Photo Credit: Bruce Mars via Unsplash under License
Photo Credit: Bruce Mars via Unsplash under License

Ah, relaxation. Crashing into a pillowed couch with a brilliant book and your other hand wrapped around your favourite drink, knowing that all your house chores are complete and the afternoon (at least for an hour) belongs to you has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

However, this quiet joy can be easily and rudely diminished by a scratchy couch cover, a too loud clock, or even the waft of petrol from the window facing the house of your neighbour, who unwisely delayed mowing their lawn until midday.

You can defeat these distractions to transform your home into a permanent haven of relaxation. Pull your favourite objects and inner creative designer together by examining the seven elements – order, colour, light, scent, sound, décor, and nature – that, when perfected, create a wonderfully relaxing vibe in your home.


There is no better way to infuse a relaxing vibe into your home than by decluttering and organising your space. Get rid of things you don’t need or use any more. Having sufficient storage space so that everything has a set location will make your life easier and more relaxed.

Consider installing cupboards and drawers to keep everything that you need to hand in an orderly fashion. Finely crafted cabinets in different woods are an ideal way to add a touch of natural beauty to any room and to provide practical storage space.

Make it a habit of returning items to their place after using them to give your home a relaxing, tidy vibe. If organising the whole house is too big a job to do at once, tackle one room, starting with the most used rooms such as living and dining rooms.


Once you have the clutter out of the way, applying a coat of paint is a great way to change the vibe and create a fresh, clean appearance in your home. Choose greens and blues for a serene and calming vibe, or, go with yellows, reds and oranges for a cosier, warmer feel. Colours from either side of the spectrum can be relaxing, so make your choice depending on your taste, your furnishings and the type of feeling you want to create.

Ju Desi via Unsplash under License
Photo Credit: Ju Desi via Unsplash under License

Light, scent and sound

Being in control of light is essential to create a relaxing vibe in your home. Make as much use of natural light as you can and control the level of light that enters with curtains and blinds. For mood lighting, make sure you can vary the degree of your artificial light at will.

Sometimes, a bright central light is necessary for cooking or hobbies such as drawing or writing, so install dimmer switches to let you choose the level of overall lighting.  To create relaxing ambiences, however, gentle lighting is very important, so use tables, walls, and standing lamps to direct light as needed.

Candles, of course, are one of the best kinds of light to create a relaxing atmosphere. Gazing into a flickering flame is guaranteed to let your mind unwind, relax, and wander to different places. Give your other senses a special treat as well with a good sound system for some soothing music, and aromatic oil burners for a delicious aroma in your relaxing space. Experiment with different fragrances and sounds to discover which helps you to relax the best.


Select decorations and embellishments that you find pleasing to look at or to touch. For many people, handcrafted carpets, wall hangings, and cushion covers have a special vibe. Choose works of art that speak to you. Place objects of beauty where you can admire them and appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that went into creating them.

rawpixel via Unsplash under License
Photo Credit: rawpixel via Unsplash under License


If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, or even a small patio, creating an outside dining area is a great way to create a special space to enjoy a relaxing meal. There is nothing like dining under the stars or enjoying a warm summer evening in the fresh air to make you feel positive and relaxed. Even if you have a limited amount of space outside, you can create an intimate and relaxing dining area with clever planning. If outdoor space is not available, bringing plants and flowers into your home can still have a relaxing effect. Create pleasing natural displays with rocks, driftwood or shells. Create a vertical herb garden to discover new tastes and fragrances while filling your home with relaxing green.

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