. When you have planned where everything is going in advance, you also have the added benefit of saving time. By planning early, you allow room for flexibility when hidden obstacles pop up.

One of the most important plans to have ready early is your budget. This needs to be completed before you consider any other plans. You need to know how much money is going where to avoid nasty surprises. Ensure you have an emergency fund to dip into in case of unexpected events during the move. Being prepared is key!

Hiring a licensed and Insured Moving Company

When you’re in the market for a moving company, it is in your best interest to hire a licensed and insured moving company. When you hire protected companies, you are protected. You gain the benefit of this insurance, as your things receive cover for the move. Should anything get damaged, the company’s insurance covers their liability. You remain with peace of mind – the very thing insurance is out there to provide.

Ensuring your moving company has a licence is also essential. A licensed mover cements your peace of mind. A licence displays a company’s commitment to their health and safety procedures, amongst other things. You know you’re getting a company that values their work.

So, it’s simple: if you want guaranteed peace of mind and a smooth move, hire a licensed and insured moving company.

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Set up Utilities

Your utilities need to be set up in advance for your comfort. The last thing you need is to know that there are still hoops to jump through once the physical moving finishes. Avoid more stress by setting up your utilities before your big move.

When you have utilities set up for your business, you can move in, and get stuck into work. Otherwise, essential tools such as your computer, internet, and phone will be unable to function and leave you unable to work. Making the period following the move even more stressful.

 If you want to hit the ground running, set up your utilities to be ready for you to move in.


If it is within your abilities, and budget, appoint a manager for your move. The manager’s role would be to handle the administration to do with the move. Hold the manager accountable for facilitating progress on the move. Add lists with checkpoints on progress with deadlines to ensure things are running to schedule.

Any delegation should also fall on your staff generally. Ensure each staff member knows that they’re responsible for their desk and belongings. Inform staff that your appointed manager will be checking their progress and personal shifting plans. Keeping everyone on track is key to maintaining an organised shift.

Have an IT-Plan ready

Unfortunately, you can’t outsource the shift of your technology equipment. It is important to have a well-researched plan about how to shift your computers, servers, phones, and data/internet plans. Important files could end up lost in a poorly-managed shift. A good IT-plan should contain plans for both storage and transit. If you are upgrading your technology, look at recycling the old tech in any way possible. Consult the internet, and you’ll find plenty of places that will be grateful to receive your old tech.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to top up on your budget, some businesses do buy technology for parts. These companies come in handy when your previous technology may not be in top shape or even working at all.

Moving into a new office does not need to be stressful. Getting plans sorted properly in advance of a shift takes a load off everyone’s shoulders, meaning everyone can focus on their work. Get organised as soon as possible to ensure your shift is a breeze.

Thinking of Buying a New Home Soon? Here are 4 Things to Consider

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Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. The prospect of settling into the home of your dreams may have you feeling joy, but it also may have you feeling quite anxious. With so many factors to consider, and so many emotions, it may be difficult to decide where to really focus your attention. If you are looking to buy a new home soon, here are a few key points to try to keep in mind.

Financial Homework is Non-Negotiable

Before you begin looking at houses, you’ll need to sit down and really comb through your finances. Take a look at your income and all expenses you incur on a monthly and annual basis, and then go from there to figure out how much home you can realistically afford. Look at your debt-to-income ratio and think about paying down debts like credit cards. If you haven’t checked your credit in a while, now is a good time to tackle that task as well. Get to know your credit score and check online resources to estimate loan possibilities. Educate yourself about the fees and costs of closing on a property and be prepared for those extra expenses.

Finding a Home You’ll Truly Love Takes Work

Once you have your budget prepped, it’s time to find that perfect home. Sit down and make a list of what you absolutely must have, what you would like, what you could live without and anything that is a deal breaker. When you start looking at potential properties, take your time and really think about how many items on your list the property checks off. If you think you’ve found your dream property, make a second appointment to take a closer look. Check out bathrooms and try out faucets, open cabinets and be aware of smells. If you see any appliances you must have, be sure to include those in your offer. Many people are not aware that some appliances, like refrigerators and washers and dryers, don’t necessarily come with a house.

Buying a House Can Be a Lengthy Process

Finding that perfect home may feel like a relief, but know that getting to closing may not be as exciting. The Lenders Network explains that it can take about 46 days from the time you go under contract until you close on your new home. If the homeowners still occupy the property, they may have longer to vacate the premises. So be prepared to wait a month or more before being able to move into your dream property, but know the extra time can benefit you in the long run. You’ll have plenty of time to schedule necessary inspections, talk to the homeowner about possible improvements, and get the best rate on your mortgage.

You’ll Need to be Prepared for the Costs of Moving

You’ve made it to the closing and have your keys in your hand, so now it’s time to start thinking about the move itself. Use a moving calculator to estimate the true costs of your relocation, and to get quotes on the different moving options available to you. Think about hiring professional movers to help you pack, especially if you have a large home or a lot of heavy items to move. If you decide to move yourself, put together a moving checklist of supplies and tasks to complete along the way. Finding and moving into a new home is a process, but you shouldn’t be worried. The joy of having a place to call your own and the memories you will make far outweigh the work you will put into your search and relocation. Happy house hunting, and congratulations on making this big move in your life!

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Why Many Residential Houses are Made From Timber

In many suburban residential homes, one would find the streets lined with many timber-framed houses. The use of timber in the construction of dwellings has become a norm. This stems down to wood’s material properties and the many benefits it brings such as insulation, durability, lightweight and structural strength. It is also worthwhile to point out that using timber as a construction material, the builders would also check the tick-box for sustainability. Mankind has been using timber for thousands of years, and it is proven to be reliable, stable and in some ways renewable.

1. Quick and Simple

It’s official – building with timber is just that much quicker. A timber frame can be prefabricated, modified, and built to accuracy so it makes construction time faster than for say a brick build. One should take note that time is also saved since less building debris is around to clear.

Due to the lightweight nature of timber members, timber-framed buildings are far quicker to erect and install than brick or concrete buildings. A quicker build time clearly saves time and money for both domestic and commercial property owners. Building with timber is also a less specialised and expensive skill.

2. Durability

We all know that timber is a highly durable material. Some well-built timber structures has last for centuries. It is also easy and cheap to maintain compared to other materials.

3. Insulation

Because of its material properties, wood is a natural insulator and can help reduce energy requirements when it is used in housing components such as windows, doors and floors. A timber-framed building allows more room for insulation than a brick building, and timber itself also has thermally insulating properties. And it’s without a doubt that a better insulated home requires less energy to heat, as well as cool.

Compared to steel, wood has better insulating properties. At a micro-level, wood’s configuration is such that it contains small air pockets, which limit its ability to conduct heat.

