Every now and then, rooms inside a home need to have an update. There are moments when only a fresh coat of paint or a new furniture choice can make a room look more energized. However, construction projects tend to eat up budget and time so you need to carefully plan every step that you make. The task even becomes more complicated if you are remodeling a kid’s bedroom.

Safety Is Always First

The first thing that you need to consider when remodeling your kid’s room is safety, especially when you are doing it for a very young kid. Of course, you would want to make sure that the kid will not be able to access any of the receptacles that can cause electrocution or topple big furniture that can instantly cause death.

You might also want to ensure that your young one will not be able to access the blind cords and other such things inside the room. You may not realize it but there are many potential choking hazards in a child’s room. You may want to download a checklist from the Internet so that you can set up the bedroom in a jiff.

Choosing the Right Kind of Wall Color

Commonly overlooked during a kid’s bedroom remodeling is the paint’s safety. Most modern homes no longer have lead contents but they can still pose certain dangers in the form of fumes. Oil-based and latex paints can come with such fumes. As you paint your child’s room, ascertain that it has adequate ventilation. Never put your child immediately into the room, more so when it was just painted a few hours back. Give sometime for the fumes to dissipate. Get into the room only when the smell fresh of paint is no longer obvious.

As much as possible, find water-based paint. This will make the color a lot easier to change later on. Wallpapering is also a great idea. It is possible to combine two different wallpapers in order to create a unique pattern. One other choice is to use faux finish plaster or tile cladding (either in rectangular or square shapes).

Do not associate pink with girls and blue with baby boys. Know that you can deviate from these set colors. Times have definitely changed and now, kids’ bedrooms can be painted with brighter and more interesting colors such as green, red, yellow, even gold hues.

And Then There Was Light  

Lights can bring in a different kind of fascination when compared to colors. Even the simplest lighting fixtures can evoke a whole spectrum of emotions. You can use light to add glamour, drama or style.

Use floor lamps to beautify a child’s play area. Use dimmers to control the light especially within the bed area. There are many kinds of light colors, shapes and sizes, just find the one that best complements your kid’s room.

You may also install more windows if the room lacks openings which will let in more natural lighting. Drapes are also a great way to make a room stand out.

The Safest Floor Covering

Again, safety is key to choosing the right flooring for a kid’s room. Keep in mind that the flooring must not be slippery and allergy-proof. The most ideal options are carpets and wood flooring. Make your choice, though, once you have talked to some friends, preferably ones that have already renovated their kids’ bedrooms.

Furniture That Make a Difference

There are a few essential pieces of furniture for a child’s bedroom. These are a bed, bookshelf, study table, toy bins and a cupboard. Select from a huge variety of products in the market. Combine great artwork with necessary furniture and knickknacks such as pillow covers, bed sheet, cushions, etc. Remodeling a kid’s bedroom may not be easy but you can do it with a little patience and creativity.

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