Over the past years, the world of business has witnessed the growth in the number of businesses that have leased shared offices. To many entrepreneurs, this became a smart choice especially when they were just mere startups. The shared office option idea has grown more when the idea of leasing came up.

Here are some of the most common shared office space layouts these days –

The Business Incubator

Also referred to as the single person workstation, this is designed for most startup businesses. This type of office rental offers are commonly offered for 20 or more startups and for at least a number of years. This arrangement offers opportunities for hands-on management, networking and access to business and technical services. The rental for this option is often quite affordable but, of course, this also depends on the location.

Co-Working Communal Office

This kind of shared office layout is also called service office space. This is a combination of different private offices, open areas and a communal desk space. The conference room is also shared on this type of arrangement.

What makes this a notch better than the business incubator is that this encourages interaction among employees and tenants; hence, everyone gets to collaborate and form a network.

Usual amenities that are offered in a co-working communal office are fresh coffee, Internet connections, pantry and fax machines.

Graphic designers, freelancers, social medial consultants and software developers can greatly benefit from this kind of arrangement. People who are on the phone half of the time are not going to thrive in this kind of environment as noise will be unbearable and people have a tendency to become less productive.

Standard Shared Space Office Layout

This is a type of office arrangement that provides workstations, desk rentals, and about 2-4 private office spaces. All these are within an already established business. This is often preferred by small businesses that have a high privacy requirement. Conference and meeting rooms are also a part of this kind of layout. The lease also covers the reception area as well as a shared kitchen.

Executive Shared Space Suite

This is a type of shared office space commonly offered by the hour, day or month. There are varying offers for this arrangement that include a virtual office space plan. This suite is often located in posh buildings, Class A structures and central business districts. This is also a great option for any company that would want to have an impressive address for their business. 

When Sharing May Not be Beneficial

  • Shared office environments tend to become noisier than the standard office setting. It becomes doubly difficult to understand one another when three or more people are talking all at the same time.
  • The employees tend to own small desks that are neatly lined up in a row. These desks often face the same way, hence, you get the feeling that you are in a classroom setting minus the teacher.
  • The boss is set apart from the rest as he generally has a huge corner office that come with astounding views – views that the mere employee will not be able to enjoy.
  • Natural light is limited, hence, the layout requires installed lighting.

When Shared Space Becomes Advantageous

  • Companies that tend to focus on teamwork can better do so with this kind of office layout. Employees get to see each other and are better able to socialize and discuss their work projects.
  • Too much communication – there is no such thing, hence, close proximity to one’s colleagues can spur useful micro-meetings.
  • This is the most affordable office layout for beginner businesses.

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