4. Sustainable

Last time I checked, people have been building with timber for thousands of years. Timber is sustainable and is a truly renewable building material. One of the key things here to understand is that timber is grown quicker than it is used. Most of the main timber supplying countries have long-standing policies to re-grow more timber than is consumed. If new trees are planted to replace those harvested, timber will continue to be available. Timber is milled all over the world and is often used close to where it is produced. This promotes local economies and reduces the energy needed to transport materials long distances.

5. Natural

Wood comes from trees, so timber is one of the few natural building materials, which has a lot of advantages. For example, timber is non-toxic, does not leak chemical vapour into the building and is safe to handle and touch. It also means that as timber ages, it does so naturally.

Discover 3 Easiest and Best Improvements That Help Sell Homes in 2019

As the real estate market changes, home sellers may need to take some extra steps to get their homes sold quickly and for top dollar. The right improvement projects may be one of the steps you’ll need to consider.

If so, it’s important that you don’t select projects based on your tastes or on suggestions from others (unless it’s your real estate agent).

Always focus on items that need repair first. Then, when it comes to improving the home, consider only those projects that will add value or cosmetically appeal to home buyers.

We’re happy to share our knowledge of what’s popular with homebuyers, so feel free to ask.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at three home improvement projects that are often DIY jobs and will help your home sell quickly.

1. You had me at the curb

That first impression is critical when it comes to getting people out of their cars, up the walkway and through the front door of your home. So, let’s get the curb appeal taken care of first.

Start with cleaning and de-cluttering – the same way you will start on the interior. Rake the beds, remove debris, toys and anything else that isn’t part of the landscaping.

Get the lawn in shape, prune trees and shrubs, yank and replace dying ones. A layer of fresh mulch in the planting beds adds the perfect final touch.

How is the rest of the front of the house looking? Clean the gutters, paint the trim, railings and door if they need it. By the way, a Zillow study finds that a black front door increases sale price by 2.9 percent.

Finally, add a pop or two of color with potted plants on the front porch, near the door.

2. Paint is the wonder drug

New paint on the home’s interior walls can transform the appeal. Fresh paint makes the home appear well-cared for and in move-in condition.

To be safe, you may want to choose neutral colors, such as white, off-white or gray. But, you don’t have to, and the Zillow Paint Color Analysis proves that.

Avoid brick or barn red in the kitchen, as homes with this color scheme in the kitchen sold for more than $2300 less than list price. Brown dining room? Paint it another color, or get nearly $1700 less than you hope for the home.

Learn about the money-making paint colors at and

3. Concentrate on the kitchens and bathrooms when upgrading

We aren’t recommending major renovations here. But, if either or both of these rooms require basic updates, performing them is critical.

Paint is the first step. Then, check the sinks and faucets. Replacing them isn’t expensive and will give the rooms a contemporary look. Here are a few other little jobs that can update the look of the kitchen and bathroom:

  • Refinish the cabinets
  • Add new knobs and pulls on the cabinets and drawers
  • If you have the budget, consider replacing countertops, if they need it
  • Re-caulk the tub and toilet
  • Ensure that the lighting isn’t outdated
  • Purchase new linens, such as shower curtain, coordinating towels and rug
  • Choose a few stunning accessory pieces
  • Avoid cluttering the countertops

Most of these upgrades are DIY jobs. The savings offered by doing it yourself helps increase your return on investment when the home sells.

Headshots don’t sell homes. But YOU do.

Having excellent real estate copy across all your marketing materials is critical for positioning yourself as the go-to real estate expert in your area. Everything from your personal realtor web page, to your email newsletters, and property listings must express both your expertise and personality.

In future blogs, we’ll explore how you can write excellent copy for your website and email campaigns. But today we’re beginning with one of the most overlooked aspects of real estate writing – property listings that inspire and get noticed.  

Why is My Property Description Important?

When it comes to getting your listing noticed, a well-written description of the home or apartment you’re selling can help entice passive traffic. It can also dive deeply into the home’s most compelling features to capture the attention of some of the most serious buyers.

A well-written property description can provide potential clients with a detailed look at the property you’re selling before taking a home tour. This is important from realtor’s perspective for a few reasons:

An extremely detailed description of the property’s key features can weed out non-serious buyers or clients who may be looking for something that the property doesn’t have. You’re essentially answering feature questions upfront before taking time out of your day to meet with them.

Conversely, those who schedule a home tour after reading a well-detailed listing will be more inclined to make a serious evaluation of the property and potentially a purchasing-decision shortly after.

As you can see, a detailed home listing may address many of your customers’ questions and concerns without you having to meet-up in person.

A good listing, however, can do more than just answer clients’ questions and get your property noticed. A well-written listing can inspire people; giving them a glimpse into a pleasurable life in a new home. In this blog, we’ll explore how incredibly detailed and inspirational real estate listings can set your property apart.

All About the Details: A Strong Listing Must Have Detailed Copy

Writing copy that sells requires special attention to straightforward and easily digestible detail. Using fluff or omitting specific information can hinder your sales processes and make your property listing less effective.

The first step in creating a detailed property listing is writing a headline that succinctly describes the home and its most compelling feature – in 70 characters or less!

While that may seem challenging at first, learning through trial and error and exploring best-practices can help improve your copywriting prowess. Although these headline-writing tips from Forbes are meant for more traditional ad copy, they are still incredibly relevant to writing the perfect attention-grabbing headline. These 6 tips, in particular, are incredibly useful for helping you structure your headlines: 

  • Leave them hungry for more
  • Have a crystal-clear purpose
  • Consider what would make you click
  • Keep it brief and emotionally powerful
  • Say it out loud
  • Keep it conversational

Let’s explore the techniques above by using them to help us sell a 3-bedroom home on a golf course, in Monterey, CA:

Your days of packing clubs and driving to the nearest golf course are over!

Next, make sure your listing includes all relevant details in an easily digestible manner. Many real estate databases and Multiple Listing Services (MLS) like Zillow require your property description to be less than 250 words.

For houses with many exceptional features, fitting all of them into 250 words may seem like quite the challenge. On the other hand, homes that need some work or are lacking in qualities may require you to include as much detail as possible to aid the selling process.

High performing copy that attracts buyers highlights important features of the property, references nearby amenities, and follows these simple guidelines:

  • Provides an accurate portrayal of the home
  • Follows fair housing laws and regulations when describing the property
  • Doesn’t use too many exclamations or hyperboles in your description
  • Is proofread before publishing

Your Listing Should State the Facts and Inspire

For some, buying a house can be a stressful and painstaking process. With loan preapprovals, truck-loads of paperwork, property visits, and making an offer (or multiple if you’re in Silicon Valley!) buying a house is no joke.

But why do people go through all this work just for a change of scenery?

According to Jessica Ryan, the 4 most influential reasons for moving are:

  1. Change in lifestyles
  2. Financial Reasons
  3. Desire for Convenience
  4. Pursuit of personal dreams or goals

Understanding why people move can help guide your efforts to write more inspirational property listings. Moreover, understanding these reasons can help you select the home’s most important features to highlight.

