Mid-Century Interior Design: Stylishly Going Back In Time


Very few architectural styles bring the beauty of nature closer to homeowners. One of such styles is the mid-century interior design. This kind of design showcases grand space and a classic style that will transport you to the ‘50s and 60’s.  Home structures during this era express special motifs on both the interiors and the exterior parts.

Though generally chic, mid-century homes do not have a standard look with regard to their exteriors. There are, in fact, many experimental designs where space constraint is not a great issue. Many homes come with expansive interiors and the usable living space is often huge.

Expect mid-century interior design to have its own furnishings as well as lighting style. The look of a home is greatly enhanced as custom furniture pieces and lighting fixtures are added. Lighting is crucial for these kinds of homes, which is why the designer must give ample time in considering this aspect of the home’s interiors.

The Theme

Majority of the design themes in mid-century homes revolve around the retro or Bauhaus style. One other style of such homes comes in the renowned classic retro design. Mid-century homes have unique looks where Bauhaus designs look more urbanized with its steel finish and numerous fixtures and furnishings. This is the closest that a modern mid-century home can get to the original style of the said movement where minimalism is practiced and a steely finished is highlighted.

The Colors

Mid-century design is often presented with the color white. The walls are washed with this color or any shade that comes in monochrome. The colors offer beauty by underlining the objects inside a room.

The Texture

The mid-century design textures are often on the antique side as it radically expresses the chosen theme. The modern home décor includes small side tables, lamps and other unique accessories. Always remember that you want the room’s spaciousness to be the emphasized and the focal points to be eye-catching. 

The Furniture Choices

If you love the look of metal in your home then you could readily embrace the beauty of mid-century design. Furniture during the mid-century is often made of aluminum and other light materials. These can be placed inside living rooms, dining rooms, even the kitchen; but always keeping in mind that the room should remain open and spacious. 

Other Guidelines

Remember that mid-century interior design is all about minimalism. Focus on simplicity, clean lines and monochromatic color tones. Steer clear of clutter or overcrowding your space – less is always more with this type of design.

This kind of interior design is great for homeowners who want to have a fashionable home but, at the same time, have a limited budget. According to your budget, you can invest in vintage or repro furniture; making sure that you are still keeping with the era’s style. Use a lot of stainless steel, plastics, glass and sleek woods.

Check for original pieces in flea markets, auctions, thrift stores and estate sales. You would be surprised at the great finds that will show up in such places. You may not find designer originals but you could uncover beautiful repros that were crafted during the ‘50s to ‘60s.

Be sure to set aside some time in researching this extraordinary design. Familiarize yourself with every little aspect of the movement. Feel the beauty of that era’s architectures, interior design principles, and what motivated the craftsmen to create their designs; do this by studying floor plans and pictures.

The marriage of modern and mid-century designs happens as you fuse vintage with contemporary furniture, artwork and accessories. While there may be some rules for mid-century interior design; never allow yourself to create anything generic or boring. Be sure to still put your personal taste onto your design. You would want your surroundings to reflect who you are.

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