Did you ever wonder what is it that makes toothpaste work? Why do they make it taste so good? Is fluoride safe for kids? Here at Fort York Dentist we want to help you get the answers to those and other questions you may have. We will provide the answers to a few of them here.

What Makes Toothpaste Work?

There are two main ingredients in toothpastes that make it do its job. The fluoride makes your teeth stronger to resist decay and promote good oral health. It actually helps to heal your teeth by filling the tiny cavities that are starting to form. There are also some mild abrasive material like silica or phosphate salt that help to scrub your teeth without actually scratching them. Ask one of the dental technicians at Fort York Dentist in Toronto and they will be happy to explain it to you in further detail.

What about Whitening Toothpastes?

Those commercials that say you can get beautiful whiter teeth by using a certain toothpaste are very tempting. But the problem with these kinds of toothpastes is that they use harsher abrasive additives that take away the stains. These abrasive additives actually scratches the teeth and can do real damage including sensitive teeth because the enamel being removed is what protects the teeth from sensitivity. Also, the scratches in the teeth can harbor bacteria which will cause gum disease and cavities.

How Does Sensitivity Toothpaste Work?

Those toothpastes that reduce sensitivity use potassium nitrate to calm the tooth’s nerves. The way they stop or reduce sensitivity in your teeth is by blocking the pathways in the teeth that attach to the nerves. Most patients say they actually get some relief of tooth sensitivity to cold and hot food and drinks, but they can take up to a month or more to start working. These are not harmful and there is no reason to suspect that they damage your teeth or gums, so using them is fine.

Why Does Toothpaste Taste so Good?

Well, if it did not taste good you would probably not use it like you should. And it would be very difficult to get your children to brush their teeth too. The sweet or minty flavors are safe for your teeth and are made with saccharine, that is sweet but does not cause tooth decay.

Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?

There is no real danger for children even if they sit and eat a whole tube of toothpaste with fluoride, but we do not suggest that of course. If the child is under five years old it is best to just put a small dot of toothpaste on their toothbrush and keep an eye on them while they brush. Otherwise it is perfectly safe and it is best for fighting cavities. If you need more information please call Fort York Dentist in Toronto at (647) 346-8888 or (647) 343-8300.

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