Let’s use the above home-on-a-golf-course in Monterey as an example. Here’s how using these reasons to guide your copy can create a compelling listing:

Change in lifestyles.

Your days of packing clubs and driving to the nearest golf course are over!

Financial reasons

Opulent views of the fairway are paired with ornate vaulted ceilings – even in the 2 guest rooms. Relax after a long day of golf in the master bathroom’s 21-jet jacuzzi tub.

Pursuit of personal dreams or goals

2-year-old stainless steel Viking Appliances make summer dinner parties a breeze, while a large outdoor dining area makes it easy for a post-18 aperitif. A fully furnished dining room and 12-person dining set let you take the party indoors on those foggy Monterey nights.

Desire for convenience

Although only a few minutes from town, this secluded neighborhood has easily accessible walking trails and a private entrance to the golf course.

As you can see, mapping the home’s attributes to the reasons people move can help you outline the key points of your listing. Let’s use the outline above to make a short, 250 world or less real estate listing:

Your days of packing clubs and driving to the nearest golf course are over!

This 3500 square foot home features opulent views of the fairway and high vaulted ceilings – even in the 2 guest rooms. Relax after a long day of golf with a 21-jet jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. Stainless steel Viking appliances make summer dinner parties a breeze, while a large and inviting outdoor dining area makes your backyard the perfect spot for a post-18 aperitif. A fully furnished dining room and 12-person dining set let you take the party indoors on foggy Monterey nights. Although only a few minutes from town, this secluded neighborhood has easily accessible walking trails and a private entrance to the golf course – perfect for getting away without ever leaving.


A detailed and well-written listing does the work for you. It inspires, answers relevant questions a client might have, and saves time for what you do best – provide an exceptional customer experience.

How To Protect Your Real Estate Business During A Natural Disaster

Blame it on environmental degradation and other climatic factors, we are seeing more and more natural disasters in recent years. Not only are they varied, unpredictable and frequent, the damage they cause is also becoming heavier.

While we work to reduce natural disasters and the causes for it, we also need to prepare for it better and learn to protect our lives as well as property, and businesses when disasters strike. While disasters are thankfully short, their impact and losses are felt for much longer and it is imperative that we lay down plans and work on them, as described in this article.

Tips For Your Real Estate Business

With a real estate business, it is simplistic and naive to think your properties are going to be unaffected by disasters but in reality, every property is vulnerable. It is never too late to plan for ways to protect your real estate and people safe year-round and recover quickly after the event.

  • Don’t Fail to Plan

It is important to draw up a safety plan for the tenants, residents and the assets in the buildings when a natural disaster occurs. These safety plans for unforeseen emergencies must be communicated with residents and the necessary systems, tools and investments must be put in place. For example, during a flood, the residents must be aware of the evacuation plans and procedures and the building themselves need to be equipped with the necessary pumps, rescue materials, power sources, food, and medical supplies, to name but a few. Regular information updates on the plans, processes, and procedures can help to remind the people and keep them prepared.

  • Emergency Communication Systems

In an emergency, the first casualties are the power and communication systems and a panicky set of people can make it worse. You would need to ensure that you have a tested communication system and a communication protocol in place so that residents can communicate and do it well but briefly so that the systems and limited resources do not get clogged up or collapse. There need to be alternatives laid out for regular phone lines, in the form of email, wireless, satellite, text messages, or even HAM radios where possible. Communication lines ensure that the outside world can be informed and help can reach the site quickly.

  • Insure and be secure

For incidents of such large magnitude, it may not be possible to avoid damage despite the best planning efforts. Real estate professionals can at least reduce the financial impact of disasters by insuring and protecting their property against different types of destruction.

Real estate managers should insist on full insurance to cover their properties, for those sold and leased. It has been found that less than half of the residents and insurers carry any type of insurance. Real estate businesses must be fully aware of the different options, the ones that are relevant to their area and it might even be a good idea to impanel an insurance specialist for the properties.

  • Compliance Is Important

Real estate businesses would be fully aware of the different compliance norms, codes, and standards expected of a building. While these building codes ensure public health, safety and protection to life and property it is up to the businesses to stay updated with these norms and conduct appropriate timely repairs and maintenance. It is an ongoing process and real estate managers must make the effort to remain compliant and inform the residents and users at different times.

There is a lot of attention to minute detail that is warranted here- building design, materials, facilities, structure and the day to day maintenance processes. It may seem expensive and rigorous but the results are satisfying- a safer building, fewer insurance claims, damages, losses, and hassles.

  • Ensure Own and Resident/ Client Safety

While some of the earlier points were about the long term and preemptive efforts, the real estate manager has an important role during the disaster incident. From a business perspective and from a personal point of view the people in a real estate business must ensure their own safety and settle in and help clients, residents and common people stay safe. Their knowledge of different localities, the buildings there and the safety aspect can be put to use.

The manager can take a lead and reach out and enquire the safety of the people on his phone contact list. Physical help, food, clothing and anything else would be appreciated. Disasters are no time to be narrowly business minded.

  • Post Disaster Scene

The post-disaster scene is likely to be difficult and the real estate manager can take the lead in relief reassurance, assistance in alternate accommodation for homeless, applying for relief and insurance, listing current rental and sale inventory, mapping unaffected areas and reassure the affected ones. They have a role to play in ensuring that the market does not slide drastically or get affected by scammers or predatory investors while advising owners not to make any deal in desperation.

A natural disaster is a tough time for all and their properties are all that the people have to begin their recovery. Therefore a real estate business needs to stay firm and help the people and their own business through such times. It is a disaster put post-disaster scenarios could bring about interesting opportunities too.

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How much can you save while using Virtual office vs. Physical office

The final goal of any business is to generate more money while servicing to their customers to the very best ability also with low maintenance. The virtual office is the best option to save a thousand of dollars per year in office expanses. Rent a virtual office accomplishes this for many businesses by offering a physical office, Business address, shared office, meeting rooms and mail forwarding that adds a level of professionalism for any business.

After all, your office location says a lot to your customers about how much value you can offer. Setting up a virtual headquarters, you rent a prestigious location without higher expenses. The virtual office also includes the other thing like virtual assistance, receptionist to run your business very smoothly. The cost saving is hundreds of thousands of dollar per year and a thousand per month for some business. So, considering the cost benefits over the physical office you did not necessarily run a business successfully.

The cost of Virtual office vs. Physical office

Monthly Expenses:

The maintenance and utilities of any business per month including electricity, internet, water/sewage, software subscriptions and office supplies cost easily run into the thousands of dollars. A virtual office provides all the amenities of any normal office with just hundreds of dollars or even less to them.

If anyone owns a new physical office then you require to paying for all maintenance costs, electrical, plumbing, paint and appliances need for an office. The fear of damages from weather or from your employees so, if you count the costs of these entire things then it will be very high.


Physical office requires the presence of some employee, receptionist or security guard for welcoming the guests and direct them where to go in the building. Cleaning staff is also requiring most of the offices.

