Custom Furniture – 5 Knockout Tips to Consider (Link Roundup)

Custom Furniture

If you are setting up to redesign your home, one of the easiest ways to do it is to have custom furniture. Whether you will buy a bed, chair, cabinet or sofa; custom-made is the way to go when you want to be unique in your furniture choice.

Purchasing furniture normally requires a lot of planning since this is not something that you do annually. This is why you must carefully plan what types of furniture you will need and what designs you would like to incorporate into your existing theme.

What Is Custom Furniture?

Custom furniture is furniture that is created according to your specifications. You can create the design on your own or you can research on styles and then decide on the details later.

Since you are in charge of choosing the materials, it is up to you to pick the type of wood that is going to be used, the fabrics, stain; and other details.

Coming up with your own custom furniture design or talking about it to a furniture maker is an exciting adventure. Are you ready for the ride?

Tip #1 – Choose the Best Furniture Maker

The first step in creating custom furniture is to find a furniture maker that you can work with. Find the one that has a good reputation. When finding a prospective builder, you must ask for some of his previous work (if they are not already displayed in his showroom).

Custom furniture makers have specializations so sit down and discuss this with your shortlisted candidates.

Picking the best one is all about reviewing their track records. You are going to deal with bespoke furniture so ask how long they have been in the business, who else they have worked with and, if possible, ask if you can get in touch with a former client.

Reading customer reviews can also help you make the decision in who to choose.

Tip #2 – Match Your Visions

The next step is to find out if your chosen furniture maker can match your vision. He must meet your stylistic views or else you could end up buying custom furniture that does not appear the way you originally envisioned it. The worst part is, if the furniture maker did not follow your specifications, the custom furniture might not blend with the rest of the furniture and décor in your home.

Tip #3 – Decide On the Basics

What types of furniture do you want to be made? Do you want a china cabinet made of cherry wood? Maybe an oak dresser with intricate designs or an oversized chair? If you have not envisioned a piece yet, perhaps, you can ask for the furniture maker’s style. Tell him if you prefer clean, straight lines or if you prefer soft edges and complex woodwork.

Tip #4 – Assess the Sturdiness of Their Work

The custom furniture that you invest in must be able to handle your lifestyle. It must achieve both aesthetic form and function. Some are actually designed purely as a means to beautify a room so ask your furniture maker about the quality of their custom furniture pieces.

If you are living an active lifestyle or have kids and pets that constantly run about the rooms in your home, then the custom furniture that you buy should, ideally, last for many years.

Your custom furniture should not only look unique and elegant, it must also be durable. 

Tip #5 – Choose Local Custom Furniture Makers

Why go far? There should be someone in your area who can deliver the custom furniture that you want. Picking locally also means that you are supporting local manufacturers and helping them grow their business.

So, are you ready to meet up with your custom furniture maker?

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