Have You Been Flossing Your Teeth? (Health Link Roundup)

You may think that brushing your teeth two times a day and even using mouthwash is enough for good oral health. But what about flossing? No matter how fancy your toothbrush is or how much it cost you it is not going to be able to get all of the food particles and plaque from between your teeth. Plaque is the bacteria that builds in between your teeth and that causes tooth decay and other dental problems.

What Kind of Floss Should I Use?

There are many kinds of dental floss and everyone is different so you may have to try several to find what is best for you. Some floss is waxed or not waxed, they can have flavor or no flavor, and there are different size widths to facilitate various sized mouths. The wide floss is called dental tape and is especially good for those people with bridge work and the teeth are spaced wider. Each of them do a good job of cleaning away food and plaque. The floss with wax is much easier for individuals who have extra small spaces between their teeth. The floss with no wax lets you know that you are doing it right when the floss makes a squeaky noise. The dentist at Fort York Dentist in Toronto can look at your teeth and give you a suggestion on what kind may be good for your teeth. Our dental technicians can give you some free samples to take home and try. Everyone’s teeth are spaced differently so you may have to try a few before you find the right one for you.

How to Floss Effectively

  1. To begin flossing you will need about 15 to 20 inches of floss. Wind them around your middle fingers on each hand until you only have a one or two inch section to use.
  2. Hold the floss with your thumbs and move it up and down in between each tooth.
  3. Wrap the floss around the bottom of the tooth and make certain you get beneath the gum line. Be careful not to harm the gum tissue.
  4. Make sure that you use a new area of the floss for each tooth.
  5. Using the same method as step one, remove the floss up and away from the tooth

You may think flossing is not that important, but if may save you a few trips to the dentist, and the pain and aggravation of getting gum disease. Although we do like to see you when you visit us at Fort York Dentist, we like our patients to be happy and healthy. So, on your next visit to our clinic make sure to ask about different kinds and brands and what to do if you have any problems such as pain or bleeding. Come in for a check-up and we will give you a demonstration. The number at Fort York Dentist in Toronto is (647) 346-8888 or (647) 343-8300.

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