The total estimate of the year including employee salary with their medical insurance, vacation pay, tax obligations and other benefits are around $70000/yr. A virtual office is complete with reception and it can start with the low hundreds per month, depending on your needs. The virtual office is managed for you so; no cleaning issue or other office expenses will be incurred.

Cheapest Serviced office providers in London staring with just £50 per month:

If you find on the internet about Co-working space in the UK than there are so many offices are listed but in London serviced offices is very expensive in London than anywhere in the UK. However, there are still some offices provide serviced office with affordable price with a great place to work.

Here, we have collected some of the best co-working spaces for you in London with less than £100 (plus VAT) per month. It is strange but true!

  1. Icon offices
  2. Regus Business lounges
  3. TMRW Hub

These are the offices provided serviced offices with the cheapest rate in London. Read below for what you will get from these offices in such cheapest rate.

 Icon offices:

The Icon offices located in Chadwell Heath. The price is £50 (plus VAT) per month. With this membership, you will get access to the serviced office between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

An icon office is the cheapest working space on the list. They provide serviced office space including reception service, utility bills, parking facility, internet facility, and phone lines. This all are including in one month rent. They also offer personalized service which includes 30 independent offices to rent in different size and shape.

Icon offices located in an excellent location named Chadwell Health, The station of Chadwell Health is just 22 minutes from Liverpool Street in Central London.

Image credit: Icon offices

 Regus Business lounges:

Regus is located in multiple locations in London. The price is £84 (plus VAT) per month. With this membership, you will get access to unlimited drop-in facility in any of the Regus business lounge across the world.

Regus is world’s largest office providers, their business lounges are modern and stylish. The offices are looking completely professional. They provide their services in not just city centers and Business Park, but also in airports, railway stations, and service stations. Regus also provide printers, scanners and photocopiers for your practical needs.

Regus give secure high-speed internet facility with telephone lines as well as kitchen area with tea and coffee maker. Regus available in 3000 business centers across the world.

Image credit: Regus Business Lounge


TMRW is located in Croydon. The Price is £99 (plus VAT) per month. With this package, you will get access to your own dedicated desk in TMRW Hub`s co-working space.

TMRW Hub is situated in the Croydon the town in south London. It is away from the hustle and bustle of central London. TMRW is the most spacious co-working offices including 350 shared and private office desks. It does not matter whatever your company size, they always offer unique space. They also offer the best coffee and healthy homemade food. TMRW have “byte café” which is awarded as best independent café and best café to work from by local voters.

According to the TMRW team the entire management staff come from the tech industry so, they provide the best service to give advice to their customers or clients. Image credit: TMRW Hub

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Facts About Dubai Economy That You Need to Know (Link Roundup)

We are quite sure only few numbers of people have not heard about Dubai. For those who are familiar with it, you might need to read this article because you are yet to discover some things about Dubai. And for those who are just hearing about Dubai, you should as well read through.

Dubai is a wonderful city to be, ranked among the best ultra-wealthy cities in the world. It is a place that hosts a lot of adventure, enjoyment from exclusive facilities and views of the environment. There is no night in Dubai tells about the fun and excitement of the city.

It is a place everyone will love to be. Therefore we choose to share with you some of the exciting facts about Dubai that you need to know.

Economy not based on Oil sector alone

Many people till date still think the major revenue of Dubai comes from the oil sector. Of course, it was formerly the bedrock of revenue and source of income for the city, but things changed as the city start receiving investors all over the world.

The economy of Dubai blossom for many years from natural gas and petrochemical, but in recent age, the economy is diversified into many industries such as tourism, infrastructure and many more.


Do you know that Dubai is connected to the rest of the world with about 120 shipping lines and routes alongside 85 airlines? It shows how strategically the city is located. The city is situated between the Far East and Europe right on the east-west axis in between Africa on the North-south axis and central Americas.

The location and gives the city amazing advantages above some other cities because one can easily connect to the city for business or leisure.

Market of Dubai

There is a place you will always want to visit in Dubai, and it is the market. It is a place that is populated with people from around the world shopping for all kind of goods. It has over one million people around its neighborhood.

It is one of the sources of revenue for the city to date. You will be amazed by the population of individuals visiting the market on a daily basis. The goods and services from the market are diversified, and it is well equipped to meet the needs of all.

The secret or the major reason why the market is generating income for the city is that there is a platform for people to come all around the world to buy goods and import to their respective destination.


Trust me; I am never going to leave this aspect out of the equation. One of the things Dubai is known for is the exclusive infrastructures in the place. The government sees estate property as a sector that has all it takes to add to the value of the city.

That has led to the construction of several properties and buildings to complement the income generated in the city. Dubai government gives room for expats and non-citizens to buy property and invest. As per real estate experts at there is no better time to invest to invest in Dubai then now. 

It has been a major boost to the city as most people who claim to be expats are now owners of one property or the other. Also, there is exclusive infrastructure that helps the city such as modern highway system, state of the art communications, reasonable power supply, and many more. Apart from the construction of business centers, there are also complexes, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, and other amenities which make the city a wonderful place to be for friends and family.

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Factors to Consider When Buying an Apartment

Buying an apartment or house can seem like a daunting process. There are many considerations you have to make before such a big undertaking. This is more so if it is your first time shopping for an apartment. The good news is that it does not have to be so. Herein is a comprehensive guide on all the important aspects you need to know about purchasing an apartment.

For most people, the first huddle is discerning whether buying an apartment is a good idea. You may be wondering whether it is a great investment or how it compares with renting. Also, you may be undecided on whether to choose an apartment over a house.

The consensus is that buying is always better than renting. Most financial experts consider renting a liability. Once you leave a rented apartment, you have nothing to show for all the monetary costs you incurred. In the case of buying, an apartment will most likely increase in value over time. Having a great return on investment means you improve your ability to purchase another apartment.

Buying is also better due to some non-financial reasons. Due to the terms placed on rented apartments, renting can be restrictive. In many of the cases, you may not be allowed to renovate, change the décor or even have pets. Living in a rented space means your freedom is limited to some degree.

However, there are some unique instances where buying is not ideal. For instance, you will not realize the financial benefits of buying an apartment if you seek a short-term stay. Building equity in an apartment can take several years. You should reconsider buying an apartment if you often move due to work or other reasons.

There is the question of choosing to buy an apartment instead of a house. A good number of people are mainly interested in purchasing a house. However, several financial and non-financial factors can make buying an apartment the ideal choice for you.

One of the major factors is location. Buying an apartment makes more financial sense if you seek to reside in a city or near a city. Residing within a city can help you reduce commuting costs. It also keeps you within reach of the city’s amenities. Apartments are also generally cheaper than houses that are close to cities.

An apartment comes with less utility bills. Utilities such as air conditioning and heating are less costly with apartments compared to houses. In addition, the maintenance costs are also lower. Since apartments have less living space and lack features like yards, lawn, and outdoor spaces, you will not have to worry about extra maintenance.

