Amazing Interior Design Ideas for Your Beauty Salon

Interior Design Ideas for Your Beauty Salon

People, especially women, spend quite a number of hours each month inside beauty salons. Because of this, it is vital that a functional yet comfortable space be provided for these customers when it is their time to relax and make themselves look beautiful.

The basic thing that you need to achieve is to have the customers want to come back to your place. So if you are bent in having your own beauty salon in a few months, then you have to begin planning the interior design as early as now. A salon should be chic and stylish but it must also have an optimized room whether you decide to buy a small or huge commercial space.

The tips that you are about to learn may seem like interior design guidelines for huge salons but these are also applicable to smaller spaces. Find out how you need to place your furniture, what colors you need to use, and what lighting techniques you must use.

The Reception Area
It is best to go for the sleek look in this part of your salon. Use lighting fixtures that will create an illusion of space as well as to highlight the products which your beauty salon is selling. Put a shock of color somewhere, just to draw the eye of your customers while retaining that zone’s neutrality.

The Washing Station
Many salons make obvious demarcations on their different zones. Just to be different, you may place the hair washing station just a few feet away from the waiting area. Just use a different color at this new area so that you can already do away with physical barriers.

The Hairdressing Area
Use portable trays to store salon supplies to maintain an uncluttered hairdressing area. These trays will help you provide more space for your customers. Use multiple, sleek lighting fixtures to brighten this space. Remember that light is fundamental in this area so illuminate the spot with the lights that are bright enough for the stylists to do their job while dim enough for the clients to retreat into.

There should be enough space for two persons in between the hair cutting chairs.

The Massage Area
This is, of course, a private spot where customers could enjoy their time alone. Find massage tables that can be used for whole body massages or hair removals. Use adjustable lighting so that you can control the amount of light needed according to the client’s requirements.

For whole body massages, it is important to use dim lights while hair removal processes require bright lights.

The Finishing Touches
Beauty salons must be able to maximize all of its available space. Whatever happens, you must never allow clutter to creep into your salon. Apart from lighting, there must also be ample ventilation so that your clients can relax while they are being serviced.

Your salon’s air conditioning units should continuously provide good, clean air.

Bring in a lot of mirrors and prop them against those walls so that you can have an illusion of space.

Since you are going to use a lot of electrical appliances, it is also wise to map the sockets and electrical fixtures from the onset. Ensure that the sockets are all strategically placed where you will actually be able to use them.

People walk into a beauty salon with the need to look stunning. So, you need to achieve a stylish and equally stunning ambience in order to make the customer think that she can walk out of that place looking like a Hollywood actress (alright that’s a bit farfetched but you get the picture).

To cap all these, use mildly scented potpourris, essential oils and candles. If you want to go an extra mile, why not put in an artificial waterfall or a fountain at the reception and massage areas? This can help you achieve a feeling of peacefulness in your salon.

These are simple ideas for the beauty salon owner wannabe. Keep these in mind and you should have a great looking salon in no time.

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