Art is the sole way to beautify any available space. If you have a sizable collection of books and other memorabilia, what good are these if they remain hidden? You don’t have to be a librarian just so you can organize your book collection. In fact, you need to be different from the librarian because there is a need to infuse some of your favorite objects when you organize.

Styling the Bookshelf

Don’t be bound by rules. Instead, look for ways that you can artfully and tastefully display your books. The first thing that you can consider is an organization by color. This is an effective way to get rid of the visual chaos from your home office or living room.

If you want to color stylize, then gun for it. It is practical, it works for a lot of homeowners, and it is the easiest to do. Stick to the color palettes that you have created. Books that pop out need to be reassigned or it would become an eyesore.

The second easy way to do it is to pile it up. Just make sure that the piles are neatly done. The stacks must be uniform or you would just think of hiding your books all over again.

A third way to display your books is to display them because you are aiming to read them. Books aren’t just there as decorative elements, after all, so make some place for them on your shelves.

As for trinkets, there are many kinds that homeowners can be attracted to. Never go overboard in decorating with these trinkets. Some collect their knickknacks from their travels. Still, others collect out of passion even when the pieces are available locally and abundantly distributed.

Be artistic with your knickknacks as well. Art is the way to visually organize your shelf without making space appear chaotic. Hang or lean them against the back of your bookshelf if you want to achieve a more collected look.

If you have to combine books and knickknacks, be sure to keep the books at the very center of your bookshelf or cabinet. Again, neatly pile them up even when you are thinking of using the top of a coffee table or to stack them underneath the center table.

Having a large collection is not a problem at all. Don’t think that the room will look messy with the books strewn all over the area. You can also organize the books by height. Go from tall to short or vice versa. Keep the design as easy to the eyes as you can.

Books will personalize your home so be sure to organize them in a way that shouts your personality. And please, don’t let that person be – sloppy.

Book Arrangement – Other Options

  • Alternate books lying on their side and books standing upright. You can then sandwich the knickknacks between these arrangements.
  • There is also a method that depends on shapes. You can complete a square with a stack of books or you can have a triangular form. Again, don’t just fill the bookshelf with just books. It would be visually easy to add a vase or frame somewhere.
  • As you use decorative stuff on your bookshelf’s nook, make sure also that they do not overshadow the books in the process. Use just enough numbers of a decorative item then balance it out with more books.
  • Large and small decorative objects would look perfect when grouped together and placed beside a neat stack of books.

Remember that rows of books can be broken up with effective use of objects as bookends.

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