If you decide that purchasing an apartment is the best option for you, the next challenge is landing an apartment that satisfies your needs. There are some of the considerations you should make to ensure a satisfactory purchase. The first is the reason why the apartment is on sale. If you are not working with a developer, knowing why the owner is selling is crucial to negotiating a good price.

Another vital consideration is the age of the apartment building. This will give you a rough idea of the maintenance needs of the apartment. Older units will require some extra work. You should also check out how long the apartment has been on the market. This information is important for price negotiations. In many cases, a unit that has been on the market for long probably has a high price tag.

It is advisable to inquire about the turnover of the apartment. There may be something off about the property if an apartment has been sold frequently. Always review the seller’s disclosure thoroughly. The information a seller puts forth regarding an apartment will reveal a lot regarding the livability of the place. Some important aspects to review include the Energy Efficiency Rating, pest inspection report, statutory warnings, and asbestos report.

If you plan on selling the property in future, assessing the real estate market in the area is crucial. You may be thinking of upgrading after a few years’ stay at an apartment. If this is the case, you should take the resale value of the property into consideration.

Have a chat with the neighbors, locals or business owners in the area. Inquire on the suitability of the location. Asking the local community will give you first-hand information on the property and location. Consider any outdoor factors that may affect your stay at the apartment. This can include sources of noise such as railway tracks, nearby highways or nightclubs.

You should consider the apartment’s proximity to important amenities and locations. These include your place of work, places you frequent, public transport facilities, schools, restaurants or stores. You should be able to see yourself enjoying your stay at the location. The general feel of the people and area will tell you if the community befits you.

The final step entails consulting your lender before making any offers on an apartment. Decide on a price range that is within what you are able to afford and remain true to your budget. Overall, purchasing an apartment does not have to be a daunting process. Always do your research beforehand and inquire as much as possible about the property.

Are You Looking to Sell Your House Fast?

One may want to sell their house for reasons of their own. There are various reasons that one may sell their house. But to sell the house one will need to advertise the house and attract customers. There are many more things that you have to do in order to sell your house fast in South Florida to the right buyer and who is genuine. Usually people rely on the word of mouth and they sell the house. If you are in a hurry to sell your house you must use other means. You have to engage the house brokers so that they will market the house for a little fee. You need to again check whether the broker you are hiring for your work is legal and honest in what he says.

This can assure you that the house is sold for the right price. If you want to sell the house fast you will have to compromise a bit on the cost. This is because people usually tend to pressure you to sell it at a lower rate because you are in need of selling it. The procedure for hiring an agent to sell your house fast is as follows. Firstly approach an agent. You will find agents scattered all over the city and you can also find ads in the local daily. You will get the list agents that can help you to sell your house very quickly and in the time frame that you want. Then give them the details regarding to the house such as, the plinth area, the built up area, the amenities, furnishings, etc. You then quote the price and negotiate the deal with the agent. Give some of the pictures of your house so that the agent can have a clear idea of what is he supposed sell. He can also show pictures to the loyal buyers who are interested in buying your house and who are genuine.

These pictures also help in showing to the people about the house. The agent will then start sending various people to see your house and once the deal is done, the agent will take his charges. Believe or don’t believe, there are genuine agents and they help you to sell the house at more than business rate and they also negotiate the deals with the potential customer.

Tom Myers is an active real estate investor and internet marketer in South Florida who use the power of the internet to close more deals. If you need to sell your house fast South Florida, then visit our website and fill out our form for a quick cash offer on your property.

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Top 4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Quick Viewing

After contemplating selling your home, it is time to spruce it up. It is time to pull out the big guns to ensure that you get a favorable offer on the table as viewers consider buying your home.

Top 4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Quick Viewing

So how do you make your house the most attractive one on the block? We know because we buy houses in Orlando, Florida all the time. Below are some tips that you can use to attract prospects and get the highest value for your home.

a)      Get Rid of the Clutter
Very personal items might be used to create an endearing appearance, but they might end up being too distracting to viewers. In some instances, it might end up freaking out prospective clients. Sometimes, you might appear as though you are not ready to let go of the house.

Therefore, declutter you home. You must pack up all the books from the shelves and the various knickknacks. If it doesn’t add value, don’t have it on view.

b)      Clean The House

There is nothing quite as captivating as a clean house. Shabby and carelessly put together homes are huge turn off to prospective clients.

It is your responsibility spruce up all the corners of your home. Get rid of all the dirt and grime that is visible to the naked eye and that is easy to spot.

This ensures that you show how good the place is capable of being. Hiring a professional cleaning service should be a safe bet that every inch of your house is ready.

c)      Consider Making Minor Repairs
Do you remember that dripping faucet? What about that switch you have been meaning to get fixed but haven’t got around to fixing? Oh! Are those pencil or magic marker stains on the wall? Is that a creaking a floorboard on your staircase? Before you let anyone near your home, it is important to check out everything thoroughly.

Every part of the house must be in good working order. If there are repairs to be made, you should make them as quickly as possible. Get a professional contractor if the repairs to be done are extensive. If they are small enough, you can fix it up yourself. If you don’t want to do the repairs, consider selling to a company like ours that pays cash for homes and will buy them in any condition, regardless of any repairs needed.

d)     Rearrange The Bedroom and Living Room
Just because you intend to leave a house, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect the living room and bedrooms. As was highlighted above, you want the view to feel as though they have already moved; the space offers a world of possibility for them, why not give them a taste of what to expect.

Always ensure that you replace the sheets on the bed. This is seems like drudge work considering that no one is really lying on the bed but it still provides that homely and new feel. This creates a good impression and increases your chances of getting a prospective buyer.

Therefore, to get quick offers for your home, you must follow the aforementioned steps. If you are looking for someone to buy your house right now, you can consider that we buy houses quickly in Orlando, Florida. Feel free to reach out for a no-obligation cash offer today.

New Appraisal Waivers Could Leave Your Investment at Risk

If you’re getting a loan for a home, your lender may give you the option to use an Appraisal Waiver, or Property Inspection Waiver (PIW), on your loan application. The waiver program, begun by Fannie Mae in 2017, allows you to be approved for a mortgage without an appraisal at all. It’s a relatively new concept, and some lenders love it. But what prompted the change, and what risks are there for you?

Different than an Appraisal Waiver Letter

An Appraisal Waiver Letter is different than the Appraisal Waiver, or PIW, we are talking about here. An Appraisal Waiver Letter is a notice to the lender where the loan applicant waives his/her right to receive the appraisal at least three business days prior to loan closing. In this scenario, the appraisal still happens – but the loan applicant is waiving their right to review it. Why? If the appraisal comes in late, it can delay the closing. But signing away the right to review means you (the loan applicant) have no recourse if you find out from the appraisal that you have overpaid for the home.

How does the Appraisal Waiver (or PIW) work?

