Important Principles in Placing Traditional Furniture Into Your Modern Home


It takes skill to combine traditional and contemporary furniture in your home. Making the infusion appear nonchalant can only be achieved by those who have a keen eye for beauty and detail. Everything – from the walls, ceiling, curtains down to the décor must complement the furniture that you put in. Nothing must appear forced into the setting.

The art of non-conformity sets the stage for eclectic exquisiteness. So if everyone is adhering to the hottest trends in interior design and you are one of the few who does not want to confirm, then you are free to mix and match. And what better way is there to mix and match than to have traditional and contemporary furniture pieces working together to achieve balance?

The Living Room

This is no less than the first room in your home that you and your visitors step into. It is, therefore, important that this room brings out the theme. It must also reflect the homeowner’s taste.

If you have a modern home, it is best to keep traditional or antique pieces to a bare minimum. For example, it is alright to set old side tables and adorn them with similar lamps. Also, you may use an antique rug which can bring warmth and coziness into your living room. An antique recliner sofa will also effectively balance a corner table. Do not worry because these will not meddle with the modern touch in your home.

The Bedroom

This should be one of the rooms in your home that have the least furniture. An antique bed (preferably a four-poster one if you have ample space) and a wardrobe are the two things that you need to bring about the blend of the old and new.

These are heavy furniture pieces are heavy and are difficult to move around so restore them prior to placing them in your bedroom.

If you do not want to overpower the overall modern look of your home, it is best to stick to these two furniture pieces. Buying an old style antique mirror is just going overboard.

For other bedrooms apart from the master’s bedroom, you can already use contemporary beds, wardrobes, and side tables while the rest of the accessories should have a traditional style.

The Kitchen

This is known as the heart of any home, thus, the items that you put in there should all be handpicked. No other table style can beat the well-polished, traditional dining table. If the wooden table is chipped, take the time to refurbish it before moving it into the kitchen.

To store your modern cutlery and crockery, you may use an old cabinet. This furniture will blend perfectly with a modern, sophisticated flooring.

As to your lighting, keep it to a bare minimum since gaudy lights will only steal the show from your mixed and matched furniture. Mix in antique pieces with your modular kitchen cabinets throughout the room. This is a tasteful way of letting everyone realize that you know what you are doing.

The Bathroom

Bringing in furniture into the bathroom is highly unlikely. Cabinets and mirrors, however, can all be antiques while the rest of the room can have modern bath fittings.

Take the time to choose the tiles that you will use. These must complement the overall look inside the bathroom. Again, be mindful of the theme – the tiles, paint, and furniture must all form the theme that you chose from the onset.

Take note that old wood can get spoiled when placed in damp places so it is best not to use them in your bathroom.

Remember These

  • When mixing contemporary-styled home and traditional furniture, make sure that you do not drown one concept with the other. Learn to blend.
  • Similar shades, textures, and shapes should be harmonized to achieve the theme in your home.
  • Old furniture weighs more than contemporary ones and they also need proper care.
  • Pick your style, do not just mindlessly put antiques into your home without knowing the basics of interior design.

Lastly, enjoy mixing and matching. Just be careful that your personality is not lost in the process.

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