How to Sell Your Home Fast? (Real Estate Link Roundup)


(Guest Post by Clearwater Home Buyers)

I’ve often been asked “How do I sell my house fast in Clearwater?”  Well, there two points to keep in mind in order to make your selling prospects brighter.

Sell Your Home Fast in Clearwater

  1. Price the home right

People are understandably emotionally connected to their homes.  Consequently, they may tend to price the home from that perspective.  The result is a home that is priced too high to sell quickly.

Today it is relatively easy to discover the “comps” or comparable home sales in your area.  Go to Zillow, find your home, and look in the neighborhood section.  Check for homes that are similar to yours that have sold in the last 6 months.  From this exercise you should be able to discover the price per sq. foot of those homes sold.

It’s critical to look for homes that are sold, not just priced.  The homes that are sold are the barometer of what the market considers your home is worth.  Home prices in this area are volatile.  To sell your home fast in Clearwater you need to start with the correct prices.

If your home hasn’t sold in 30 days, it’s likely your price is too high.

  1. Photographs

Too many people put up narrow shots from a cell phone onto Zillow.  These unprofessional photos don’t show the value of your home and make everything look small.  Realtors know the trick of making rooms look larger and more spacious by using wide angle cameras.

Today you can buy an attachment to connect to your cell phone camera that gives it the ability to shoot wide angle pictures.

You can also sometimes find photographers to shoot your home professionally and inexpensively.  The modest fee can be well worth it.

The pictures represent your home to the public at large.  Make sure that they look professional and inviting.

Next week I’ll continue with some more tips to help you sell your home fast in Clearwater.

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