Basically, the task of deciding how much your home is worth falls into the hands of your lender. They determine the value systematically on a computer, employing an online database from Fannie Mae rather than hiring a local appraiser to personally inspect the home you’re getting ready to buy. So, rather than a firsthand evaluation, lenders rely solely on computer processes to sort through an array of previously collected data.

Who can get an Appraisal Waiver?

The program’s limited currently, but it is progressively building to include more transaction types. According to, your home has to:

  • One-unit properties, including condominiums
  • Limited cash-out refinance transactions:
    • Principal residences and second homes up to 90% LTV/CLTV
    • Investment properties up to 75% LTV/CLTV
  • Cash-out refinance transactions:
    • Principal residences up to 70% LTV/CLTV
    • Second homes and investment properties up to 60% LTV/CLTV
  • Purchase transactions:
    • Principal residences and second homes up to 80% LTV/CLTV
  • Loan casefiles that receive an Approve/Eligible recommendation (you must have an excellent credit score and high assets for approval)

Who is NOT eligible for an Appraisal Waiver?

According to, the majority of transactions will not receive a PIW offer, which means they will require an appraisal by a qualified residential appraiser to establish the market value. The following are not eligible for a PIW offer:

  • Properties located in a disaster-impacted area, unless Fannie Mae has received an acceptable appraisal of the property that was completed after the disaster occurred
  • When the lender has any reason to believe an appraisal is warranted
  • Construction and construction-to-permanent loans
  • Two – to four-unit properties
  • Loan casefiles in which the value of the subject property provided to DU is $1,000,000 or greater
  • HomeStyle® mortgage products (Renovation and Energy)
  • DU Refi Plus™ loan casefiles
  • Texas 50(a)6 loans
  • Leasehold properties, community land trust homes, or other properties with resale restrictions
  • Cooperative units and manufactured homes
  • DU loan casefiles that receive an ineligible recommendation
  • Loans for which the mortgage insurance provider requires an appraisal
  • Loans for which rental income from the subject property is used to qualify

Why do lenders use Appraisal Waivers?

The waiver cancels out appraisal charges, and it can cut closing time substantially for buyers. At first glance, this process seems like a bargain — but there’s a key point you’ll want to recognize. With an Appraisal Waiver, your lender is NOT held liable if the valuation ends up wrong. That’s an added benefit for lenders, but a disadvantage to the home buyer.

What could go wrong if I agree to an Appraisal Waiver?

The information in Fannie Mae’s database is pulled from previous appraisal reports done by professional appraisers. This data might be accurate to some extent, but by definition, it will not be an up-to-date assessment of the exterior and interior quality in a building that’s constantly changing. Without a professional appraisal of your home, recent improvements and/or damages could certainly be overlooked by the system.

Due to these deficiencies, you can imagine a scenario where your property is priced too high by the system assessing it. If that happens, you could run into snags when it’s time to list it for sale. You might not be able to get what you paid for it, and you’ll have no recourse against your lender when the money starts adding up.

Can I still get an appraisal if the home sale qualifies for an Appraisal Waiver?

Yes, in fact – we recommend it. Buying a property without an independent appraisal is risky. Just because the homes in neighboring communities value at a similar price range, doesn’t mean your home value is the same. Buying or refinancing a house is a big decision with big consequences. You want to know without a doubt that you’re receiving a fair deal, and working with a licensed appraiser is the safest way to go.

What’s the bottom line?

Don’t risk your investment with an Appraisal Waiver (or PIW)

An accurate appraisal usually costs a few hundred dollars, but it could save you a lot more in the future. With an Appraisal Waiver, there’s no guarantee you’re receiving an honest valuation of a premium asset.

Buying or refinancing a house is a big decision with big consequences. You want to know without a doubt that you’re receiving a fair deal, and working with a state certified appraiser is the safest way to go. Computers and algorithms are in nearly every area of modern life, but when it comes to measuring the value of your property, nothing is more accurate than the careful assessment of a licensed professional you trust.

6 Common Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs Seeking Investment

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking investment for your startup then chances are high that you find it really hard to convince angel investors or venture capitalists to believe in your business and its vision, which is probably because you are committing some of the same classic mistakes I have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs repeat. Here in this link, I’ve compiled a list of mistakes you must avoid if you are seeking angel investment or financing from venture capitalists.

Mistake 1: Being selective in revealing information about your business

It is probably rightly said that you have a few seconds to make a good impression. Hence, investors will look at your presentation and within minutes will be able to judge whether they should proceed considering investing in your startup or not. It is therefore essential to pack a punch when presenting your startup so as to make potential investors gain a comprehensive and attractive bird’s eye view of it. While it is not necessary to give the entire details about your industry(investors might already know about it as you should pitch to those investors who are interested in your space or industry) but it is essential to reveal the fundamentals of your business in great details. You as an entrepreneur must answer the following five fundamental questions in your elevator pitch.

1. What exactly your business does(think business model) 2. How much money are you looking to raise? 3. How much money are you already making(think revenue run rate etc.)? 4. Why do you need to raise the money? 5. What will the investor get in return?

However, you must not reveal any confidential business details such as critical trade nuances etc. or you should at least get a non-disclosure agreement signed from potential investors before revealing such information.

Mistake 2: Presenting unrealistic future growth projections

Before even making any future financial or growth projections you should assume that they can go haywire in reality. Hence always make conservative projections or at least show the break-even points if things don’t go as planned. Stay away from pitching unrealistic goals or projections as they make you as an entrepreneur look inexperienced. For example: presenting extremely high revenue projections compared to previous years of operations sounds fishy and can put off the investors. Make well researched, planned and thorough future projections making room for some conservative numbers.

Mistake 3: Expecting astronomical valuations

You may be attracted by startups in news commanding high valuations for example young tech companies, but the ground reality for established and stable ventures is different. Investors look to break even their investment in 3-4 years hence a valuation at 3-6 times the EBITDA is generally the acceptable range. Too high the valuation? Investors will probably pass on the opportunity.

Mistake 4: Not being ready with necessary documentation and information

Need for funding? Be ready with your documents! Investors need key documents like information memorandum and teaser/pitch deck to conduct due diligence. In fact additional documents such as mandatory trade licenses, registration certificates, client or customer contracts, financial statements etc. might be called upon by them whenever necessary so please anticipate it beforehand and keep your arsenal of required documents ready before even pitching as delaying the presentation of these documents to investors might show your unplanned approach and may worry the investors.

Mistake 5: Not presenting your team’s experience and credentials in an honest manner

As the saying goes, it is the team that is valuable and not the idea or product behind your startup and many investors swear by it. The investors would obviously like to know that the team behind the startup has the right experience, knack, credentials, drive, and skills to run and grow the startup.

You should anticipate and address the following questions in this context:

1. Who are the founders and the key members of the team? 2. Does the team have relevant domain experience? 3. Is the team capable of executing the business plan? 4. How do you plan to hire more team members and why do you need them?

