Sunbrella: The Perfect Patio Fabric (Weekly Link Roundup)


Building a patio in your home can offer a lot of benefits. You can just begin to imagine all the barbecue parties that will be held there. There are many contractors that specialize in building patios so you can choose from the best. Take the time to interview your options so that you make the right and best choice in the end.

Personalize the outdoors by taking note of your taste and personal requirements. And with the summer season bringing in the much needed sun, the weather is pretty much teasing everyone to frolic around. Expanding your home’s interiors is a good idea. You can make good use of the outdoors as a temporary extension while the weather is great.

Designing your outdoor space involves planning so that the area would still feel homey. You can focus on those BBQ evenings or you can simply set up al fresco dining. Consider your requirements and what your family also wants.

Does your spouse want it to be your hideaway after a tiresome day at work? This outdoors space can also serve as a sunset area or the place where your kids will do their projects and assignments.

The addition of a patio also means adding value to your property. The patio’s aesthetics will definitely impact your lifestyle, too. The more beautiful concepts and ideas are incorporated to your patio project, the more valuable your property would become.

Compared to a huge lawn, setting up and maintaining a patio is a lot easier to do. This means that you will have a greatly reduced task in maintaining this part of your home.

As the rains come, the patio can still be your happy place where you can observe the rains and just drink in the beautiful moment.

Fabric That Can Take Cruelty

When you are out to buy an outdoors fabric, you might want to look into our Sunbrella line –

Choosing Sunbrella fabric for your upholstered furniture means you will invest in something that you would not regret. It is a commercial fabric that can resist mold, rotting and mildew. No environmental pollutant can damage it plus atmospheric chemicals have no power over it.

Sunbrella fabric can easily prevent ultraviolet radiation of up to 98%. This is one feature that not all fabrics can match.

Maintaining this kind of fabric is as easy as getting a sponge or a soft brush. Use warm water and mild soap to thoroughly clean it. Be sure to rinse and then air dry.

Should the fabric be subjected to mildew or stubborn stain, you can use the above cleaning method or apply a mixture of a cup of bleach mixed with a gallon of soapy water. Rinse thoroughly then air dry. Don’t worry about bleach harming the fabric because it won’t have that effect. This will happen, though, when you do not take the time to rinse it away.

You can also delay major cleanup or deep cleaning by religiously caring for your Sunbrella fabric. Brush off debris or dirt even before they get too deep into the fabric. Remember that the fabric is woven so even simple dust can become a complex issue when you don’t do your part.

When you spill something, be sure to clean the spot ASAP. Refer to the following stains and the suggested solutions for each –

  • Dried blood can be cleaned up by using two ounces of dishwashing liquid and about 4 to 8 ounces of ammonia for every gallon of water. Again, be sure to rinse thoroughly.
  • Nail polish can be removed by its usual cleaning solution – a hundred-percent acetone solvent. Rinse.
  • Chewing gums that have hardened can also be removed with volatile solvents (yes, you can use the acetone for this, too). Rinse thoroughly.
  • Inks can be easily removed by paint remover, soap and water, or acetone. Be sure to rinse.

Wine spills can be cleaned by using white vinegar, two ounces of dishwashing liquid, and 4 to 8 ounces of ammonia for every gallon of water. Be sure to rinse.

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