Optimizing Video Interviews – 6 Hot Tips to Consider (Link Roundup)


Millions of video interviews have been conducted by different companies over the years. Only a handful of these have proven to be effective as they amassed more sales, upped their revenues and expanded their companies.

Interviews make for priceless content and there are thousands of possibilities to ask people the right set of questions in your specific industry.

Use a Pre-Determined Format

Video interviews pave the way for greater consistency. When you use a pre-determined format or scripts, you will have a guide as to the questions that will be thrown to all of the candidates.

Use Recorded Video Conferences

Video conferencing is also an effective and permanent way to capture the moment. Employers have the chance to replay and review their recorded interviews online. Interviewers can also effectively use the videotaped material in comparing the answers of their target market.

The use of a visual material that is associated to the interview can also aid the employers in remembering the answers of potential customers. Video interviews provide a personal touch, one that the clients are sure to feel especially when the one being interviewed is a happy client.

Video interviews are also the non-set type of media, meaning, the interviewees can respond in a non-scripted manner. While the questions are already plotted, the answers will be realistic and so it touches the human emotions more effectively.

Video Interviews Are Cheap

The only investments that you will need in making a video interview are a video camera, and a computer. If you want to take it a step farther, then you can also make use of editing apps.

Video interviews can be recorded and edited and then you can assess whether the video captured will be enough to tap the market that you have yet to reach.

It Is a Proven Sales Generator

Video interviews – just take the time to watch a few in YouTube – can generate the numbers that you are aiming for in terms of sales or marketing. The only difference between the ineffective videos and the sales-generating ones is your approach. How would you approach video production?

If you can manage a team that will give you the video interview that will catch the attention of your target market, and if you are able to use technology to enhance it, then you’re on your way to being one of the top must-watch videos on the Internet.

Prepare Your Interviewees

One of the best ways to optimize a video interview is to prepare everything – even everyone – ahead of time. You probably want to email the interview questions in advance so that the client will be able to prepare his best possible answer.

It also pays if you ask the ones being interviewed to practice once or twice prior to shooting the actual piece. This is a great way to make the customers feel more at ease or more confident before they face the camera.

Conduct a background research on all of your interviewees so you’ll also know what questions to ask.

Use Proper Background and Light

Practicing also lets you test the amount of light that will be used for the video. If you are shooting outdoors and the sun is shining brightly, then you would still have ample time to look for blocks or screens that will filter the light. This will also prevent glares during the actual shooting.

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