Modern Flooring Types – Standard Or Distinctive? (Link Roundup)


When you are out to replace an existing flooring, what options have you recently considered? There will always standard choices to look at from the usual carpet to laminate flooring or combinations of different materials. When you want to find out modern flooring types, what kinds of products should you search about? What sort of alternatives should you invest in so that you can be set apart from the rest of the crowd?

Flooring: A Big Business

Flooring can be a pretty complex business but a necessity all the same since every home must come with a form of floor covering. It can be carpeting, laminate, wood, vinyl, tiles or just about any material that you are fascinated about.

Carpet has become quite popular in recent years where the consumers demand for more delicate materials, better designs, and the most vibrant colors.

The carpet industry has seen an upturn in the last decades but with more and more alternatives being developed each time, it would seem that carpets will have more competitors to elbow. Carpets also come with downsides since most cannot take staining that well.

About 10-15 years ago, laminate flooring was introduced to the market. Many DIY superstores offered every imaginable wooden hue as laminate flooring. But since free enterprise is welcome in the country, competitors started to appear and soon, the price got cheaper and cheaper as more and more makers offered more affordable products.

Floor tiles are also a popular modern flooring option. They are convenient to install and they are pretty affordable, too. Tiles also come in hundreds, if not thousands, of designs, colors and styles. It can suit any room in a home and they are rendered useful in moisture-filled environments.

There was one issue with floor tiles back in the day. They were cold to the touch. And since no one wants to walk on cold floors, people resorted to linoleum to warm their feet. Linoleum was more cost effective plus it was also fairly easy to maintain.

Heating soon became available at a much lower price and this gave people the option to replace wooden, linoleum and vinyl flooring with the hippest modern tiles.

Flooring Styles

The simplest style among the modern flooring types is concrete flooring. There are many ways to create a variety of concrete flooring – it need not be boring. Concrete can now be painted, stained or stamped to create a look that is distinctly you.

Concrete is inexpensive and maintenance free so it is best for high traffic areas such as kitchens.

For a lot of people, leather is associated only with sofas and other forms of furniture. But did you know that it can also be one of the modern flooring options for your home?

Leather flooring offers an endless array of colors and styles. This allows you to stage a distinct look which has never been seen in anyone’s home in the past. It could become an expensive option, though, since genuine leather can get really pricey.

If you want to go green on your flooring option, then opt for the new cork flooring. Cork is definitely eco-friendly since it comes from a renewable resource. It can provide a durable, warm and soft underfoot padding. It is also elegant and quite easy to install. Many kitchens are now using cork to be considered trendy.

A chic look that you can incorporate in your home is to use reclaimed wood on your floor. The worn-out look in this kind of flooring will give your home a distinct look. You can choose to go with the aged look or you can look for darker tones in lighter wood.

There are more modern flooring types to choose from. These are but a handful. Explore and find out which materials will look great in your home.

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