How to Find Real Estate, Construction, Interior Design and Ancillary Companies for Sale

Starting an enterprise on your own is a commendable effort but sometimes acquiring an already running business with proven business model, monetization methods etc. is a great way to become a business owner as then you can solely focus on expanding the business and profits instead of getting caught up in the legwork of legal setup and compliance which are already done by the original business owner.

If you are in the business of real estate, construction or allied services or have experience in it and are looking for a company to buy then you strategy to do so would differ depending on your depth of experience, your strengths, your forte and passions.

As a starting point, following are the things you should keep in mind while acquiring a company for sale before actually finding a business for sale.

  1. Size of the business: One obvious way to look at an acquisition would be to acquire a company with the most profits, successful run rate, a great team and one which is growing rapidly. However, it is not necessary that you have the required appetite to run such a business. Understand the size of the business that is most suitable for your acquisition.
  2. Domain: Align your forte with the right domain or industry preference for acquisition. It makes sense to acquire a company in a domain that you already have some experience in rather than making a bet of a foreign domain with no experience.
  3. Stage of the business: Some businesses might have generated stable profits over the past few years others might be aggressively focusing on increasing their revenue numbers before turning in a profit. Look for the right stage to get into a business according to your needs.

How to then find the right real estate, construction and other companies for sale?

For obvious reasons business owners keep the information about the sale of their business secret or entrust with them few trusted business brokers or an online deal matching platform like SMERGERS Dot Com to reach out to parties interested in buying their business.

Here are three ways you can find businesses for sale:

  1. Identifying business owners and directly calling them: While this may seem like the easiest and most obvious method but you need to understand that business owners usually shy away from discussing the sale of their business openly. Instead you can hire a middleman who can understand the needs of both the parties and if it is suitable then make an introduction for example SMERGERS Dot Com is one such platform which helps its clients(the business owners and buyers) assess each other’s interest levels before making an introduction.
  2. Hiring a business broker: Business brokers specialize in buying and selling of businesses and you can easily reach out to business brokers who operate in your industry and avail their services. Most business owners again use online platforms like SMERGERS to find companies for sale but they will hand hold you through the entire process of business buying.
  3. Online Mergers and Acquisitions website: There are quite a number of business listing websites, but very few provide the confidentiality of connecting buyers and sellers of businesses like SMERGERS dot com.

You can visit the SMERGERS website to find real estate, construction, interior design, home furnishing and other such businesses for sale.

What are the best ways to sell my house in Clearwater without using an agent?

When you consider the possible savings of 5-6% in commissions it does motivate one to think of how it is best to sell their home without spending it.

Certainly real estate agents can perform valuable services.  They research properties to find the right one and take care of all of the negotiations.

Still 6% on a $300,000 home is $18,000.  Not a small amount by any means.

What are some of the things you can do to avoid paying that?

Many FSBOs intend to save commissions by advertising and selling on their own.  There are services which allow anyone to post their homes on the MLS.  This brings buyers, but often these buyers bring agents with them.

These buyer’s agents will typically collect 3% or $9,000 from the above example.  It may be in your interest to entertain an offer from a qualified buyer even if you have to pay commissions.  Just don’t be surprised if this is the case.

The first thing to do is take GREAT pictures of your home.  Most people make the mistake of simply using a cell phone.  Those pictures look cheap and don’t sell the value of your home.  You need w-i-d-e angle shots to communicate and inviting space.

If you don’t have a wide angle camera don’t worry.  You can purchase a clip on lens for a cell phone from Amazon, which will turn your cell into a great wide angle camera.

Start with the front of the home.  Take pictures from several angles.  Proceed into the home and take pictures in a logical and sequential manner.  For example living room, kitchen, bedrooms 1,2 and 3 bathrooms 1 and 2. Progress into the backyard and take several shots from different angles.  If there is a garage take pictures of that too.

Upload these into your computer, but insure that you label each picture so that they don’t become jumbled and out of order.

Next step is to go to one of the many FSBO sites to upload your pictures.  Zillow is the most popular, but there is also Trulia and many other FSBO sites; just Google to find more to use.

The sites will ask you to write a description of your home.  Think about the aspects of your home that you love most.  Jot down some ideas.  Look over some other ads to see which descriptions catch your eye.  It’s OK to paraphrase successful descriptions, so go for it.

A common problem for many people who try to sell their home in Clearwater is that they have not properly priced their home.  You want to discover what the “comps” or comparable home sales in your area.

You can find this information on Zillow by looking into the “neighborhood” tab and looking for homes that have sold in your area over the last 6 months.  Compare homes with similar sq. footage, bedrooms and baths.  From there you’ll get a fair price.

You could also ask a real estate agent to get the information for you, but guaranteed the agent will want to list your home.  You could tell him you want to try by yourself first and possibly use him if you need help.

These tips will likely save you some on commissions.  However you many still be saddled with closing costs and other fees.  These add up to thousands.

Working with a real estate investor saves ALL of the commissions, closing costs, and can be done quickly.

We can provide an offer and close on your property in as little a 3-5 days.

Call us for a fair and fast price on your home at 727-325-2545 or visit sell my house in Clearwater.

Roger Harrison
Clearwater Home Buyers

More Benefits to Selling Your Home to an Investor (Link Roundup)

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, it is likely that there might be some deferred maintenance. Repairing these issues prior to a sale can really eat into the profits. It also takes time to get the repairs done.

An investor will take your home “as-is”.  This means that he will accept all responsibility for whatever mechanical difficulties might exist in the home.  This frees you of the worry and stress of speaking to contractors, getting bids and paying money.

Investors also have a streamlined system of purchasing homes that reduces the paperwork and complexity that is typically associated with real estate transactions.  This makes it simpler and easier for you to complete the sale.

In some cases investors can pay cash for your property, or provide immediate mortgage relief by taking over high payments.

If you’ve fallen behind on your payments, investors can often catch up your back payments which will improve your credit.

Investors have even been known to help with moving expenses if the situation is dire.

Traditional real estate agents perform an excellent service, but by nature their process is slower, not to mention more costly.

You want to insure that you get a fair and fast offer on your home and save money in the transaction.

Real Estate Investors are best at helping you achieve those goals.

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10 Benefits to Selling Your Home to an Investor over a Traditional Realtor
Benefits of Selling Your Home to an Investor

Key Benefits to Selling Your Home in Clearwater To an Investor?

Clearwater Home Buyers

What are some of the key benefits to selling your home in Clearwater to an investor?

When one has a pressing need to sell, speed can be important.  A traditional home sale takes from one to two months to finalize.  During this period other costs are accumulating.

For example, if the mortgage payment is $1,600 per month two months means a loss of $3,200.

That’s a sizable chunk of revenue for a home owner in a challenging situation.

In addition there are typically seller contributions to closing costs that can average 3% of the cost of the home.  If a home is priced at around $250000 those contributions would be $7,500.

So the total saved would be $10,700.  That’s a substantial amount going back into your pocket.

In my next article, I’ll review other ways that home sellers in Clearwater benefit from working with investors.


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Should I Sell My House To An Investor?

How to Sell Your Home Fast in 2018? (Real Estate Link Roundup)

(Guest Post by Clearwater Home Buyers)

I’ve often been asked “How do I sell my house fast in Clearwater?”  Well, there two points to keep in mind in order to make your selling prospects brighter.

Sell Your Home Fast in Clearwater

  1. Price the home right

People are understandably emotionally connected to their homes.  Consequently, they may tend to price the home from that perspective.  The result is a home that is priced too high to sell quickly.

Today it is relatively easy to discover the “comps” or comparable home sales in your area.  Go to Zillow, find your home, and look in the neighborhood section.  Check for homes that are similar to yours that have sold in the last 6 months.  From this exercise you should be able to discover the price per sq. foot of those homes sold.

It’s critical to look for homes that are sold, not just priced.  The homes that are sold are the barometer of what the market considers your home is worth.  Home prices in this area are volatile.  To sell your home fast in Clearwater you need to start with the correct prices.

If your home hasn’t sold in 30 days, it’s likely your price is too high.

  1. Photographs

Too many people put up narrow shots from a cell phone onto Zillow.  These unprofessional photos don’t show the value of your home and make everything look small.  Realtors know the trick of making rooms look larger and more spacious by using wide angle cameras.

Today you can buy an attachment to connect to your cell phone camera that gives it the ability to shoot wide angle pictures.

You can also sometimes find photographers to shoot your home professionally and inexpensively.  The modest fee can be well worth it.

The pictures represent your home to the public at large.  Make sure that they look professional and inviting.

Next week I’ll continue with some more tips to help you sell your home fast in Clearwater.

Roger Harrison
Clearwater Home Buyers
11497 Main St. #184
Dunedin, FL 34698
(727) 325-2545

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How to Sell Your House Quickly in Jacksonville During a Divorce

Selling a house during a divorce can be a very tricky thing to do. There are many things that can go wrong in the entire process making it take longer than it should. The additional stress of the divorce legal process doesn’t help either. If you and your former spouse cannot agree on a way to move forward in regards to what happens to a house, the long drawn out process will only add to the stress.

One of the immediate solutions to the gridlock is that one of you can buy out the other from the house. This is civil and possibly less hassle than selling it.

If neither of you agree, then the following steps will enable you to sell your house in Jacksonville quickly and amicably.

Know the Mortgage Situation First

If you and your former spouse took out a mortgage to pay for the house, you must first know the balance before you sell it. In the heat of the moment, it is very easy to get caught with the state of events and forget that you are still responsible for the payments. Selling the house without clearing it does not change that whatsoever. If you default on a single payment, you still have to pay the mortgage and the penalties that accrue therein.

It is only prudent that you must know what the mortgage situation is first. Contact the lender and get the balance of your mortgage. Then you can sell it and pay off the mortgage as quickly as possible.

A short sale is usually the last resort in these circumstances if the mortgage exceeds the current value of the house.

If you are at a loss on where to start when you want to sell, contact a realtor or home buying company. They should show you a way forward to getting your house sold quickly.

Workout the Costs of Selling

Selling your house quickly in Jacksonville is something that needs further planning when two former spouses are involved. This is because there are additional costs that must be calculated and factored in when the house is sold. These costs include real state commissions, transfer taxes, and other closing costs related to the sale of the house.

The parties involved must compromise in order to expedite the conclusion of the sale.

Decide On Whether to Sell the House As-Is or Repair It

Once you have gotten the mortgage and expenses issues out of the way, you must then get down to the work of house itself. While there are many buyers in the market and anyone who can match the price of the house is a potential one – you still need to decide on whether to repair or not. If you decide to make repairs on the house, it is upon you to decide how the costs will be split.

On the other hand, if you decide on to sell it as it is, you must work on marketing it the best way possible. Home buying companies like Your Trusted Home Buyer will purchase houses as-is without you needing to make any repairs or updates. They also pay all cash for the property, pay all closing costs, no commissions, and can usually close in 7 days or less.

So if you’re in a divorce and looking to sell your house fast, these are the factors to consider.

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A First-Time Homeowner’s Guide to Selling a House Quickly in Orlando

Just as buying your first house is quite an exhilarating experience, letting the same house go can be quite difficult. There is a certain sentimental attachment that comes with everyone’s first house. However, there are certain circumstances that make it unsustainable to live in that house any longer. Something like a job change or another life-altering circumstance might compel you to put your house up for sale. If and when that time comes, it is important that you take certain steps to get the process right from the start. Below are the key steps that will help you sell your house in Orlando quickly.

a) Get A Valuation and Price It Right

If you have lived in that house you want to sell for a long time, you might not know the true valuation of the house. Most people selling houses quickly in Orlando for the first time tend to overprice their houses. The most common motive for this is to get a few extra dollars in the bank. Other motives notwithstanding, overpricing your home when you want it to move quickly at the same time is a recipe for chaos.
When setting the price of the house, you must research thoroughly to get it right. Learn about the prices of the surrounding houses and houses that are similar to yours.

b) Create The Right Impression of the House

Just because you think your house looks ‘good’ doesn’t mean it will attract buyers from the get-go. Some buyers are very hard to entice let alone please. Therefore, you may want to spruce up your home in order to attract individual buyers.

You may consider doing some touch ups to your landscaping to increase curb-appeal when potential buyers come to look at the property. Also, if anything on the inside is in need of repair, you may consider getting those repairs completed.

On the other hand, if the property needs significant repairs or updates and you are looking to sell to a home buying company that will buy houses in any condition – consider calling us or filling out our form online. We’d be happy to make you an all-cash offer today!

c) Depersonalize and Declutter Your House

You probably want to give prospective buyers a chance to imagine what it would be like to live in your house. They don’t want to be distracted by personal trinkets and pictures. Before you market the house for sale, you should consider removing all personal small items. Put away those keepsakes and photos.

This also goes a long way in creating the impression that you are indeed ready to let go of the house.

d) Market Your House and The Surrounding Neighborhood

When you want to attract customers, you must highlight all the positives about your house and neighborhood. You want to give them an idea of what it would be like to live in that particular place. Be very specific about the place and its good attributes. Talk about the unique attractions that the neighborhood has and what is located nearby.
There are a lot of websites where you can put up your listing. Use them!

e) Take Good Photos of the Space

When you market the house you want to sell, good photos of the space show prospects what to expect. These pictures must be taken with a professional quality camera. Such pictures capture a lot of attention and convey that the you as the seller are serious about selling.

f) Consider Using a Realtor

Listing the house you want to sell on the internet will increase visibility and likely attach some potential buyers. You can also call a company like ours to sell it directly for cash. Another option would be to hire a realtor and pay them a commission to sell the property for you. These commissions usually range about 5-6% of the purchase price. Be sure that you choose a good realtor to help you out in this process.

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